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He kissed the top of my head. “I’ve got you, boy.”

I wanted to say something, to tell him how perfect the spanking had been, how much I needed him, how much it meant that he cared, but my tears were flowing faster and faster. I felt like I was vibrating inside.

“Let it all out, boy. It’s okay.” He pulled me tight against him, pressing my head to his shoulder.

I felt safe surrounded by him, but I was also confused. My ass hurt, my cock ached, and I was so happy to be with him, but I was crying. I moved my head back and forth, rubbing tears onto his shirt. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Nothing is wrong with you, Riley. You’re perfect just as you are.”

“But I’m not sad. I’m… I loved that.”

He hummed his approval, and I could feel it in his chest. “I’m glad you did, and I never thought your tears meant otherwise. Discipline like that can bring out a lot of emotions. It’s all okay.”

I sat back and looked at him. “But I… I want…”

His gaze fell to my cock. It was red and straining toward him. Precum glistened at the tip. “I can see what you want, boy.”

My cock jumped, reacting to his words. I reached down and wrapped my hand around it, stroking it slowly. Blake licked his lips as he watched me. Our eyes met, and he grabbed my wrist. “Hands off, boy.”

“Please don’t make me wait, Daddy. I’ve wanted you for so damn long.” I dragged my hand the rest of the way up my shaft before letting go.

Blake growled as he tugged on the edges of my shirt, lifting it. I raised my arms so he could pull it off. He tossed it to the floor on top of my pants, then laid his hands against the sides of my neck and used his thumbs to lift my jaw. When our gazes met, I lost the ability to breathe.

“I’ve waited a long time to have you like this, Riley. I’ve thought about it every single day since I saw you leaning into Ginger’s stall with your ass on display in those tight jeans like you were begging somebody to take it.”

“I… Please.”

His hands slid down over my chest, and I gasped when he tweaked my nipples. He kept going, moving lower, sliding over my abs. “I want to touch every inch of you. I want to savor you, but I don’t think either of us have the patience for that right now.”

I shook my head frantically. “I need you. Really need you.”

His hand skimmed over my hips, then along my thighs.

“Touch me, please, Daddy.”

He grinned. “I am touching you.”

Now who was being bratty? “Touch my cock. I need to feel your hands on me there.”

I thought he would keep tormenting me, but he wrapped his strong hand around my dick and stroked. If he kept going, I’d end up coming in seconds. “So good, Daddy.”

He must have known how close I was, because after a few strokes he swiped his hand over my slit and brought it to his lips. I shivered as I watched him taste my precum. “You taste as good as I thought you would, boy. Maybe even better.”

“I want to taste you too. I want to touch you. I want to see your cock.” I looked down where it strained against his pants. “Is it as big as it looks?”

He chuckled. “Help me take my pants off, and you can find out.”

I reached for his belt, undid the buckle, and tugged on it. The soft leather slipped easily through the loops. I loved how it felt against my hand. “Are you going to use that on me one day?”

“If you need it, I will.”

I chewed my lower lip as I worked up the courage to ask, “What if I want it?”

He held my gaze as he stroked my cheek with a rough finger. “Sometimes rewards and punishments are very similar.”

I nodded, unable to look away. His eyes were filled with heat. My cock pulsed as I focused back on what I was supposed to be doing. With shaky fingers, I popped the button on his jeans and slid the zipper down. When I was done, he squeezed my ass, making me yelp.

“Sit up a bit so I can get these off.” I rose up on my knees, and he pushed his pants and briefs over his hips and along his thighs before letting them fall to the floor. My eyes widened as I stared at his cock. “Fuck. That’s quite a weapon you’ve got there.”

He laughed, the sound skittering over me. “Think you can take it?”

“I want to.” But damn, he was as big as the ambitious dildo I’d bought and been too nervous to use.

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