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“If you want to, then I’m sure you can. We’ll go slow.”

I didn’t want slow. I wrapped my hand around his impressive girth. He sucked in his breath as I stroked him. He felt good in my hand, but he pushed me away a moment later. “No more of that now. After feeling you writhing on my lap as I spanked you, whimpering and begging, I’m way too close to the edge.”


“If you think for a second you’re more affected by all this than I am, you’re wrong, boy. I want you. Badly.”

I leaned in and kissed him, needing that contact. His lips were soft. That had surprised me the first time we’d kissed. His tongue slid along mine, and he hummed against my lips. I shifted so my cock rubbed along his, and he took us both in hand, stroking us together. He was so warm, and he tasted so good that I was right at the edge again. Just as I was about to spill, he let go of our cocks and pulled away.

My whine of protest died on my lips as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. I’d seen him without a shirt plenty of times, both years ago and in the last few weeks, so I already knew he had the perfect amount of dark blond chest hair that tapered to a thin treasure trail. But now I could see all the way to where it widened again into the trimmed hair framing the base of his gorgeous cock. And unlike all those other times I’d seen him and tried to hide my desire, this time I could not only look as much as I wanted, I could touch him. I let my hands skim over his firm pecs, brushing his nipples with my thumbs. His deep groan encouraged me to lean down and suck one of the nubs into my mouth.

Blake pressed a hand to the back of my head. “Fuck, Riley. That feels so good.”

I flicked my tongue back and forth, teasing him before lifting my eyes to meet his. “Tell me what else you like. I want to please you.”

“Just having you here pleases me, but what I want right now is to watch your face while I push inside you, to fill you up and claim you as mine.”

“Yes, please. I want that too.” It had been a while since I’d been with a guy, longer than I’d like to admit. It was going to hurt for him to stretch me, but I knew it would be just as good as the pain from the spanking, and once I adjusted, it would feel incredible. Blake would make sure of that, unlike some of the guys I’d been with who only cared about getting themselves off.

He gripped my waist, ready to lift me off him. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

There was no way in hell I could walk. “I don’t want to move. I want you right here.” I reached for his cock, stroking him again. “I want to ride you right now.”

“The bed would be more—”

“Please, Daddy.”

“Do you remember what happens to bratty boys?” He squeezed my ass, fingers pressing into the sore flesh.

I whimpered. “I do, but I just… Please.” I wasn’t sure why it mattered, but I felt like somehow if we left this spot where something magical had happened to me as his hand cracked down on my ass, I might lose the connection I felt with him. I wanted him inside me while I still felt this magic.

“All right, boy. There’s some lube in the end table drawer.” He gestured to his right. “And if you grab my jeans, you’ll find a condom in my wallet.”

I smiled as I rose up on my knees to reach for the drawer he’d indicated. “I love that you have lube out here.”

“I like to watch porn out here on the big screen.”

“Maybe sometime we can watch together.”

“Maybe. If you’re a very good boy.”

I retrieved the lube and managed to snag his jeans with my foot and lift them toward us. I rolled the condom onto his cock as he squirted lube onto his fingers, then tapped my thigh. “Stick your ass out and brace yourself on my shoulders. I’m going to open you up.”

I did as he said, leaning forward and arching my back to give him the access he needed. He gripped one of my ass cheeks, and the sting made me gasp.

“Your skin is still so hot,” he said. “Are you going to remember that I take rules seriously?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good.” He teased me with the tips of his blunt fingers and pushed one inside.

“Yes, please. Just like that, please. Need you.”

“I love how fucking responsive you are, boy.”

Blake worked his finger in and out, and I pushed back, longing for more, but when he pushed a second finger inside, my ass burned inside and out, and I started to wonder if I really could take him.

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