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“Is there something I should know?” I asked. I didn’t like thinking that some of my hands were ready to snitch to Lawson if they heard a word against him. That wasn’t the kind of environment I wanted to work in.

“Nah,” Angelo said. “Just some people are old-fashioned and won’t bad-mouth an owner, no matter how much of a bastard he is.”

“I appreciate a respectful tone,” I said, glancing at Casey. “But I also want us to be able to speak our minds if need be. Is there something else you’d like to say, Casey?”

“No, sir.”

“Okay then, let’s call it a day. We’ll keep the cattle out of this pasture for another night and finish up in the morning.”

Everyone was subdued at dinner. The unseasonably hot weather and the frustrations of the day had gotten to all of us. Riley didn’t show up. I was going to let that go and let him cool off overnight, but as I headed back to my place after dinner, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and it wasn’t from the welcome breeze that was whistling through the leaves. Something was wrong. I wasn’t sure how I knew but I did, and thank God I listened to my instincts.

When I found Riley, he was in the driveway, fumbling with the door of his car, so drunk he could barely stay on his feet. He must have started drinking as soon as he reached the house and not let up.

I took hold of his waist to steady him. “You’re not going anywhere in this condition.”

He tried to free himself from my hold. “Am too. Going to town. Need more al-alka—”

“That is the last thing you need.”

“You’re nah the boss of me.”

“Right now, I’m just a friend saving you from killing yourself or someone else.”

He gave a disgusted snort. “No one’d miz me.”

His slurred words made my chest tighten. “I would.”

He looked at me, eyes unfocused. “Why? Cause you wanna pa—pa—punish me?”

Only if he wanted me to and never harshly. “No, I want—”

“You want me, but you won’t do nothin’ ’bout it.”

“Riley, I can’t—”

“I get it. Ima pain in the ass.”

I sighed. “Sometimes, yes, but—”

“Just lemme go.”

“That’s not an option. Give me your keys, and let’s get you inside.”

“Not going back. My fah… dad’s never gonna think I’m any good.”

Lawson shouldn’t be allowed near this boy again. “I’m going to help you prove him wrong, but not if you do shit like this.”

“You take me then.” He thrust the keys toward me. “Get me ’nother drink.”

I grabbed the keys and put them in my pocket.

“The only place I’m taking you is to bed.” I realized how that sounded as soon as the words left my mouth.

“Mmm. I can handle that.”

No, I didn’t think he could, not in this condition. “I’m going to put you in bed so you can sleep this off.”

He shook his head, then swayed. I thought he was going to be sick, but he righted himself. “If you won’t do it, I’m gonna go to town and get laid.”

I bit back a growl. I couldn’t even think about another man’s hands on him. “You’re too drunk for that.”

“’Fraid someone’ll take ’vantage of me.”


“But what if thas what I want?” He laid a hand on my chest and slid it down over my abs. I grabbed his wrist when he reached my waistband.

“You’re not thinking clearly.”

“Sooo clearly. You’re hot. Always have been. Used to jerk off thinking about you when I still lived here. Sometimes I still do.”

Jesus, I did not need to know that. “Nothing is going to happen between us. It can’t.”

“Because you’ll get in trouble with the big boss?”

“Because you’re drunk and not making good decisions.”

“What if I was sober?”

He met my gaze, and I couldn’t look away. “Riley, you know we shouldn’t do this.”

He leaned in, lips close to mine. “Don’t you wanna kiss me?”

I did. So badly. Before I could stop myself, I brought my hands up to cup his face. He tilted his head, leaning into my touch, and my heart banged against my ribs. I let my gaze drop to his lush, pink mouth and wondered how he would taste.

His tongue snaked out to lick the seductive curve of his lower lip.

I told myself to step away, but I waited too long. He took hold of my belt loops like he had that day in the tack room and pulled our bodies together.

“Please.” He sounded so fucking lost. I couldn’t deny him a kiss. Just one kiss. That’s all it could be tonight. That was all it should ever be. I pressed my lips against his with the barest hint of pressure, and he sucked in his breath. “More.”

A groan escaped me as I gave him what he asked for, kissing him for real this time, running my tongue over the seam of his lips until he opened for me. I could taste the tequila he’d drunk as my tongue slid along his. He tried to pull me even closer, and I felt his cock press against my hip.

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