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When I’d woken up the next morning, I was so angry with myself. I’d fallen on top of her so easily, and I was so jealous of every man who had ever done that before me. I’d made myself sick to my stomach thinking of all the men she might have let touch her precious body after I left that day. Thinking about someone else’s hand on her. I didn’t care if she’d slept with ten thousand men before me, I just couldn't stand the thought of someone else getting to do it when I was gone.

I threw hateful things at her that morning, and I needed to make it right. I needed to explain why I was upset. I needed to tell her that all the things I felt that morning hit me hard, things I hadn’t felt in years, things I’d never felt at all. I wasn’t just going to slip from her life and be another man lying at her feet when she was finished. I was going to stand with her forever, and she needed to get used to the idea. Everyone did.

I will make Felicity understand, and I’ll make her father understand, too. I’m not going anywhere, and she can just deal with it.

I fist my cock roughly, punishing myself for letting her go so easily. One she’s in my grasp again, she won’t be able to get away. I’ll make damn sure of that.

Looking over to the chair beside the bed, I see the sheet folded neatly with the small red stain on top. The sight of her virgin blood and knowing I got her cherry first makes me cum all over my hand and stomach. The knowledge that though she may not have been saving it for me, I still got it just the same makes me crazy. Her hymen was mine, and I’ll keep that sheet as a badge of victory.

Maybe I should have taken her more gently since it was her first time. But as I wipe up my cum, I can’t imagine having her any other way. She was so responsive and so needy under me, and remembering the details makes my cock swell again.

I make it through the next few months, and before I know it, it’s May. Most of the time I feel like a zombie, just walking around like a shell of a man. I get updates from Edward weekly on Felicity, but nothing has changed. She didn't come home for spring break, and I’m starting to get worried. Edward tells me she’s a loner and doesn’t participate in much beyond her music. I take that as a good sign though, because if she’s still playing, then there is still light inside of her.

I found her email address and have been sending her an email every day. The ones in the beginning were apologies, but after a month of that, I moved on to telling her about our future. The plans I want to make, the things I want to do with her, if only she’ll hear me out. She hasn’t responded to any of them, and I’m beginning to come to the end of my rope.

A form lands on my desk that needs my attention, and I see that there’s a note attached. It says that it needs to be taken care of before the end of the week because our corporate attorney will be out of town.

Bill is a hard worker, taking about as much time off as I do, which is basically zero. So seeing the note makes me wonder what’s going on. I walk out of my office and make my way over to his and knock on his open door.

“Bill, you have a second?” I try to ask casually, though my heart is beating a mile a minute.

“Sure, Calder. Everything okay?”

“I just saw that you wouldn’t be here next week. Going on a vacation?”

He smiles, and I know right away it’s to see Felicity. “I’m going to my daughter’s graduation. She hasn’t been home in a while, and I kind of got the impression she was avoiding me.” He looks away and shrugs his shoulders before smiling back at me again. “But I’m not missing her graduation for the world.”

“What a coincidence. I’ve got business I need to tend to in the UK next week as well.”

The words fall out of my mouth before I can think about what I’m saying. All I know is that I need to be there, too.

“Oh, really? That’s great. Maybe we can meet up for a drink.”

“I’m sure I’ll be seeing you,” I mumble as I exit his office.

Before my office door has fully shut behind me, I’m booking a flight. I’ve waited long enough to see her, and this is the opportunity I need. It will be perfect. She’ll have her graduation, and I will convince her to give me a chance. What could possibly go wrong?

Chapter Seven


I look down at my phone, my hands shaking, as I stand outside of the auditorium. The graduation ceremony has just ended, and crowds of people mingle and celebrate all around me. Everyone is happy to see their families. Me? Panic has now set in.

Dad: Surprise, sweetheart! You looked wonderful walking across that stage.

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