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My voice fails me. I can only nod as he deliberately sets his plate down and steps across the space between us. He crouches right in front of me, his thighs straining against the fabric of his trousers, filling up the entire field of my vision. He is right there.

I am waiting. I know his kisses, my whole body remembers everything down to the slightest detail. I want him to kiss me like that again, for his lips to keep the promise his eyes are making, but instead of bringing his lips to mine, he brings his fingers up.

His thumb swipes across my lower lip, pressing in. "So soft," he murmurs, his voice husky. He cups my chin and tilts my head upward, lifting us both to our feet.

I know for certain that he's going to kiss me now, so I close my eyes, waiting.

But he doesn't kiss me. Instead his thumb sinks in between my teeth.

It's so possessive, so cocky that I want to bite him. But the thrill of his skin on my lips is too much, and like a reflex I close them around his thumb tightly. I hear him hiss a soft curse, and then his other hand is around the back of my neck. Swiping the pad of his thumb along my teeth, he lets it slide in deeper.

I raise my eyes and look at him. His whole body is focused on me, waiting to see my response. He is holding me firm, but somehow I know I have all the power here.

I wrap my lips tightly around his thumb then and when I am sure he is watching me raptly, I suck on it, lightly running my tongue around it before biting down gently with my teeth. I taste a few crumbs of torte and the salt of his skin and it is all I can do to keep from moaning.

Carter growls a low sound and pulls me flush against him. We are pressed together, my breasts mashed into the front of his shirt, the buttons digging into my skin. We stand there like that for a moment, and I can feel his heart racing in his chest. My breath quickens.

And then his lips are finally on mine. Warm and soft, yet rigid and demanding, he devours my mouth, parting my lips with a rough stab of his tongue to invade the space where his thumb just was. His hands smooth down the length of my body, cupping my ass to press himself firmly against me. I can feel the entirety of his desire.

"Sanniyah," he breathes my name.

"Yes? Yes!" I am answering him, and also telling him. Yes, yes, oh god yes please.

"Hold on tight. And watch your head."

Chapter Sixteen


I sling her over my shoulder like a caveman. She whoops and pummels my back, but I can feel her laughing, so I don't care. And besides, her ripe, round ass is practically in my face right now. If I turn my head, I can make good on my promise to devour her, right here on my deck.

But it's getting too dark and I want to see her. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I had this image of her splayed out naked, her caramel skin wrapped up in my white bedsheets. They call me a visionary, and in this instance I am hell-bent on seeing my vision become reality.

Sanniyah is kicking her legs as I stride across my deck and it's driving me crazy. I find myself regretting just how huge this fucking house is, because it's taking forever to get to my bedroom. I start to jog, then sprint, Sanniyah laughing wildly as she bounces on my shoulder.

When I reach the bed, I half lower, half toss her onto the mattress. She lands on her back, bouncing a little, and my cock nearly bursts out of my trousers when her breasts bounce too. She eyes me with a catlike grin, and arches her back a little.

"Sanniyah," I exhale.


"See my face?" I tell her as I kneel down.


"Keep watching me. I want your eyes on me the whole time."

She lifts herself up on her elbows, her lips parted and panting, watching me just like I want. "That's right, I want to see you seeing me." This is more than I've talked to anyone in months. Sanniyah Jones has me babbling like an idiot, fucking narrating everything I'm doing because I just can't stop. "Your skin tastes so good, you know that?" I tell her, sucking a trail of kisses up the length of her inner thigh. "It's driving me crazy."

Her slow moan inflames me further. "That's right, I want to hear you just like I want to see you. Moan for me again, Sanniyah," I tell her as I shove her panties to one side. The hot flesh is already glistening wetly and as she moans again, I swear I can see her getting wetter by the second. "Jesus, I am so fucking hard for you right now," I tell her, loving the way her big brown eyes just keep getting wider and wider. "I'm going to taste you now, Sanniyah. Just like I promised."

"Carter!" she gasps as my tongue sinks into her. She flings her head back and I can't see her face as it contorts in pleasure.

"Look at me," I tell her firmly, reaching up and cupping my hand around the back of her head. "I need to see your face."

"Ah god, if you keep doing that, I'm going to fall down." Her hips are already undulating under me, rolling in a dancing rhythm dictated by my lapping tongue. She tastes like honey and sweetness, getting hotter and hotter. I just want to disappear inside of that sweet opening, losing all of the fear and paranoia in Sanniyah Jones' sharp cries. She has me in a frenzy already. The louder she gets, the more I devour her until she suddenly arches her hips clean off the bed, her eyes squeezed shut. "Oh my god!" she pants, then lets loose with a wild keening sound.

I stand up and roughly yank off my shirt. I need to feel my skin on hers. She is coming down, her cries dissolving into sharp moans, her wetness hot and ready to welcome me inside.

Chapter Seventeen


My eyes fly open when I feel his fingers delving into the space where his tongue has just been. Carter Easton is kneeling above me, shirtless and glorious and I am completely drunk on him. "Shit, you're incredible," I slur. His broad shoulders and narrow waist are sculpted to perfection and the way he is hovering over me, supporting his weight, makes the muscles in his arms pop out. I reach out, fascinated, tracing a line from his tanned forearm up to his sharply contoured shoulder.

He pulls back and looks me up and down. "Take off your dress," he orders. "I need to see you."

His bossiness is oddly thrilling. I reach behind me, unzipping the dress, watching his eyes rake over me as I shimmy it downward. "Fuck," he growls, just before he lunges for my breasts.


"What?" he snarls impatiently, curling his tongue around my nipple.

I am panting, my whole body throbbing, practically delirious with need. "Fuck me. Please." I arch into him, wanting to feel the whole length of his naked body pressing against mine. I bend my neck, exposing my throat to his sucking kisses, aware that he is probably leaving marks all over my skin and not really caring.

"Gladly." He pushes up off of me quickly, dropping his trousers down off of his narrow hips. The sharp 'V" where his abs meet his legs makes me bite my lip. He has a condom ready and I am spreading my legs embarrassingly quickly. He sees me and pauses, then shakes his head. "Sanniyah, you are absolutely gorgeous like this. I hope you know that."

"I do now," I whimper, as he presses himself against my entrance.

We both groan together as he surges upward. He rolls his hips, stretching me, filling me, and I clutch his back. "Ah god, Sanniyah, you feel...." he trails off, his whole attention given over to moving within me. He buries his head in my neck, sucking, and kissing and biting, his moans driving me closer and closer to the edge. In an instant, he has me panting, gasping. I feel like I am standing outside myself somehow. I sink my teeth into the skin of his shoulder, holding on as he pumps into me like a jackhammer. "Carter!" I shriek as I near oblivion.

He looks up from my neck, his face a mask of dark ecstasy. "Say it again," he growls as his hands rake down my body.

"What?" I pant.

His fingers press against my most sensitive place. "Say my name while I touch you," he orders, rubbing in time with his thrusts.

"Unh," I moan, watching him back up, his thrusts shallow and slow, the glisten of sweat starting to collect across his abs. I can barely form words anymore, but something inside wants to obey.

"Carter," I gasp.

"Now come for me, Sanniyah. I want to feel you come all around me, can you do that?" He rubs faster, his breath coming in shallow, ragged gasps. "Do it now, Sanniyah, come right now."

His words travel through my body and every cell wants to obey. My body begins to flutter, my breath coming in short gasps. He watches me with hooded eyes, his lips parted glistening and wet. "I can feel you, do you know that? Holy shit I can feel you getting hotter and tighter. Let go for me Sanniyah. Just let go, I've got you." He is just barely holding on to control, the strangled gasp at the edge of his words is all I need to know he is right there with me.

We come together, exploding, shattering into a million pieces that blow away in the wind. With a roar that fills my ears, he stiffens, and then collapses on top of me even as I am trying to pull him up higher, faster, harder, as I come over and over again.

At last he falls to the side. We are both gasping. I stare up at the ceiling, utterly and completely wrecked. He slides his warm hand over my skin, pulling me closer, forming his body around mine so that I am completely enveloped in his warmth. He yanks the tangled sheet over us both, but I barely need it. He is warm, so incredibly warm, and solid and real that I am asleep in moments.

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