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Her nails dug into my waist as she kissed me back, her tongue darting past my teeth to lick the sensitive ridge just behind them.

My hand abandoned the wall to slide down her side, my thumb grazing the side of her breast as I made my way to the dip of her waist and the curve of her hip. She felt even better than I’d ever imagined. Lush and soft in every place I was hard and lean.

Fuck me, I was going to lose it. I was going to devour her one touch, one lick, one stroke at a time. I was going to worship her body with teeth and tongue, and when I finally let her come, it would be against my mouth so I could taste every drop.

Too much. The logical side of my brain argued.

Not nearly enough, my dick countered.

“T—” I started.

She kissed me quiet, lifting her arms to loop around my neck and rising on her toes like she was scared I would pull away.

I didn’t. I should have, but all reason and logic fled the moment she pushed her breasts against me. I wanted those in my mouth, wanted to suck her nipples between my lips, and flick the tips with my tongue.

Instead, I gripped her ass and lifted, pinning her against the wall so she was level with my mouth.

She gasped, but locked her ankles behind the small of my back, and—fuck me—I could feel how hot she was through the thin cotton of her pajama bottoms. Unapologetically, I rolled my hips against hers and kissed deeper, thrusting my tongue in time with my hips, fucking her mouth in the same way I wanted to fuck her body. Slow. Hard. Deep.

I felt her moan all the way in my toes. Every nerve in my body was alive. We were electricity, pure and simple—enough to power the whole fucking city or burn us both to ashes. I’d never wanted like this, never needed like this. She felt even better than I’d dreamed, surpassed every fantasy with only one kiss.

She held my neck with one hand and gripped my hair with the other, using the wall as leverage to rock back against me as she sucked on my tongue.

My hands gripped her ass tight, memorizing the weight and feel of her against me as I thrust against her, pushing a little harder so I rubbed against her clit through the layers of our clothing. Her fingernails scraped my scalp, and she broke the kiss with a cry. That was the spot. Right. There.


I groaned, sucking a path down her neck. Even if I never got to kiss this woman again, that sound right there was enough to fuel my dreams for the next fifty years.

She rocked, riding me with abandon.

My hand slid up the soft, ribbed tank top, when she nodded, I grazed my thumb over her nipple. I flicked over the hardened peak, then took her breast in my hand and squeezed gently. It was perfect. Perfect size. Perfect weight. Perfect responsiveness. All of her was fucking perfect.

I took her mouth again, the kiss changing into something utterly primal as my tongue blatantly claimed her mouth. Her grip tightened in my hair and on my neck, and her thighs clenched around my waist as she gave me back everything and then some.

This. Was. Heaven.

Walt barked, the sound breaking through the lust-filled fog in my brain.

Teagan tensed in a way that wasn’t passion and went completely still in my arms.

Just like that, I knew the moment was over. I kissed her softly one last time, then lifted my head.

“T,” I breathed softly.

Her eyes were hazy with need, her lips swollen and her skin flushed, but those same eyes were also wide with an edge of panic.

“You okay?” I asked softly, my dick screaming in protest as I moved my hands to the relative safety of her hips.

She nodded once.

“Want me to put you down?” I kept my voice gentle, which was at complete odds with the inferno raging through my veins.

She nodded again.

“Okay, but you’re going to have to unlock your ankles.” A corner of my mouth lifted in a wry smile.

She glanced down as if realizing she was still wrapped around me, then turned an even darker shade of pink. “Sorry,” she muttered, releasing me.

I lowered her to the floor.

Neither of us mentioned the fact that I was harder than the stone behind her.

“I’m…um…I’m going….I’m going inside,” she finally managed to say with a little shake of her head.

“You should do that.” My smile was instant. Hell yes, I’d addled her. “I’ll grab Walt.”

She blinked. “Walt. Right. Of course.” She swallowed hard, something dark crossing through her eyes before she turned to walk back inside.

Fuck that. Whatever she was thinking wasn’t going to be the last thing in her mind after a kiss like that.

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