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"You're a natural baby..." Devlin said, forcing my head down again and again. I started sliding my hand up and down on the shaft, from his base to the edge of my lips as I came down around him, the whole thing slick with my saliva. He groaned as I pumped him into my mouth, my body totally tense and tingling.

"Take your shirt off." Devlin demanded, practically throwing my mouth off his cock. I lifted the top up, my tummy coming into view before pulling it up and over my midsection, and finally off. Devlin gasped, staring, his hands reaching out to massage my breasts roughly.

"You never wear a fucking bra. Do you even know what that does to me? Every time you come around I have to spend ten minutes jacking off in the bathroom!"

"Oh..." I whispered, staring at his eyes. I'd been toying with Devlin for over a year, but I had no idea he spent time fantasizing about me.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" Devlin asked, growling. "All those times you bounced around the house, all those times you gave me a tight hug goodbye, the way you slid that little body up against me! Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

"I'm sorry..." I whispered.

"Don't be sorry. Tell me what you want. Beg for it Lily."

"Please... I need it."

"Need what?"

"I need your.... Um..."

"Do you need my cock? Do you need my big fat cock inside your tight little pussy?"

"Oh god Devlin... I need your cock in my pussy!"

"Well I'm not ready for that. How are you going to get me ready?"

"Can I... Can I suck your cock again?"

"Say please."

"Please Devlin... Please let me suck your cock." I said, tears in my eyes. He let go of my head suddenly, his arm coming to rest on my back softly.

"Go ahead." Devlin replied, leaning back in his seat.

This time was different. He wasn't forcing me down around him. I lapped at his shaft softly, letting my tongue draw circles around the big head, spending extra time just below it on a spot that seemed sensitive based on his moans. I used both hands, pumping up and down while my mouth circled him, moaning wildly as I slurped him in. He smacked my ass suddenly, the sting causing me to jerk, my head diving into him. His cock filled me, the head almost to my throat. I pulled back gagging. It was too much!

"If you want me to fuck you, you're going to need to try harder than that." Devlin said, smiling.

I didn't waste any time, diving back around him, trying desperately to get him deeper than before. His cock slid back again and again, my whole body fighting against the urge to gag around him. I forced myself down again and again, deeper, just a bit deeper. Suddenly, Devlin's hips lurched, the head of his cock popping into my throat, burying himself to the hilt. The sudden intrusion was unexpected, but my whole body screamed out with excitement as I pressed down hard around him, his cock slipping deeper and deeper as I swallowed around it.

"Oh fuck... Oh my God..." Devlin said, my mouth sliding backward, his cock pulling free. I gagged a bit, but didn’t have time to recover as he slammed home again.

"Don't stop!" Devlin said, his hand trying to wrap into my hair again. He held me there, his cock deep as he thrust again and again, choking me with his immense girth. I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t do anything as he used my body.

“Fuck…” Devlin whispered as he pulled my mouth free, my breath coming in quick gasps. “Take your pants off,” he ordered, staring at me, my mascara ruined and body shaking. I lifted my ass off the seat, shimmying my yoga pants down around my ankles, slipping them off with expert precision. In an instant, he pulled me onto his lap my knees pressing in on either side as he brought me down with his strong hands, my sopping wet pussy sliding against the huge shaft of his cock.

“You need more practicing sucking cock,” Devlin said, his teeth clenching. “I wonder how good your pussy feels.”

Devlin wrapped his arms around me, pulling my nubile young body down. The steering wheel was barely out of the way as the head of his cock pressed into my folds, coming closer and closer to my wet tunnel.

"Oh God..." I whispered, the head of his big black cock slipping in. "Oh God, stop, it's too big!"

I wanted it so bad! I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to slam his cock home and make me his. The pain was holding me back, but I couldn’t let that stop me…

“It’s ok baby… We’ll take it slow. Why don’t you set the pace Lily?”

“Devlin… It feels so good…” I said, groaning as I shifted my hips, pressing him into me just a bit further.

“Don’t worry baby... If you can suck it, you can do this too..."

"But... OH GOD. TOO BIG." I shouted as I felt him pulsing, his cock stretching my pussy to the edge. I screamed out as I let myself down, suddenly feeling the head of his cock pressing up against my hymen.

"Oh..." Devlin whispered, stopping. He looked into my eyes, an intense look on his face. My pussy was relaxing around him, the pain giving way to pleasure like I'd never experienced before. "I thought you... There's no way… You’re a virgin?”

"I told you Devlin... I've never done this before."

Devlin wasn't breathing, his cock primed, ready, so close.

"We can't do this... I can't do this... How did you make it to twenty fucking two without a cock inside you?" Devlin said, a look of concern creeping across his face.

“We have to do this Devlin… Please. It’s all I can think about. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted. FUCK ME DEVLIN!” I replied, screaming in pleasure as I let go of the tension in my legs, my body plunging downward. His huge cock tore through my hymen in one swift painful motion. I stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, my pussy pulsing around the cock, pain and pleasure mixing in an unholy combination as my destroyed hymen added to the slickness inside me.

"Are you ok?" Devlin asked softly, his cock twitching inside me.

"I've never been better..." I whispered back, my body slowly testing itself against this new intrusion. I lifted myself up, sliding back down slowly. The pain was already subsiding as the pleasure started to rise.

"You're going to ruin me, Lily..." Devlin whispered, my pussy clenching around him as I lifted off again, sliding down with a little bounce.

"Nobody will ever know." I whispered back. "This can be our little secret, Devlin. Our secret until after the divorce,” my voice squeaked as I bounced up and down on his big thick cock.

"Your pussy is so tight..."

"Your cock is so big..."

We stayed like that, fucking like teenagers, his hands groping at my breasts as I bounced on his lap. Soon, he pulled the door open, dragging me out, our bodies separating as I let out a desperate whimper. I was so close, my pussy pulsating and crying out for release. My skin tingled in the night air, my naked body exposed on the roof of the parking garage.

"Bend over." Devlin said forcefully, practically throwing me across the hood of the jag. I squealed, the warmth of the engine heating the metal against my chest. Devlin spread my legs, his hand dipping down below me, slipping between my folds and sliding against my clit.

"You're such a dirty girl. I can't believe nobody's had this pussy." Devlin said.

"I didn't want a boy.... I wanted a man." I replied, wiggling my perky ass at him. “Be my man, Devlin.”

Devlin was out of control, his body shifting as he brought his cock into place, the giant head slipping back into my folds and hammering home. He gripped my hair, pulling me up off the car roughly as he fucked me, my breasts leaving imprints on the black hood as I screamed out with pleasure. My whole body exploded, the orgasm wracking me viciously, pulsating across my whole body in a way I'd never really truly experienced. I felt so full, so fantastic. He kept right on fucking, my body squealing with delight, sounds escaping my lips that I'd never made before.

"I'm close... Oh god I'm close..." Devlin said, fucking me harder and harder. I tried to grunt out a reply, but I was too far gone. Pleasure coursed in my veins, Devlin's cock becoming

my entire reason for existence. I wanted it, I wanted him. I needed him to..... Cum.

Oh shit... He's not using a condom!

"Wait... Ungh, oh god... Please." I tried to stop him, my ass wiggling as his cock slid home again and again, his own groans growing louder and louder.


"Please what? Beg for it Lily."

"Please!" I said, trying to get it out, his cock taking the wind right out of me as he pounded harder and harder.

"Tell me what you want!"

"Oh god, please... Please… You…. Oooh….. Cum!”

"You want my cum? You want me to cum in this tight fucking pussy?"

"Oh please!"

"That's right, beg for it! You’re such a dirty little whore. You love your job don’t you? You want me to cum in your slutty little pussy?”

My mind was gone, his cock taking away all of my arguments. I did want his cum! Oh God I wanted his cum more than anything in the whole world. I'd spent years babysitting for Mr. Stone, and now... I loved kids.... I wanted kids….. If he came inside me…….

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