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"Good enough for me," he smiles, diving under the sheets again.

"Carter!" I squeal. "You're going to kill me!"

"This is going to kill me," he corrects me, cupping the bulge in his boxers. "Waking up and seeing you all sleepy and floppy like this? God damn, Sanniyah.”

I smile. I've smiled more in the last twelve four hours than I have in weeks. "I can't have a murder on my conscience," I tell him as I move his hand and yank his boxers down. He grunts as I take him into my mouth, but he doesn't let me get more than a few licks in before he is pushing me backwards onto the bed. The crinkle of the foil wrapper has me salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs, wet and ready so he slides in there as smoothly as silk. He shudders as he enters me, and I know he is as close as I am.

"Dear god," he rasps, his breath raking across my ear. He rolls his hips, careful to touch every one of my sensitive places. "I'm going to need you to come, and quickly. Can you do that for me, Sanniyah?

"I can do that. Unh," I moan, pressing myself into him. He is moving so slowly I know he is right at the edge. He is so impossibly hard inside of me, and the exquisite roll of his hips has me writhing and arching.

"Here," he says, biting my lip as he moves his fingers down. When his thumb finds my bud, he begins to rub in time with his achingly slow thrusts. I squeeze my eyes shut, and nod, letting him take control, giving him the complete possession of my body that he needs and I crave.

Within seconds I am shuddering again, a wrenching orgasm tearing through my body like wildfire. The minute he feels me clamp down on him, he groans and lets out a long, shivering moan that is about the sexiest noise I have ever heard in my life. I hold him tightly; kissing everywhere I can get my lips until he comes at last to a halt with a sigh. "Damn," he says.

"Was that a happy damn, or a sad damn?" I tease him. His eyes are so damn blue they are unreal.

"Both," he sighs. When he catches my quizzical look, he laughs and brushes it away with a quick kiss. "I just wanted to fuck you a bit longer than that, Sanniyah. Like forever longer."

"My clients will understand," I nod, pulling myself free. "Your sister will be fine."

"Please don't mention my little sister while I'm still semi-stiff and you're all gloriously naked?" he pleads. He looks down at his cock. "Oh god, he's all confused. I think you broke him."

I press a kiss to the smooth head. "Feel better, big guy. I'm not done with you yet."

"I'm healed!" Carter announces, so quickly that I'm laughing again.

He has me laughing the rest of the day; in the shower as we jockey for position under the showerhead, in the kitchen as he makes me eggs again for breakfast and then once more for lunch, in the living room as he keeps interrupting my phone calls by making funny faces to distract me. Having him here is going to kill any productivity I could hope for and I'm strangely okay with that.

When he stretches out beside me that night, I lie awake in wonder at how seamlessly he has fit into my life. Two days ago I could not have imagined that I would ever be able to make things work with Carter Easton. Now, suddenly, I'm wondering how I ever did without him.

Chapter Thirty-Five


I hover in the doorway. "You sure you're okay here?"

Carter stretches out on the couch with my laptop. "I can get everything I need to do done online." He smiles up at me, a little tightly. "I did that on purpose."

I waver for a moment. "Well, you know where everything is."

"Come back soon," he smiles, craning his head up to me. I kiss him one last time, then step out of the apartment for the first time in three days.

Leaving him feels like leaving a dream and stepping out into the harsh light of reality. Today's wedding is a small affair, one I could have done in my sleep back before Carter. But the knowledge that he's waiting for me to come him makes me sloppy and rushed.

Especially when he calls.

"What are you wearing?"

I snort in the vestibule. "You saw me, dumbass."

"Tell me again."

I look up. This is a church I've used before and I know there is a private baptistery off the main part of the church. I glance at my clock. The ceremony will be going for another forty-five minutes at least. Very Catholic brides are my favorite in terms of downtime.

I duck quickly into the corner, light streaming through the stained glass windows covered in reproachful looking cherubs, and I feel deliciously guilty as I whisper. "The black dress."

"The one with the red belt?"


"Mmm, I like that one. How about underneath it?"

My whole body flushes with a deep, overwhelming heat. I shift in the pew and lean forward, whispering the words. "The black lace bra from our first night together and a thong." I hear a scraping sound and dart a look around. An old relative of the bride is making his way slowly to the restroom, but judging by the size of his hearing aid, he's not going to hear me whispering into my phone. I hope.

"That's not painting me a vivid enough picture. I need details, Sanniyah. Tell me about this thong."

Without meaning to, I feel my hand brush up along my hip. "A tiny thing," I tell him, my voice lowering seductively. "It's black...lacy. My favorite pair, actually."

"Take them off."

"Carter!" Desire makes it come out more like a moan.

"I'm serious. Take them off."

"What am I going to do, carry panties around a wedding?

"No." Carter's voice has taken on that low, bossy tone he uses in the bedroom, and I am reacting to it just the same as if I were underneath him. I am rocking back and forth, grinding myself into the hard chair as I listen to him tell me exactly what to do. "You're going to stand up, right now, while I'm on the phone with you, and you're going to take them off. Put them in your purse and go bare for the rest of the day."


"Because I'm telling you to."

I moan in spite of myself. He's right. I'm already standing up, just because I can't resist it. I slide my hand up my skirt. "Okay," I breathe.

"Let me listen. I want to hear."

I slide the phone down to my hip and look over my shoulder. I am alone, only the reproachful cherubs can see me, but my heart is still ready to pump right out of my chest. Quickly, I yank them down and turn to stuff them into my purse.

"Okay," I breathe again. My thighs tighten as I feel my nakedness.

"Good," Carter's tone is still commanding and I lean forward, bracing myself for what he's going to ask next. The restroom door bangs open, making me jump, and the old relative begins his slow shuffle back to the ceremony. It is such a close call that I am wet with relief. I hear Carter lick his lips into the phone. "Now, Sanniyah, tell me something.."


"How wet are they?"

I clench my thighs harder. "Very."

"Are they wet enough, do you think?"

"I think so, yes."

"But you're wetter now that you're not wearing them, aren't you?"

The rush that accompanies his words has me moaning again. "Yes," I pant.

"When you come home, I'm going to meet you at the door. You're going to give me your panties, right then, and then I'm going to check you. I want you wet and ready for me. Do you understand?"

"I do," I groan. I am panting audibly into the phone.



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