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"Please cum in my pussy! Please Devlin!”

“Beg me to do it. Beg me to fuck a baby into you.”

The pleasure was so intense I could barely contain myself. I squealed and squirmed against his cock, my pussy clenching and grasping and milking him desperately. I did want it. I wanted it so bad!


Devlin slammed home one final time, groaning loudly as his cock pulsed wildly, cum splashing my deepest depths. I squealed with delight, my own pussy milking him for all it was worth, taking him deep.

"Oh God... What did we do?" Devlin whispered, pulling free. I spun round, dropping to my knees, the concrete rough against my skin. My mouth engulfed him, lapping our combined taste from his shaft.

"Oh lord forgive me..." Devlin said, wrapping his hands back around my head and forcing his cock deep. After a few strokes, he pulled me free, his hands shaking.

I stood and fell into his arms, our bodies melding together. We just held each other like that, staring out at the city of sin… I looked up at the high rises, wondering how many people were looking down on us.

I didn’t care.

It wasn't long before we were back in the car, silent as I slipped back into my pants and pulled my shirt over my shivering skin. Devlin wasn't saying a word, but I settled back into my seat, my hand reaching over and gently stroking his cock as we exited the garage, the last few miles to my little shitty apartment winding down.

"You can't say a word about this..." Devlin said, his voice filled with worry. “Not until after the divorce is finalized.”

"Don't worry... I won't. On one condition."

Devlin took his eyes off the road, staring, a look of fear on his face.

"Promise you'll do this again." I whispered, a hunger in my voice.

"We won't need a babysitter for awhile..." Devlin replied softly.

"I can visit you at your office. Do you have a big desk?" I asked, whimpering faintly.

"Big enough to fit you under it." Devlin said, groaning as I stroked him faster.

"It's a date. I'm free around lunchtime." I said, smiling.

"What day?"

"Every day."

"Oh god Lily... You really are something else, aren’t you?"

"You have no idea." I said, a wicked look coming across my face as I leaned over the console. My mouth came down around his exposed shaft again, slurping him in as the car rolled through the dark toward home.

He pressed the accelerator harder as I sucked him off, my little hand jerking on the shaft as my tongue slipped along the tip, practically begging him for another taste. I wanted it so bad. My body shook with every little bump, Devlin’s voice moaning loudly.

“Baby… I’m going to… Oh God baby…”

I didn’t let him finish, my mouth slurping and suckling along his length as he started cumming again, his seed spilling into my desperate mouth.

“You’re going to kill me…” Devlin replied, groaning. "Don't stop Lily... Don't ever stop."

I won't... I thought wickedly. Never ever.

This wasn't the end. This was only the beginning… It wasn’t long before all my dreams were coming true. I let Devlin fill my little pussy again and again every chance I could. I’d sneak into his office, he’d take a lunch, I even managed to get some time alone with him in his big bed when Ms. Stone was out of town for a business conference.

By then, my belly was already growing. Devlin seemed especially interested in my swelling breasts. They were just big enough to wrap around his cock, and he loved it when I kneeled down in front of him and wrapped his big shaft between them, letting him titty fuck me while I used my mouth to catch the tip with every little thrust. His shaft looked so good between my pale breasts… Even now I was smiling up at him as his cock splashed thick ropes across my chin and cheek, his moans loud in the quiet room.

“Shh… We have to be quiet,” I whispered, happy to have a moment without his wife around.

“You’re the one who was squealing a few minutes ago.”

I laughed, pulling his cock out of between my breasts and giving it a kiss before standing up, wiping the mess from my face and licking it off my fingers nice and slow while straddling his hips. “I think I might want to do that again,” I whispered, impaling myself on his thickness.

It was almost twenty minutes of raw fucking before he finally expended himself inside me, rolling me off and taking a moment to relax.

“You know, Lily, I’ve been wanting to talk to you…”

My breath caught in my throat. It was always a fear just on the edge of my mind that Devlin would eventually break things off with me. Would he really do that after the way I’d fucked him?

“You’re growing… And I don’t think we can hide this much longer baby…”

“I’m sorry Devlin… I can stop coming over. I could just come to your office!”

“People are starting to talk there too. It’s only a matter of time, you know that, don’t you Lily?”

I was sick inside just hearing it. I didn’t want this to end. Not today, not ever!

“Things haven’t been right for a long time Lily. I’ve been putting on appearance, but I think I’m done pretending.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying there’s a reason Ms. Stone’s not here, and it’s not some silly business conference,” Devlin said softly. “They finalized the divorce yesterday… And...”

My eyes cast downward, noticing the white band of skin where his wedding ring used to be. Tears pouring down my cheeks, I looked back up.

“I’m still going to need a nanny, you know…” Devlin whispered. “Or maybe… A housewife?”

“Do you mean…?!?” I gasped as Devlin pulled a box from under the pillows, opening it to reveal the shining diamond ring.

“Will you marry me Lily?”

“Yes Devlin!” I squealed, my voice catching in my throat as his hand wrapped under my chin and pulled me to stare at his deep dark eyes.

“Yes,” I shivered, my body putty in his hands, “Oh God yes…”

“You’re mine, and I am yours… Now and forever.”

“Now and forever…” I whispered, our lips pressing together in a long and nearly unending kiss. I had everything I could have ever hoped for and more… For once, I was happy.

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