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“Axel,” Langley moaned, rocking against me. “God, how can I want you so badly already?”

“It’s the same for me,” I admitted, running my hands up her curves as my mouth assaulted her neck. “I’m always hard for you, no matter how many times I have you.”

Her hand snaked between us to cup my dick. I hissed as she squeezed lightly and ran her thumb over my tip. “Lose the briefs,” she whispered in my ear, biting on my lobe gently.

“Here?” I asked, my cock twitching in her hand. Mind-numbing pleasure rocketed up my spine, and I thrust into her grip with a groan.

“Here.” Her thumbs hooked into my waistband and tugged. “I don’t need rules when it comes to you.”

I was all too happy to drop them the rest of the way.

Our mouths met in a needy kiss that had us clutching at each other. Our hands were as needy as our mouths, touching wherever we could reach, exchanging caress for caress.

I found her slippery and swollen between her thighs, so wet that I knew I could slide inside with ease. My fingers thrust inside her slowly, and her head fell back as she let loose the sweetest moan I’d heard from her lips.

My lips traced the sensitive path down her neck as I moved inside her, careful to be tender after the ways I’d taken her last night.

“God, Axel!” She rolled her hips over me, riding my hand. I fucking loved how uninhibited she was with me, how she chased her pleasure down and claimed it.

“Be careful,” I pled, kissing her jaw as my fingers curled inside her. “I know you have to be a little sore.”

“I only feel pleasure,” she said with a slight whimper at the end. “Just get inside me, damn it.”

I tsked at her as I removed my fingers, only to slide them to her clit and pet her lightly. “Are you in a hurry this morning, wife?”

“I’m always in a hurry when it means getting to fuck you,” she growled. “Axel, I swear, if you don’t get inside me this very minute—” She moaned when I adjusted my stance so my dick trailed through her cleft, coming to rest at her entrance.

“Was this what you wanted?” I thrust gently, slipping inside her just enough that the head of my cock disappeared inside her. “Fuck, that’s amazing. The way you feel,” I groaned as I pushed in another inch. “The way you clench around me.” I pulled back just to take that inch again, watching as our bodies started to join. “You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. You know that right?”

“Axel…” she whimpered, gripping my shoulders. “Please, baby.”

With that plea, I thrust completely, sliding through the tight folds of her pussy until she took all of me to the hilt. “Damn, Langley. Just...damn.” She was heaven and home all wrapped up in one incredible woman that I somehow got to call mine.

Our foreheads rested against each other, our breaths mingled as we savored the feeling of being joined completely. “You feel so good inside me.” Her lips grazed mine.

The angle made it easy to rock back and thrust in again, slamming home harder than I should have and nowhere near as hard as I wanted to.

She cried out and pushed her ass closer to the edge of the counter. “Axel, please. Stop being gentle. I need you.” Her eyes locked on mine. “I want to feel you with every step I take.”

My breath hissed out between my teeth, taking my control with it.

My fingers bit into her thighs, spreading her even wider for me, and then I gripped hard, making sure she wouldn’t slip from the counter as I slammed home.

“Yes!” she screamed.

I pistoned my hips into her again and again, taking her hard and deep with a rhythm that I kept steady even when sweat beaded on my skin. She was powerless at that angle, taking only what I gave her, accepting all of me over and over.

Our mouths met with dueling tongues, tasting of urgency and need as I pushed her closer to her release. Her thighs trembled beneath my hands, and she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me closer as she locked her ankles.

“I love you,” she whispered in my ear.

Those three words broke me like nothing else could, and I lost myself in her body, thrusting with abandon, sliding in and out of her with deep strokes that had her muscles tensing, her breath catching. I slid my thumb between our bodies and lightly rubbed her clit, careful with the swollen flesh.

That touch was enough. Langley came apart, screaming my name as she clenched and fluttered around my cock, pulling my orgasm from the base of my spine and bringing me with her.

I thrust twice more as I spilled into her, letting the pleasure overtake me as I cradled her against my chest.

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