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“Oh?” Her whisper was breathless. “And then what’s the plan?”

I leaned in and pressed a kiss to her neck, breathing in the light scent of her floral perfume. “Then I’m going to have dessert.”

“I could absolutely go for some room service.”

“Trust me, there will be plenty of…servicing.” I lifted my head to find her smiling wickedly at me and nearly groaned. I was hard as a fucking rock and would have to get through the lobby of a very packed hotel like this if I didn’t calm it down in the next few minutes.

Unfortunately, my body didn’t get the memo because Liberty kept stroking my skin, and my brain took it the rest of the way, planning out in detail exactly how I was going to take her and how long I was going to make her wait.

By the time the car service dropped us, I wasn’t calmed—I was even more worked up. Lucky for me, Liberty smiled at my predicament and then turned into my chest as we headed into the building.

“Think you can kiss me the whole way upstairs?” she asked, pressing my cock between us as it rose against my belly.

“You are fucking amazing,” I whispered, then kissed the shit out of her. There weren’t any photographers in the hotel—they weren’t allowed, so I didn’t worry as I locked my forearm under her ass and lifted her off those sexy little heels she’d chosen for tonight.

Not only had she successfully hidden my erection with her body, but I was throbbing by the time we reached our hotel room. Thank God I was a senior guy on the team and got my own room. The rookies had to share.

I managed to unlock the door and get it open with Liberty in my arms, and then I carried her into the room and slammed the thing shut behind us.

“I’m going to devour every inch of you,” I growled into her neck.

We undressed in a hurry between kisses so hot I debated not taking clothes off at all. I wanted inside her. Now. But more than that, I wanted her crying out my name, wanted her so desperate for me that she might have a taste of how badly I always wanted her. She was always the one with the high ground in our relationship, but here in bed, I managed to level the playing field.

Our tongues twined and twirled as we groped and stroked, falling to the bed in a naked tangle of limbs. When she sprawled beneath me, I locked both her thighs over my shoulders and had my dessert.

“Holy. Shit.” She moaned long and loud as I latched onto her core with my mouth.

“I’ve been thinking about the way you taste all night,” I said it against her clit, letting the words cause little vibrations in my lips.

“Nixon!” Her fingers tangled in my hair.

Fuck, I loved the sound of my name on her lips, especially when I had her spiraling toward the edge. I licked her from pussy to clit, then tongue-fucked her with long, hard thrusts.

Her hips rolled as she keened in time with my tongue’s movements, riding my tongue toward her orgasm. When she got close, I pulled away, turning my attention to her clit.

“Nixon, please,” she cried, her grip tugging me against her.

“Please, what?” I asked, swirling my tongue over the swollen bud.

“Let me come!” she demanded.

I lashed at her clit with deft strokes of my tongue, then slid my hands from her hips to her breasts, lightly tweaking her sensitive nipples. Her breaths came in stuttered gasps, her thighs locked around my head, and she came with my name on her lips.

Still hungry for her, I sucked her clit back into my mouth and brought her to climax again, this time stroking her pussy with my fingers. She was so wet that I nearly came at the delicious, sucking sound my fingers made with every thrust, knowing my cock would be there soon. When she came down from that orgasm, I slipped her thighs from my shoulders.

“Do you have any idea how fucking beautiful you are?” I ran my hand from her neck, to the dip between her breasts, and over the swell of her belly. Was she carrying my child? Yes. But her body was a purely sexual feast in these moments.

“You—” she started.

“Not me,” I countered. “You.” She always did that—made some comment about me being hot, or how she wasn’t a model or some other shit. I needed her to understand just how spectacular she was to me.

“Come here,” she said instead, reaching for me.

I noted the full-length mirror on the wall and grinned. “No. You come here. Hands and knees.” I flipped her gently to her belly as she did as I requested.

Then I turned us so we faced that mirror. My cock throbbed in time with my heartbeat as I looked at her there, flushed with orgasms, and dripping wet. I positioned myself behind her, then sat back on my knees.

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