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The hotel was nicer than I expected. The lobby was all white tile and gleaming gold. I hoped Blake was charging it to the ranch, but I suspected he wasn’t.

When he opened the door to our room and ushered me inside, my mouth fell open. It wasn’t just a basic room. We had a sitting area and a gorgeous view over the city. There was an ice bucket on the coffee table with a bottle of champagne chilling in it and a plate of chocolate truffles on the table in front of the sofa.

“Oh my God, Blake. This is gorgeous, but you didn’t have to—”

“Riley, if I want to give you something nice, then I will.”

I spun around to look at him. The way he was watching me, the intensity in his eyes, melted my heart. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Before he could respond, I launched myself at him. He must have anticipated that because he grabbed me around the waist and picked me up so I could wrap my legs around him.

I kissed him, wishing I knew how to show him how much it meant to me that he was treating me like I was special, like I deserved all this. He nibbled my lower lip, tugging on it and making me gasp. “Want you, Daddy.”

“I want you too, boy. I meant to have the champagne first, but—” He cut himself off by kissing me again. I worked my hips, rubbing our cocks together. He growled and walked with me until my back hit the wall.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” His warm breath made me shudder as he trailed his lips along the side of my neck, and I groaned when he thrust his hips, pinning me in place. “Please, Daddy. Need you inside me.”

“I know you do.” But instead of taking me to bed, he teased the edge of my ear, then ran his tongue along my collarbone as he rutted against me. If he kept it up, I was going to come in my pants.

He pulled back and looked at me, holding my gaze as he used one hand to take out my cock while supporting my ass with the other. Never once did I doubt his ability to hold me up. He was so fucking strong from all the work he did.

“Unfasten my pants,” he ordered.

I scrambled to obey, using shaky fingers to slide his zipper down. I pushed his briefs out of the way and reached for his cock, but he took over, closing his large hand around both of us. “Hold on, boy.”

I clasped my hands behind his neck and looked up at him. “Feels so good. I’m already close, Daddy.”

He smiled. “You don’t have to wait, boy. I want to watch you come apart.”

“But I—”

“We both need to take the edge off because I intend to lay you out on that big bed and explore you slowly, every fucking inch of you. I can’t do that when I’m wound this tight.”

“Come for me, Daddy. I want to watch you too.”

Blake held my gaze as he worked us faster and faster.

I bit my lip, but he shook his head. “Don’t hold anything in. I want to know how this affects you.”

“What about the other guests?”

“I don’t fucking care.”

I dropped my head back and whimpered, trying to thrust into his grip but barely able to move. “Please. More.”

He tightened his grip, and I groaned. “Yes, just like that.”

He kept going, using rough, almost painful strokes and teasing my head with his thumb. He knew exactly how to touch me, how to bring me off so quickly and so, so good.

“Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

He squeezed my ass with the hand that was supporting me. “I’ve got you, boy. Let go.”

I worked my hips frantically, pushing my cock along his. My pulse whooshed in my ears, heart beating so fast I worried it might give out. Need so sharp it almost hurt made my lower body clench. My balls tightened. I tried to say something, but I couldn’t. I just gave a desperate cry as I came, spilling my seed over Blake’s hand, over our cocks.

Blake groaned. “That’s it, baby. So perfect.” He kept moving his hand, pumping us. My cock was overly sensitive now, and his strokes made me shiver, but I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to come too. I wanted to see the pleasure on his face.

“You’re so hot, Daddy. You know just what I need. I want to please you too.”

“Fuck, baby. You do.” I laid my hand over his, helping him work his cock. “I want to watch you come, Daddy. Want to feel it.”

He gave a harsh shout and cum shot from his cock with enough force to hit my chest. I slid my hand over his head capturing some of the sticky fluid on my fingers and held his gaze as I brought them to my mouth and sucked.

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