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“What about your desires?” Kayla asked him. “Don’t they matter?”

“Everyone has to look out for their own wants and needs,” Carter said, though from his tone, it was clear he didn’t entirely believe it. “You can’t rely on somebody else to fill that void for you. And your mother knows that. That’s part of the reason why she works. She finds it fulfilling.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to be anything like her,” Kayla said, folding her arms.

Carter smiled. “Oh, you could stand to learn a thing or two from your mother,” he told her. “If you were more like her, you’d get anything you wanted.”

Kayla squinted at him, trying to discern his meaning. She got the feeling there was something more to what he’d said about being more like her mom, and the look on his face all but confirmed it. He averted his eyes, cleared his throat, and rested his hand on her knee, obviously embarrassed.

“Well,” she said slowly, looking her stepfather up and down. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I could stand to learn a thing or two from her… if it gets me what I want.”

He shifted again, wetting his lips and shooting a sideways glance at her. “And what do you want, Kayla? Obviously, you don’t want to run the business.”

She sat up on her elbows, thinking. “I’m not sure, honestly. I’ve always been into art—illustration, in particular, but… you always told me that wasn’t a viable career option.”

“Well, not if you aren’t independently wealthy,” Carter said, though his voice now held a certain tone, almost as if he’d intended on saying more, but hadn’t.

Kayla caught on. Or at least, she thought she did. Carter was always encouraging her to take risks when it came to business dealings, and she was pretty sure that was exactly what this exchange with her stepfather was turning out to be.

“But, we are wealthy…” Kayla began, but Carter just laughed softly.

“Sweetheart, there’s a big difference between being wealthy, and being independently wealthy. I’m a slave to my own wealth, working to maintain the empire I’ve built, and one day you will be part of that machine. It is bigger than us. Tens of thousands of people depend on us to keep the balls in the air. One day I will pass you the reins to my company, and you will understand.”

“What if there was an option. I mean, what if I was independently wealthy,” she said, “like, if there was another heir to take over the family business, then I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. Right?”

“I suppose that’s true,” Carter said with a little shrug. He seemed like he was actively trying to seem noncommittal, like there was a great battle raging inside of him that he desperately didn’t want anyone to know about, especially his young stepdaughter. “If you weren’t running the company, you would have the time and the money to pursue your own dreams, but there is one obvious problem here. You’re an only child, and at this point, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to change...”

There was a very awkward silence between them and Carter sized her up. Kayla had a feeling they were fighting much the same war, albeit for entirely different reasons.

If I could give my stepfather a baby, I could be free, she thought, her heart beginning to pound. Free to do whatever I wanted to do. Free to be exactly who I want to be.

But there was so much more to it than that. It wasn’t like she’d be helping him through an adoption or talking to her mother about the possibility of fertility treatments. She’d be taking her mother’s place, in a way—a way that was purely sexual and utterly deviant.

The worst part was that she was actually considering it, and that in some sick way, it sort of turned her on.

What would it be like to commit the unthinkable, the forbidden, the taboo? What would it be like to seduce her stepfather, to carry his child, and to help raise it right under her practically-absent mother’s nose?

Kayla didn’t hate her mother. She might not have understood her very well, but she was still her mother. She just knew a good deal when she saw one, and she thought that maybe she could remind her mother of the importance of her family in the process of setting herself free.

She looked at Carter, at his handsome, chiseled face. He could’ve been a model, if he’d wanted to, showing off his body in the name of Calvin Klein. She could just imagine him up on a billboard downtown, his rippling abs, hard pecs, and smoldering eyes on display for everyone to see and envy.

She licked her lips, tasting the slick, strawberry-flavored gloss spread across them, and pushed herself up onto her hands so that she and her stepfather were mere inches from each other.

“I think that I know a way to get you what you want,” she said softly, afraid that if she spoke too loud, it would shatter the reservoir of courage she’d mustered. “A way that benefits us both.”

Carter looked into her eyes. Kayla noticed he was breathing a little heavier, and there was a flare of desire burning in his gray eyes. “I know,” he whispered back. “I know exactly what you’re thinking, Kayla, because I’m thinking it, too.”

Kayla swallowed hard. She hadn’t expected him to catch on to her—not before she’d begun, anyway. Trembling, she watched as her stepfather swept his hand slowly up her leg, approaching the shaven mound between her thighs, the one just barely covered by the sheer panties he’d caught a surreptitious glance of earlier.

She knew he was still thinking of that moment. She hadn’t been able to keep it out of her mind, either. She closed her eyes, quelling the nerves inside of her as Carter grazed the coarse pads of his fingers over the seam of her underwear.

“Jesus,” she whimpered, biting hard into her lower lip. “We’re… we’re really gonna do this…”

“Not if you say no,” Carter murmured. She could feel his hot stare on her, could feel the embers of his eyes burning into her flesh as he exposed her thighs inch by inch.

Kayla shook her head. “Don’t stop,” she said, looking up into his eyes. “Please, Daddy. Don’t stop…”

He shuddered at the word “Daddy,” and Kayla smiled and bit her lip. This was going to be even dirtier than she’d thought.

She let her stepfather push her skirt up around her waist, revealing her hips and the flat plane of her taut belly. Carter sucked in a breath through his teeth, trailing his fingers over her skin and winding them into the waistband of her panties. He slowly tugged them aside, his gaze fixed on her smooth, glistening lips, dewy with the evidence of her lust.

“Have you… had boys before?” he asked her as he parted her folds, exploring the pink petals gingerly.

Kayla moaned softly, tilting her head back so that her long, golden hair spilled over her shoulders. “No, Daddy,” she said, spreading her legs a little wider so he could see. “No boys… And never a man like you.”

She felt her nipples harden into perky buds as Carter wetted his finger in her silken desires, then slipped it into her hole, making her gasp as she took him in up to his knuckle. Another finger soon joined the first, and Kayla writhed on them, curling her toes as Carter worked them in and out, teasing her sweet spot with every pass.

His breathing grew labored. “Kayla… baby… are you sure?”

She nodded, looking up at him through her lashes, unable to hide her naughty desires any longer. “Please,” she panted. “I don’t want you to stop. I want this, Daddy. I want you to be my first, and I want your baby inside me. Make me pregnant, set me free, give us both what we need.”

Carter grunted, winding her panties around his fingers before tearing them clean off her deliciously curvaceous hips. Kayla gasped. She’d never known her stepfather could be so aggressive. She kind of liked it.

No—she really liked it.

He wasted no time in pulling down his jeans, revealing his tight, designer boxer briefs and the bulging package within them. Kayla stared at it, her pulse rushing in her ears as it hardened, creeping up toward the top of his waistband as he brought his stepdaughter’s ruined panties to his nose and inhaled deeply, eyes closed.


“You smell so sweet,” he told her, peeling off his briefs and unleashing the beast they’d been hiding. “God, I need to be inside of you.”

“Then come inside, Daddy,” Kayla begged him, licking her lips as his stiff, thick cock pulsed between his legs. It was so fat and veiny, a real man’s cock.

Carter’s cock wasn’t like anything she’d seen before. It spoke for itself. It needed no introductions, no grandstanding, no explanations as to why it was as incredible as it was. It was huge. Kayla could see that with her own two eyes, and the feeling it inspired deep inside her cunt was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. She wondered if it would even fit!

“Don’t make me wait,” she begged him, reaching out for Carter’s dick with greedy hands. “Come on, Daddy. Put it in me. I wanna have your baby. Please, Daddy… please…?”

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