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I shook my head. “Too tired to get up for one,” I said, though grabbing one of his tees did sound tempting. I’d taken to sleeping in nothing but that, relishing the feel of the softest cotton against my skin. The fact that the shirts were drenched in his scent was an added bonus.

“I’d get one for you,” he said, nuzzling the back of my neck with his nose. His hand slid over my hip to pull my spine against his chest, and I reached behind me to grip his neck.

“Don’t you dare move,” I said.

He planted soft kisses along the seam of my neck, and I arched against him, shuddering slightly at the hard feel of him against my backside.

“Liberty,” he whispered. “You can go back to sleep.”

“Like hell,” I teased and arched again.

He hissed but pulsed against me as his fingers trailed lower, slipping beneath the slick fabric covering me. I shifted slightly to give him better access, my heart ratcheting up the more he swept his fingers so close to where I wanted him but just missing it. On purpose. The cocky man knew how quickly I was ready for him, how instantly I melted for him.

Two could play that game. I moved my hand from his neck, shifting so I could grip his hard length behind me. His cock twitched as I teased him lightly with sweet scraps of my nails along his head.

“Liberty,” he growled, then plunged his fingers between my thighs. Right where I wanted him, the sensitive flesh aching for his warmth, his strength. “You’re drenched for me,” he said, and I squeezed his cock in answer.

“Looks like we’re on the same page,” I whispered, my breaths quick as he pumped his fingers inside me. I rocked on his hand, seeking out the pressure he kept just out of reach. Teasing me, winding me up until my entire body ached for him. He kissed up my neck, along the edge of my jaw, and back down over my bare shoulder, his lips warm and hungry and blazing a trail of flames along my skin.

I moaned as he continued to tease me like we had all the time in the world, and I suppose, right now, we did. But I wanted him. Now.

I shifted away from him enough to slide my panties down and toss them on the floor. Then I turned on my knees for a moment to rid him of his as well. He watched me take off his briefs with a contented sort of smirk, and I threw them over my shoulder. I returned to my original position, my back to his chest, and guided his hand back to my center.

He picked up where he’d left off, teasing me into oblivion. I pushed backward, arching my hips, and guiding his hard length with my hand to my entrance.

“Fuck,” he hissed as I teased the head of his cock with my wetness. “Liberty,” he growled, his hips thrusting gently until I no longer needed my hand. I reached behind me to grip his neck again, arching my back as Nixon slid into the hilt behind me. I moaned, my body buzzing at the feel of him inside me, and turned just enough to catch his gaze as he slowly pumped and thrust, his fingers working my clit with light strokes that made me shake.

I flicked my tongue over his lips, and he moved enough to slant his mouth over mine, drinking in my moans as he pulled all the way out only to drive home again.

“God, Nixon,” I whined, breathless as he took his time with my body, my soul. Working me with agonizingly long strokes and teasing pressures until I was sure I’d combust from need.

“You’re fucking beautiful,” he whispered against my ear as I threw my head back, a gasp ripping from my lips each time we rocked together. His fingers rolled over my clit again, the touch so light I groaned.

“Nixon,” I gasped, rocking against him. “Please.”

“Please what?” he teased, his teeth grazing my earlobe.

I trembled, my entire body a tight coil of heat hovering near the edge of explosion. The feel of him deep inside me, I couldn’t think around it, couldn’t breathe around that primal need to be claimed by this man.

“Please, come with me,” I practically keened my answer, pushing back against him when he thrust.

“You’re so close,” he said, a half-growl as he upped his pace. “I can feel it. So fucking tight. Perfect.”

I tightened my grip on his neck as his thrusts came harder, deeper, pushing me toward that sweet edge, my free hand tangled in the sheets as I held on, breathless and whimpering. His fingers played between my thighs as he claimed my body over and over again until I trembled around him. And then he thrust home at the same time his fingers pressed down right on that bundle of nerves, and I exploded.

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