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She whimpered as I drew her back into my lap, bringing her back against my chest.

“Look at you,” I ordered, looking over her shoulder and gently kissing the fevered skin.

“Nixon,” she begged, swirling her hips over me.

I brought the head of my dick to her entrance and then slid my hand between her breasts. “These are magnificent. You fit my hands perfectly, and you’re so sensitive.” I skimmed her nipple while keeping my other hand locked on her hip. “Your skin is flawless. So soft that I get distracted just thinking about touching you.” I trailed those fingers down her belly and took her other hip in my hand as I leaned back slightly. “You are so fucking beautiful that I dream about you, even in those months we were apart, you haunted my dreams. Say it. Tell me you’re beautiful.”

She sucked in a long breath, then met my eyes in the mirror. “I’m beautiful.”

Fuck, I was going to come in the first thirty seconds, that’s how badly I needed her. “Now watch yourself fuck me, Liberty.” I lifted my hips slightly, pushing inside her that first inch. My eyes slid shut as unimaginable pleasure filled every part of my body. “Take what you want.” I said against her neck, then sucked where neck met shoulder.

She moaned, then sank down on me, her knees on either side of mine. I leaned back slightly, taking her deeper, but letting her control just how much she wanted.

Her ass rubbed against my lower belly as she started to ride me, rising and falling with subtle rocks of her hips. I held her to keep us steady, then lifted my hands to her breasts, working them as she brought us both to the edge. Each thrust felt better than the last, just like every time I took her was better than the previous time. We just got better and better in every way possible.

Our bodies were slick with sweat, our eyes locked in that mirror as she started to tense above me, her movements slowing. “Oh, God. Nixon, I…It’s so good...can’t move…please, baby, please.” She was just about there.

I switched my grip to her hips and swung mine, taking her deep. “Too hard?” I asked between gritted teeth, trying like hell to hold myself back.

“More!” she demanded as her thighs locked, and her body went rigid.

I thrust again and again, losing myself in the heat and perfection of her body, as her lips parted in one long, soundless cry. Pleasure shot down my spine, and that tension snapped free. I reached between her thighs and rubbed her clit gently, sending her straight over the edge with me as I came inside her so hard that I gripped her thighs for balance.

When our breathing calmed, and we were both cleaned up, I started over again, making love to her slowly this time, not only for the pleasure but the distraction.

There had been one good point raised at dinner.

If I got traded…would she follow?

And if she didn’t, what the fuck was I going to do?



“Good,” I said, my tone soothing, calm. “And now transition into Warrior II pose.” I shifted into the pose on my own mat at the head of the studio, my muscles tight, and my skin drenched. “Beautiful.” I scanned the room and tried like hell not to look at the person on the mat in the far back corner of the studio—and failed.

Nixon Noble doing Warrior II pose in nothing but a pair of athletic shorts and a white tank top? God help me now was he delicious. His biceps rippled as he transitioned into the pose, his arms outstretched on either side as he pointed his right thigh toward the front of the room. Toward me. His other leg extended backward, and I had to admit I was surprised at his range of motion. Sure, the man exercised every single day, but yoga was new to him. Hot yoga even more so, and yet, here he was.

For me.

A whirl of bliss spiraled up to my heart as I met his gaze—nothing but pure mischief in those dark eyes.

“Good,” I said again, clearing my throat as I focused on the rest of the class. “I’d like to end in downward-facing dog and then transition down to child’s pose.” The class followed my example, and we took several minutes in the last pose, focusing on relaxing our minds and bodies after such a challenging class.

“Thanks!” several students called to me as they exited a few minutes later. I waved to them with a smile, toweling off my face and neck.

Nixon remained sitting on his mat, his massive legs turned up at the knees, his elbows resting atop them as he smiled up at me. I headed over to him after the last student had exited.

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