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“Roman.” She sighed.

“I fucking love hearing you say my name like that.” I reminded my dick to settle the fuck down and went back to worshipping Teagan. “God, T, your breasts are phenomenal.”

She arched her back, bringing them closer, and I pounced, drawing one nipple into my mouth and laving it with my tongue while shaping the other with my hand. These had starred in my fantasies.

I nibbled and sucked, then flicked my tongue across the stiffened peak as she cried out, her fingernails raking my scalp as she held me to her. Then I made sure the other breast didn’t feel left out. By the time I’d thoroughly aroused each breast, Teagan was writhing under me. I noted everything she liked, then did it again and again as I explored her body, reveling in the realization that she was in my arms.

I kissed every inch of her belly and flexed my hands on her generous hips as I made my way down. “You’re soft everywhere I’m hard.”

“You’re hard everywhere,” she argued.

“See? Perfectly matched.” I pressed a kiss just above that strip of darker blond hair.

She sucked in a breath.

“These fit right in my hands,” I said as I gripped the top of her thighs. “And they’re so damned perfect. Smooth and supple.” My eyes locked with hers as I spread them wider to make room for my shoulders.

Her breath hitched as I exposed her center.

Then I looked my fill, feeling my blood heat to a boil.

Fuck me, I wasn’t going to make it. She was so pink. So wet that she glistened. So. Fucking. Mine. All mine.

I meant to tease her with my fingers, to stroke her slowly and build her orgasm like a fucking masterpiece. Instead, I lost all control, and French kissed her pussy with deep thrusts of my tongue, spearing into her like a starving man.

“Ro…Roman!” she cried, her hands fisting in my hair.

I couldn’t get enough of the sweet, tangy taste of her on my tongue, of the little contractions of her muscles that came with every stroke. She was going to squeeze my cock so fucking tight that I almost lost it right there.

What the hell was I? Fifteen?

She rocked against my face, and I pinned her hips with my hands so she couldn’t take what she wanted so easily. I wanted this to build for her, wanted it to blow every other orgasm out of the water. Wanted to wipe away the memory of every other man with my lips and tongue so that I was the only one she thought of.

“God! Roman!” Tremors shook her thighs, and I knew she was close.

Fuck it, I’d build her a slower, deeper orgasm next time.

I licked from the opening of her pussy to her clit, and her breath stuttered. “You taste like summer honey, all thick and sweet,” I said against her swollen flesh, making her squirm with the vibrations, but not quite getting her here.

“Holy shit, Roman. Your tongue,” she moaned.

“This tongue?” I flicked it across her clit.


I flicked again and again, and when her thighs stopped trembling and locked, I sucked her gently between my teeth and stabbed at the little bud with enough pressure to send her over.

She screamed my name as she came, her body arching beneath me in waves, and the sound and sight of it was everything I’d ever imagined and more.

I rose over her, kissing her gently as she came down.

“What the hell was that?” she asked, her breathing harsh as she looked up at me with orgasm-glazed eyes.

She’d never looked more beautiful.

“That was me rushing about twelve years of daydreams.” A light sheen of sweat broke through my pores at the effort it took to stay right where I was and not pound into her like a wild man.

“That was rushing?” She blinked rapidly and cupped my face.

I nodded. My cock throbbed in time with my heartbeat, so hard that I thought I actually might die if she called this off. It would be okay, though. I’d go to my grave a happy man. “Want to see the slow version?”

She smiled, and my heart stopped. “Next time.”

Next time. I was going to get to do this again. Fuck, I’d wanted her for so long and in so many ways that I couldn’t even prioritize them. I wanted to take her slow and deep as I looked in her eyes. I wanted to see her ass in my hands as I took her from behind. I wanted to suck on her nipples as she rode me. I wanted it all.

She rolled her hips, fitting the head of my cock to her wet entrance with such ease that it felt only natural to be poised there.

“Condom,” I growled.

She licked her lips. “I’m clean. I was at the doctor a couple weeks—”

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