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Hardly knowing I was doing it, I leaned forward and kissed my stepbrother right on the lips.

The instant our mouths collided, I expected him to pull back. I envisioned him recoiling, a look of disgust upon his handsome face. Maybe he’d send me back to rehab, or to some other facility where they treated damaged goods like me. Whatever the scenario, when I imagined Kennith’s reaction, I thought of nothing good.

I lost myself in the feeling instead, in the sweltering heat of his mouth, the delicate shape of his lips, the caress of his breath against my nose. I tried to savor that moment, tried to let it entangle me and grow in my heart, but the anxiety would not budge and I had to open my eyes and know.

I had to know what would happen now. I’d crossed a line, and I needed to know if Kennith was coming with me.

He didn’t draw back. His eyes were open too, gazing into mine, but I didn’t see rejection there. Then he hesitated and I withdrew, allowing him to say:

“Colette… are you sure? I mean, you’re…”

“Damaged,” I finished for him. “I know. But I need you, Kennith. You’re the only one who understands me, the only one who makes me feel whole and alive. I need that right now. Tonight. You’re the only one who can give it to me. Please…”

Kennith looked at me. It was not the way a brother should look at his stepsister. But then again, Kennith hadn’t looked at me in a brotherly way in a very long time.

There had always been something between us. I knew it was forbidden, something to be ashamed of, and yet I’d never thought of it that way. What Kennith and I had, or could have, seemed pure. When I looked at him, I saw the eyes of a lover, a confidant and friend. We weren’t of the same blood. Why should it matter?

Though we’d never spoken of it freely, Kennith appeared to feel the same way. Tentatively, he closed his mouth over mine again, and I stumbled backward toward the bed, leading him with me until I felt the edge of the mattress against my thighs.

“Don’t say anything,” I urged him. This was too perfect. I didn’t want anything to ruin it. “Please, just be mine tonight, Kennith.”

Though I’d bidden him not to, Kennith spoke anyway. “Always,” he said. Somehow, that made it more perfect than it already was.

He lifted me onto the bed, tugging my shirt up over my head and letting my wild hair fall down around my shoulders. He slid his hand up into it along my nape, bringing me in for another kiss against his candied lips, his free hand tracing the curve of my waist as I reached behind to unclasp my bra.

My breasts fell free and I discarded the thing, pressing against his chest skin-to-skin for the very first time. It was electrifying and soothing all at once, as though we were two puzzle pieces figuring out just how to fit together. I moaned, unable to stop myself from reaching down to see if he felt the same way.

His stiff cock greeted me, pressing through the flimsy fabric of his pajama pants. I gripped it, running my thumb along the tip and just underneath it, feeling the sensitive ridge that made him squirm and groan. I pumped him in my hand gently, letting the material caress his shaft as he pulsed and throbbed, balls tensing with each pass.

His hands dropped to my jeans. He undid the button and unzipped them, pulling them off my hips along with my modest panties. I was glad he hadn’t seen them. When he next looked at me, I wanted him to see everything. I wanted him to know me in the most intimate of ways. I wanted him to fuck all traces of Caleb out of me and fill me with the love and acceptance I truly deserved.

It made me wonder if I’d ever really needed rehab. Maybe I’d just needed Kennith this whole time. Nothing they had done or tried to do had convinced me of my worth, but when Kennith touched and kissed me, I felt rare, beautiful, and priceless.

I scooted back on the bed, lying against the pillows and letting him rest between my legs. I slid his waistband down past his narrow hips and let his cock spring free, his moist tip pressed against my taut stomach. As he kissed my neck I looked down, marveling at the size of him. He was so much larger than Caleb had been, and his dick looked so good lying against my skin.

“Please,” I whispered, raising my hips to greet his. “Take me, Kennith. I need to feel something other than pain. Please, big brother… make it stop hurting…”


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