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Dear diary,

I have a confession to make...

I'm bad.

I know what you're thinking. How can an innocent little 22 year old like me be bad? I mean, just look at those pretty little eyes, that perfect pale skin, my perky little pout, or my tiny little body, or those pert little breasts...

That's right, I want you to look at them. I want you to stare, and think dirty thoughts you probably shouldn't. I just wish you would say something about it to me. Does it make you feel uncomfortable that I've touched myself thinking about you, Mr. Stone? Did you ever notice my scent on your pillow? How long will I have to wait before you realize I want more than my fingertips down there? Tell me what to do Mr. Stone… I want to press my little pink nipples up against your big hard body. Take me… Make me yours… Let’s stop playing this game.

Mr. Stone shoved the little book back into her purse, sweat pouring off his brow. He'd always suspected Lily might want to be more than the Nanny, but he'd never really known how far she wanted things to go... She had always been so eager to give hugs that lasted inappropriately long, or to wear clothes that were a bit too revealing… When he saw the little red diary peeking out of her purse, he just had to peek. Now, he wished he hadn't.

Worse yet, he did notice her scent... The purse was sitting on the nightstand next to his side of the bed, and he could distinctly catch a soft whisper of her perfume, and something more. He knew that scent all too well... Innocent little Lily must have been in here, cuddled up with his pillow, fantasizing... Touching herself.

The girl didn’t know she was playing with fire…


"Has anyone seen my purse?" I said, looking about the room. Mr. and Ms. Stone got home later than I expected and I couldn't remember where I'd put it. In her normal bitchy way, Ms. Stone just frowned at me, throwing her arms up in the air. She was always in a bad mood. I was only here because they were going through divorce proceedings. With all of Mr. Stone’s money and assets, the whole thing had become a dragged-out mess, and they seemed to be spending more time in a lawyer’s office every day.

Tonight had been no exception. It was almost 10:00 at night and they both looked frazzled from a long evening hashing things out.

It worked for me, I guess. I’d been their nanny since even before their messy split, and all these extra hours meant for a much bigger paycheck.

"It's back here Lily..." Devlin shouted down the hall.

I froze, staring at the hallway. I forgot it in the bedroom! I padded down the hall quickly, hoping Devlin wouldn't ask too many questions about why I was in there. I was supposed to be babysitting, not hanging out in his bed.

"Oh God thanks Mr. Stone!" I said softly, jogging over to the nightstand. As always, I bent over just a bit too far, my black yoga pants outlining my ass. I let out a little giggle as I picked up the white leather bag. Devlin’s breathing was shallow, and I loved messing with him like this. I could feel his eyes burning holes in me as I turned, smiling at him.

I gazed up at his hard chiseled face, muscles flexed in his neck and jawline. The divorce may have been bad for him financially, but GOOD GOD did it do wonders for his body. What little time he didn’t spend at work or in a courthouse, he was spending at the gym. I guess he needed something to get his frustrations out…

I just wished that he could maybe take some of those frustrations out on me.

Devlin was sweating, his brow furrowed and lips tight. I stared at him a moment, holding the purse tight, my voice caught in my throat.

He knew.

My eyes darted back to my purse, the little red book sitting awkwardly inside, clasp undone. He'd been reading it! My cheeks went red as I turned back toward the hall. I had to get out of here...

"Thanks Mr. Stone." I said, trying to get away. His hand caught me, the tan fingertips contrasting against my pale skin, pulling me back to face him. “You’re welcome,” he said softly, releasing my hand and watching me as I trotted back out as fast as I could.

Devlin followed me out, money in his hand. "Don't worry honey, I already paid her!" Ms. Stone said, smiling. I tried not to make eye contact, keeping my face turned.

"Thanks again so much for being here Lilly!" Ms. Stone said softly.

"No problem Ms. Stone! Any time you need me," I replied, trying to keep my cool.

"I know everything has been a bit of a mess, but please tell me you’re still going to be around when all of this is over," Ms. Stone said, a thin smile on her face.

"Probably get REALLY bored if I didn’t! Besides, this job is putting me through college," I said laughing. Devlin ’s eyes were like lasers, watching the way my chest rose and fell inside my tight t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra, my tiny little nipples poking out against the cloth, the shirt clinging to every little inch of my 22 year old body. I’d worn it just for him, even though he was always so careful not to look… Now I was under his full gaze and I wondered if this was what I really wanted… His breathing had become shallow, and if he wasn't careful, the reaction in his pants was going to become a problem...

"Well, I guess I’d better go. It's getting late!”

“We’re so sorry about that Lily,” Ms. Stone replied, “We didn’t mean to stay out so long… This whole divorce… It just takes time. Can I offer you a ride home?”

“It’s ok Ms. Stone, I understand. I can take the bus, really,” I whispered, drawing away from her gaze.

“Lily, you know the busses stopped running an hour ago,” Mr. Stone said, speaking up. “We spent tonight working out property rights, and I think we’re finally all settled on that. She’s keeping the house, the kids need that, and I’ll be keeping the condo. I’m heading out there tonight, and I have to drive right past your place. Why don’t I just give you a ride?”

“I don’t mind… really,” I w

hispered, drawing away from his devastating eyes.

"You live on the other side of town! I'm not letting you walk home this late at night!" Ms. Stone replied, frowning. “We’re not going to take no for an answer young lady. Devlin, help her with her things.”

"You’re both too kind..." I said quietly.

"I insist." Devlin said sternly. "A young girl like you walking home alone? That's just asking for trouble. Do you have any idea what could happen to you out there? What a man might do to you on a dark night like this?”

I looked up. Was he... Smiling?

I'd fantasized about Devlin for years, and I'd dreamed of a moment like this, but now that it was here I didn't know what to do. I just smiled, and nodded.

"Ok... Thanks."

Ms. Stone spent some time removing Devlin’s house key from the ring before throwing the rest of them toward us. The attitude she was giving off was a bit triumphant. This house must have cost a small fortune, and it was hers now. I was surprised they were able to remain so civil in the face of what must have been an ugly situation. I guess they held it together for their kids…

Devlin said his goodbyes, stopping to collect a few of his possessions before we stepped out into the cool air, heading for his long and low jaguar. He walked around the passenger side, opening my door for me, and I thanked him as I slipped down into the soft black leather seat. Devlin joined me, the engine roaring to life. He smiled as he reached down, sliding the car into gear, the smooth power accelerating us out of the driveway and into the dark night.

"Thanks for taking me home..." I said, almost whispering. Music pulsed out from the stereo system, the steady beat vibrating my body. Devlin didn't answer right away, he just kept driving, the car lurching its way forward, pushing us around corners with speed and precision.

"I'm not taking you home." He finally replied, the smile still on his face.

"Mr. Stone... Where are we going?" I started, his voice cutting me off as a thick hand clasped over my thigh. I shivered, a light sensation of fear tingling up my spine, along with something else... Something... Primal.

“No Lily… You don’t need to play games anymore. Why don’t you fucking cut it out with the Mr. Stone bullshit? I have to be so polite and calm while the woman in that house eats me alive. We’re out here together, and I think it’s about time you start calling me Devlin.”

I couldn’t look at him, I couldn’t breathe…

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “Mr. Stone… I…”

His hand gripped my thigh tighter, a faint jolt of pleasure between my legs making me release a little squeal.

“You don’t call me Mr. Stone. Not anymore. What’s my name?”

I didn’t know what to do. My body was railing against me. I could feel the slick feeling between my thighs, the heat building in my core. I wanted him. I wanted this man more than anything I’d ever wanted in my whole life.

“Devlin,” I breathed, the sound barely escaping my lips.

“That’s better baby,” he said, releasing the tension on my thigh. A little tingle went up my spine. “Where are we going, Devlin?”

"You'll see." He whispered, pressing his foot down harder on the gas pedal. I was pushed back into my seat, his hand still gripping my thigh, fingertips stroking along the inside ever so lightly.

"Um... I..."

"Not another word." Devlin said, his hand tightening on my delicate thigh once again. "Not until we get there."

The car was speeding along, clearly breaking the law as we bombed across town, buildings steadily growing taller as we neared the city center. Suddenly, the car twisted, barreling quickly into a large parking garage. Mr. Stone reached out, punching in a number on a keypad, the gate opening slowly.

"Where are we?" I asked, the words barely squeaking out.

"It's a surprise." Devlin replied, the car racing up levels of the garage, spinning round a spiral ramp, the speed unsettling, my whole body shivering with anticipation. Suddenly, we burst through to the roof, the skyline filling the windshield. I stared out silently, breath taken away by the incredible view. High-rise buildings stretched in every direction, the twinkling lights blazing under a dark starry sky. The car crept toward the edge of the roof, the entire space empty and quiet. The whole city was asleep. Up here, in the center of the city, it was as if we were the only people on the face of the earth.

"I always park up here, when I'm working." Devlin said, letting out a little sigh. “This is my favorite place in the city. Everybody’s so quick to snatch up the parking spots on the ground floor. I prefer a little walk. I prefer to breathe the air and let the city move me.”

He smiled, giving my thigh another little squeeze as he looked over at me, the car coming to a stop.

"I can see why... The view is stunning." I said, my eyes gazing out over the city. Monoliths of architecture rising high above us.

"You're stunning." Devlin said, his eyes sparkling, his hand moving slowly upward on my thigh.

"Devlin... We shouldn’t do this… You’re in the middle of a divorce.”

He glared at me.


“Do you know why we’re getting divorced, Lily?"

“Irreconcilable differences?” I said, doing my best to mimic Ms. Stone’s distinctive voice. That was her answer to everyone. Irreconcilable differences.

“I caught her with another man Lily. I’d given that woman everything, but she couldn’t stay faithful. I could rake her over the coals with the evidence I have, but what good would it do? My children need a mother and a stable home. I can live with that decision, but I can’t live with her.”

His hand lifted off my thigh, sliding in behind my head, lacing fingertips through my long hair. I shuddered, my eyes closing as Devlin pulled me over toward him. I could feel the seatbelt being unfastened and his breath so close to my lips. My arm shifted, the belt sailing over it, my body free. The world melted away, my tongue reaching out to find his, our mouths locking into a fiery embrace.

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve wanted to do that?” Devlin asked, staring into my eyes.

"Oh God Devlin..." I whispered, pulling back. His lips were lightly pink, my lipstick rubbing off on him. "We can't."

I wanted to. God I wanted to keep going so bad, but it seemed wrong. How could I do this now? All I was going to do was complicate things. If Ms. Stone found out, I could even lose my job!

Devlin wasn't stopping. My eyes were wide as he held my head tight, his hand pulling my hair and tilting it toward him. I stared down as he fumbled with his belt, slipping loose the button on his perfect black slacks, the zipper being tugged down. He reached into the flap of his boxers, the something enormous popping free.

"Oh... Wow." I whispered.

"All for you, little Lily..."

His cock was HUGE. I'd seen my share of porn on the internet, but to see something this big in person just about scared me to death. The big shaft was nearly as thick as my forearm, and terrifyingly long. Why on earth would Ms. Stone cheat on this man? What could anyone else possibly have to offer that could top this?

My body was on autopilot as I reached down and wrapped my hand around the base, shocked at how I couldn't even get my fingers around him. Devlin moaned as he pushed my head downward, leaning back in his seat.

"I... Devlin, I've never done this..." I whispered, my body leaned over the center console, my lips dancing on the tip of his huge cock. It was so big…

"Just open that little mouth of yours, and I'll teach you." Devlin said,

"It's too big..."

"No baby, you can do it." He said back, pressing down on the back of my neck. My lips parted, the enormous head popping inside, my tongue probing and touching it experimentally. My whole body pulsed with desire as I took him a bit deeper. I could hardly believe what was happening! I was giving Mr. Stone a blowjob!

"Do you know how much you've been fucking with me, you little cocktease?" Devlin said forcefully, pushing me down around him.

His shaft filled my mouth, my tongue pinned. It was all I could do not to bite him, careful to hold my mouth wide enough as the intruder slid in further and further. He pulled me off with a sudden tug, his cock popping free.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered.

"Good. Now prove it." Devlin said, pushing my head down again. It was easier with every stroke, my mouth getting used to the thick shaft, my tongue experimenting along the underside, vibrating with my own moans.

I bobbed slowly, slurping and suctioning on his hard cock, drawing a moan from above me. Knowing I was making him feel good only drove me wilder, my mouth stretching and slipping further down as far as I could. My jaw ached. I couldn't believe this. Devlin was fucking my mouth, using me like his own little sex toy. I had never experienced anything like this in my whole life!

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