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“I think I’m going to head to bed.” I push back my chair and stand up. Leaning over, I kiss my dad on the cheek. I can’t bring myself to say anything to Calder, but I feel his eyes on me like they have been from the moment I entered the dining room. My father says goodnight and I exit the room, taking my half-empty plate with me and placing it on the kitchen counter.

After all that, my stupid crush hasn’t dimmed, even after what he said about marriage. That should have crushed it for me. Since I met him, all I can think about is marriage, with little babies, and my own little music studio where I could teach little kids to play. This fantasy grows each day, even when I try to stop it.

I shake my head at my own thoughts. I can only hope that tonight I won’t dream of him once again.

Chapter Four


I turn the knob silently, closing the door firmly behind me. It’s dark in her room, but the moonlight through the window shines enough for me to see my way over to the bed.

This is a bad idea. A very, very bad idea. But I’ve had five too many drinks to worry about that. I’m drunk, and Bill was kind enough to show me to one of his guest rooms, even though I have a driver I could call, even though this is a city with more cabs than people.

I knew what I was doing when I walked into his study. I knew I was going to get loaded, let my cares go with each drink, and then wait for the opportunity. I knew Bill would ask me to stay, and I knew what would happen if he did. I knew coming in here was wrong, but it’s happening.

The way she looked at me during dinner told me exactly what I had suspected. That the feelings from the night we kissed are still there. That none of the desire and need dissipated during our time apart. If anything, it’s driven me insane.

Clearly, I’m crazy.

I approach her bed, seeing her silhouette, and I’m struck once again by my pull to her. Her flawless face rests on her pillow as her full lips are parted slightly in sleep. Her dark hair is spread out on her pillow, and I stand there watching her dream. I selfishly wonder if she’s thinking of me, and I take a step closer. As if to prove how her body is so in tune with mine, I hear her softly whisper my name.


Maybe I’m drunk, but it sounded like she said my name. I walk forward until my knees hit the edge of her mattress, and I know what I’m going to do. I can’t stop this, just like I can’t stop the pull I feel towards her.

The past weeks have made me crazy with want, and I’ve done all I can to stay away. So many years my life has felt hollow, but since I found her on the balcony, something has changed. She crept into those empty spaces, and I need more. I crave her like oxygen.

Now, with her being this close, I can’t control it anymore. She’s too beautiful, the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen, and I feel so many things I’ve never felt before. Didn’t even know existed. It’s as if she’s brought something inside me to life. Felicity has turned me into a new man, woken me back up, and this new part of me must own her. In every way possible.

I strip out of my suit and throw it to the floor, and then stand there in my boxer briefs. I hesitate for only a second and then push them down as well. I know what I want, and I know she wants it, too. I’ve felt it between us, and I saw it in her eyes tonight.

I gently pull back her blanket, careful not to wake her yet. Looking down, I see she’s wearing a small T-shirt with her college crest on it and pale blue cotton panties. I’m a little surprised at her innocent underwear given how her dad had mentioned she was just like her mother. Then again, she didn’t expect me to come sneaking into her room tonight, so maybe that’s why she didn’t wear anything sexier. I like the look of these panties, though. They’re innocent and sweet, as if she’s untouched.

When I push away the blanket completely, I crawl into the bed on top of her.

Her eyes pop open, and she looks alarmed for just a moment before they focus and recognize it’s me. There’s a moment when she takes in a breath as if she’s going to scream, but then just lets it out slowly. She’s still as she looks into my eyes, the questions starting to mount. In the moonlight, I can see the blush deepen across her cheeks.

“Felicity,” I breathe the second before my lips land on hers.

I’ve held off as long as I could, but I have to taste her again. I have to claim her mouth as mine, because God knows who she’s given it to since we’ve been apart. I growl at the thought before pushing it away and sweeping my tongue inside her mouth.

She lets out a little whimper, but her hands go to the back of my head, holding me to her. Pressing the full weight of my body on top of her, I give into my urges and hold her tightly to me. My hands go to her sides and push the small shirt above her curvy waist, needing her skin against mine. My mouth moves to her neck, and I hear her say my name again, this time with a question on the end of it.

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