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Who does this guy think he is? He’s helped out with our regular gardener twice and suddenly he thinks he’s entitled to hit on me? Hell no. I’m about to open my mouth to tell him off when a massive dark blur moves in front of me.

Before I can blink, Calder has the kid pushed up against the side of the house and holds him off the ground by his neck.

“Calder,” I say in a soft voice. “Remember, if you kill him on our property, the cops are more likely to find his body.”

Ben’s eyes go as wide as saucers, and he starts to panic.

“You’re right, sweetheart. I should take him down by the lake with the others.”

Ben starts coughing, and his face turns purple.

Calder leans in and growls in his face. “You leave now and I’ll let you keep breathing. Don’t you ever come back, or I’ll rip your eyes out for looking at my wife that way.”

He drops Ben to the ground, and the gardener takes off faster than a bullet. Calder watches him leave and then turns back to me.

He’s breathing a little heavily, and there’s this angry look on his face. I don’t know why, but my panties are drenched. Seeing him so possessive of me and so strong, it’s got all my female hormones firing.


His name is a cross between a question and a moan. Looking down, I see the erection clearly outlined in the front of his slacks, and I lick my lips.

“Get in the house now, Felicity.”

He takes a step towards me, but I’m overwhelmed by my need for him. Right. This. Second. I’m not moving unless it’s to let him put his dick in me.

He lowers his chin and glares at me with hooded eyes. He feels this, too. This internal need to mark his territory, and God help me, I want to be his possession. I want to be stamped and branded as his like never before.

Faster than I expect, he’s picking me up and our mouths are connecting. My hands rip at his shirt, popping the buttons and tearing the material as I go. I feel his hands grip my ass roughly, and then my back hits something solid. I’m pinned to a wall by the lower half of his body as his hands push up my dress and rip away my panties.

His long, hard thickness is thrust fully inside my wet pussy before I can even take a breath. Then his hand rips the shredded material of my shirt from my body, and his hungry mouth is on my breast. I feel his teeth there as his aggressive thrusts hold me in place. I grip his back as he ruts against me, angrily taking what is his.

I bite my lip to keep from screaming his name, the orgasm hitting me so fast I don’t even see it coming. As I hit my climax, his hands pin my wrists above my head, and suddenly—impossibly— he’s deeper inside me. He’s stretching my pussy in the most delicious way, and the rough treatment reminds me of who’s in charge here.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that Calder worships every inch of my heart and soul. But my body is his to command, and right here and now, he’s reminding me of my place.

The cavewoman in me responds to his dominance, and I spread my legs as wide as they can go, giving my beloved all that he desires. I’m his, and nothing will ever change that. And that’s what this is right now. It’s a reminder to him that no one will ever take me from him, and he needs this from me. For me to submit and let him declare that my body is his claimed land. I’ll give him this and anything else he wants as another climax thunders through my body.

When I feel his warm seed fill me, it’s as if he’s sated the beast inside him. I cling to his big body as he gently lets go of my wrists and starts to tenderly kiss me everywhere. It’s completely contrary to what happened just moments ago, but I’ll never get tired of his attention to my body.

“All better?” I ask as his mouth trails down my neck.

“We need a new gardener,” he says lazily.

“I don’t know. I’m thinking of hiring Ben back if this is what happens every time he hits on me.” Calder growls again, and I laugh, clenching my pussy around him at the same time.

My laugh turns into a plea as he shows me all over again what a jealous caveman he can be. Life is very, very good.


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