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“I love you,” I whisper against her lips, and I hear her repeat the words back to me.

My mouth goes to her neck, and I feel her clench around my cock. I lick the shell of her ear and tell her how much I need her as I slowly build her to another climax.

“Please, sweetheart.”

She cums on me, wetting my cock and making me follow her over the edge. I hold myself inside her as our juices mingle, my cum filling her up. Once I’ve given all I can, I carefully roll us to our sides. I don’t want to pull out, so I’m careful to make sure she’s comfortable afterwards.

We lie there for a long time, neither of us wanting to break our connection. We smile and softly touch one another as if this new information we shared has changed our relationship for the better.

Felicity in my arms and our baby between us, as our lives are meant to be. There was no alternative for either of us because I would have made damn sure of that. Blackmailing her was the smartest thing I ever did.



Five months later…

“He looks just like you, sweetheart.”

Calder is sitting on the bench next to the window, and the sunlight is pouring over both of my guys. It’s a tender moment watching him with our son, Jonathan William Cox. We named him after both of his grandfathers, and I think my father might just burst from pride. I only wish Calder's father could have been here today to meet him, but Calder says that maybe he’s around us somehow, looking over our new baby.

I was almost two weeks overdue, even with as small as I was and as big as my son grew. After only three hours of labor, here he is. Nine pounds nine ounces of healthy baby boy.

“He’s got your ears,” I say, lying on my side in the hospital bed and watching them.

Calder looks over and winks at me, and I swear I think my ovaries smile. Seeing him with our baby has got to be some kind of aphrodisiac. I just gave birth and I’m thinking of making another.

My father and Becky left just a few moments ago to let us rest. They were here since first thing this morning, but they still seemed reluctant to leave. They were both so excited about having a grandchild since I’m my father’s only child and Becky was never able to have children of her own.

They’ve made it official, and she’s wearing a stunning engagement ring. I couldn’t be more excited for the two of them. She seems to calm him a lot, and he’s the happiest I’ve ever seen him. It amazing what love can do to people.

Calder comes over and places Jonathan in my arms. “I think he’s hungry again.”

“If he’s anything like his father, I’m sure he is.” I hold him to my breast and he latches on immediately and starts nursing like a champ. I grunt a little at his aggressive feeding and then relax when he slows down a bit. “Yep. Just like his father.”

“You did great, sweetheart. Just perfect.”

I look up to see a little mist in Calder’s eyes.

“What is it?” I ask, worry starting to creep in.

“Nothing.” He leans forward and gives me a quick kiss before pulling back and looking between the baby and me. “I was just worried. What if everything I loved most was taken from me again? I’m just happy you and our son are okay. I love you so much, Felicity.”

I’m a giant ball of hormones right now, so I just nod and whisper that I love him, too. Any more than that and I’ll send myself into a spiral of tear-filled thankfulness. Instead, Calder wraps me in his arms while I nurse Jonathan, and we stay like that for a long time.

Our little bubble of love is impossible to burst. It’s as if everything between us has clicked into place, and this is exactly where we are meant to be. I’ve never had a feeling so strong before, knowing that being with Calder is the right choice, and every choice I made before it has led me here. It’s beautiful and powerful, and I’m going to live the rest of my life being thankful for it.



Two years later…

“Well, I just wanted to come in and see if there was anything else I could help you out with today, Mrs. Cox.”

The young guy who does yard work for us is leaning against the doorframe. He’s got his shirt off and he’s sweaty, so I back up. All I can think about is putting distance between us because I don’t want it to get on me. Maybe some women would find him attractive, but he’s far too pretty and into himself for my taste. I’ve got a thing for dark-haired grumpy men, and I don’t ever see that changing.

“No thanks, Ben. We’re all set.”

“Are you sure?” He licks his lips, and his eyes run up and down my body. I don’t like the way it feels. I’m fully dressed, but somehow this feels a bit like a violation. Only my husband gets to look at me like this.

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