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“Bill, good to see you. I realize we should have had this talk back in New York, but circumstances have changed.”

“I can see that,” he says, looking over at Felicity. “Anything you’d like to tell me, dear?”

I see Becky’s hand fall to his wrist and give it a squeeze. It’s a sign of intimacy, and she’s trying to calm him down. There’s much more happening at this table than anyone is willing to admit. For now.

“Um, Dad. You know, Calder.”

“Oh, yes. The man who employs my firm. Even work in the same building. We’re acquainted,” he says with a laugh.

The waiter decides to pop over at this moment to take our drink orders. I get a glass of red wine for myself and water for Felicity.

After he leaves, I look at Bill and decide I’ll be the one leading this meeting.

“Look, you’re obviously aware of what’s happening between your daughter and me. I should have told you sooner, but Felicity and I wanted to wait until she was finished with school.”

He looks from me to his daughter and raises an eyebrow. “Is this true?”

Felicity looks at me and then at her father, nodding her head. It’s the safest thing for her to do since she’s such a terrible liar. Her brows do this cute little furrow every time she tries.

“We wanted to tell you together. We are expecting and are to be married.”

I see a vein beside his eye twitch. It’s the only reaction from him for a beat, and I see Becky squeeze his wrist yet again. A moment of silence passes, and Becky is the one to break it.

“Oh my, this is absolutely wonderful news. A baby! How far along are you, Felicity? When is the due date? We should get you back to the States right away so that we can get your doctors set up. Right, Bill?”

Becky’s enthusiasm goes a long way to ease some of Felicity’s tension and in turn relaxes me.

“Yes. You should come immediately.”

Bill’s statement is meant to sound concerned, but I take it to mean that he wants her to come to his home. That won’t be happening.

“Felicity?” I say, reminding her of our agreement, prompting her to interject.

“Oh, um, Calder and I are going to live together when we get back to New York. We’re going to get married right away, and he, I mean, we’d like to get the nursery ready as soon as possible. I’m already so far along, but with school ending, I can come back now.”

I squeeze her hand, letting her know she did a good job. It’s exactly what’s going to happen, and Bill needs to hear it from her. I only hate how forced her words are. I want them to be filled with happiness.

“And what about Sidney?” Bill asks, a smug note in his voice.

I feel Felicity tense, but I just sit back in my chair and sip the wine the waiter has dropped off for me.

“Sidney and I have been friends since we were children. There is nothing to tell.”

I feel Felicity’s fingers trail across my wrist, and I smile as I look over at her. She looks hopeful, and I give her a small wink. She must have been worried that Sidney and I were more than just close friends. I’m happy I could ease that worry for her. The only reason I hadn’t told her sooner was that it was Sidney’s secret, but now things have really changed. I can’t hold back any longer.

The rest of the dinner is spent talking about the baby and the wedding. Becky takes over with questions, and I’m surprised by how excited Felicity sounds at times. It gives me a sliver of hope that I can make her fall in love with me. I keep my hand on her thigh through dinner, needing to touch her constantly. I’ve spent far too long away from her, and I need to make up for lost time.

When we are finished, I bring Felicity back to my hotel room. I don’t hesitate once the door is closed.

I toss the small bag of clothes I made her bring with her on the floor and pick her up, carrying her to the bedroom.

“Calder. We need to talk. I want answers.”

“Not now. I’ve waited months for you, and I won’t be held off any longer.”

When I get to the bedroom, I stand her up beside the bed and unzip her dress, pushing it off her body. Her curvy hips try to hold on to it, but I push the material down the rest of the way. She’s still without panties, and it makes my blood heat. Seeing her round belly and wet pussy has the caveman in me growling to come out.

“Take off your bra, sweetheart.”

I jerk at my tie and undo the knot. Then I start pulling at my own clothes as fast as I can. I watch as she unfastens her bra and her big breasts are revealed to me.

“Fuck, they look bigger.”

The blush creeps up her chest and to her cheeks as she nods. “They are.”

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