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“Need you,” he murmured against my lips.

I needed him too. My cock was hard as an iron bar and desperate to be freed from the confines of my jeans, but I couldn’t fuck him now when I had no way to be sure it was what he truly wanted. As we continued to kiss, I let my hands drag over his neck. My thumbs brushed his pulse points, and I could feel how wildly his heart was racing. I massaged his shoulders for a moment before caressing his back and then gripping his firm ass, settling him tight against me.

“Yes,” he groaned.

I broke our kiss so I could slide my lips along his jaw and tease his earlobe with my teeth. He shuddered against me, and I kissed his neck and nipped at the thin skin of his throat. I wanted more. I wanted to run my hands and teeth over every inch of him.

“Please, Blake.”

He reached for the fastenings of my pants. That was when I knew I had to put a stop to this before we went too far. We were already taking a huge risk. His father could walk out of the ranch house and see us. What the fuck was I thinking?

“Don’t stop,” he begged when I pulled away. “I know you want this.”

“I do.” There was no point in trying to deny it after what we’d done. “But what I want and what’s going to happen aren’t necessarily the same thing.”

“Life’s more fun when you do what you want.”

If only I could act as spoiled as him and forget all my responsibilities. “Maybe so, but I need my job.”

“I need you.”

His words were softer, more serious, almost like he’d sobered up for a moment. The pain in his eyes showed how desperate he was to know somebody cared. And I did. I wanted to be the Daddy he needed. I could take such good care of him, but I could also cost us both what we wanted if I let myself cross that line.

“Riley, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“I do too. I always tell my secrets when I drink.” He started to laugh then, so hard he doubled over. The sound wasn’t happy at all, it was harsh and bitter, and it echoed around us in the night.

He needed comfort. Another night, when he was sober, I might have considered giving him that, but I knew it would never work. One night with him wouldn’t be enough. He wasn’t like the men I hooked up with when I went into the city for some stress relief. The way I felt about him was way more intense. I wanted more than just sex with him, but he was going to leave as soon as his father decided he’d forced him to work long enough.

A few months is better than nothing.

True, but we could get caught, and he’s so young, and I—

“Please don’t leave.”

He sounded so fucking desolate. “I’m not leaving you, but we’re not going any further right now.”

“What about later?”

“That’s something to figure out when you’re sober.” I held out my hand to him. “Come on.” He swayed as he stepped toward me, so I scooped him up bridal style. “I don’t think walking is good for you right now.”

“Do you regret it?” he asked as I let us into the cabin where I lived.

“What?” I assumed he meant kissing him, but I wanted to be sure. “All of it. Kissing me. Agreeing to supervise me. Working for my dad.”

“No. I don’t regret any of it.”


“Yes.” I laid him down on my bed. I didn’t have a guest room, but I’d be fine on the couch. I doubted I’d get much sleep knowing he was close by, but I wasn’t going to force him to go back to the main house.

“I’m going to get you some water and ibuprofen. Then you’re going to sleep this off and we’ll talk more in the morning.”

He looked around like he was registering his surroundings for the first time. “Is this your bed?”


“Mmmm. Are you going to cuddle me while I fall asleep?”

Dear God, I wanted to. I wanted to strip down, climb into bed with him, pull him against me, and stay there all night to make him feel warm and comforted, but helping him get his act together so he could satisfy his father would do a lot more to comfort him in the long run. He’d get to decide his own future, and I would get to keep adding to my savings so I could have a ranch of my own.

“No, I’m going to sleep on the couch.”

“There’s plenty of room here.”

I shook my head. “That doesn’t matter. You’re still drunk.”

He gave a dramatic sigh.

When I got back with his water, he’d opened up his jeans, and he had his cock in his hand.

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