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“Can’t help it. So hot for you.”

He moved his hand up and down, making slow strokes and curving his palm over the head of his cock every time he reached the top. Precum glistened at his slit, and I wanted to lick it off.

“Let me get you settled. You can finish that after I’m gone if you need to.”

“Want you to watch.”

I’d told myself I wouldn’t touch him again. I wouldn’t have to touch him to watch, but this felt even more intimate somehow. If I watched him and saw the look on his face as his climax hit, it would be even harder for me to say no next time.

“I’m going to set the water down and—”

“Please.” The pain in his voice kept me there, frozen in place, watching him as his strokes grew faster. My cock was so hard I wondered if it might split the seam of my jeans. I longed to lower my zipper, wrap my hand around my own cock, and mirror his strokes. A wicked voice in my head told me to go ahead and do just that. I’d already crossed so many lines tonight. What was one more?

No. Riley was drunk and not thinking straight. I didn’t have that excuse. If I jerked off watching him, that would be a conscious choice, and it would be a wrong one, at least right now.

“You see me, don’t you?” Riley asked.

I knew he didn’t just mean that I saw him getting himself off. I saw who he really was. I knew he wasn’t the boy his father thought he was. “Yeah, I see you, and you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Riley smiled as he arched his hips, pushing his cock through the circle of his hand. “Need you so much.”

“Riley, I—”

“I know. You’re all noble and kind. You want to take care of me. It makes me want to please you.”

I bit my lip to hold in a groan. I had no question he could please me if he wanted to, in bed and out. “I do want to take care of you, and that means not taking advantage of you.”

“You’re just watching. You’re not touching me. You’re not doing anything. This is all me.”

He was wrong, but this felt so fucking right. My hands shook as I set the water on top of the dresser. I didn’t dare get close enough to him to put it on the nightstand. I only had so much willpower, and I was already doing a poor job of using it.

“I wish you were over here with me,” he purred. “I wish this was your hand around me. I wish your cock was filling me, owning me.”

Jesus. I was going to come in my pants if he kept talking like that

“I’m so close. Watch me. Watch me come for you.”

Nothing could have made me look away. If Riley was this seductive drunk, he had to be goddamn lethal when he was sober. He was everything I wanted: a boy to care for, a boy who wanted to please me, one who needed me to teach him his own worth. I could be his Daddy. I could make him feel cherished and loved. I could—

A frantic whimper from Riley ended my ability to think. “Blake. It feels so good.”

Hearing my name on his lips in that breathless tone made me have to squeeze my dick to keep from spilling right there. I should have been terrified of the power he had over me, but all I could think about was what I would do to him once he was in his right mind.

“Yes, please. Need you,” Riley cried as cum shot from his cock. It was almost as if he’d read my thoughts.

I clenched my sweaty hands into fists and tried to quiet my ragged breathing. I was more turned on than I had been after thoroughly plowing some of the men I’d been with.

Riley kept working himself as he shot again and again, coating his chest and belly with sticky fluid. He giggled as he collapsed back against the mattress and laid a hand over his face. “Holy fuck! Is the room spinning?”

“No, baby. That’s the tequila.”

“You sure? Feels like a fucking merry-go-round.”

Honestly, it kind of felt like that to me too, and I was totally sober.

Riley rose up on his elbows and met my gaze, a worried expression on his face. “Blake? Are you mad about that? I didn’t—”

“No, I’m not mad. That was fucking beautiful, Riley.”

“It was? But you didn’t… did you?”

I ran a hand over my dick, drawing his attention to the way it pressed against my pants. “I’m hard as fuck, but I told you I wouldn’t do anything about that while you’re drunk. Stay right there. I’ll be back.”

I went to the bathroom to get a washcloth so I could clean him up. I seriously considered finishing myself off while I was in there, but I chose to wait, certain Riley would know if I did. That would only be slightly less wrong than doing it right in front of him.

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