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"Just now? In the bus?" he whispered, his breath as soft as silk against my skin. "That was not how I wanted it to be with you, Monique." He snaked his hands around to cup my ass and pull me flush against his hardened length. "I'm going to take off those clothes now...that okay with you?"

Chapter Twenty-One


That mess in the lobby was already banished from my mind. Leo would take care of it. Right now, the only thing I cared about was the soft exhalation Monique was making against my neck.

"Yeah," she said. I loved how tight her voice got when she wanted me. The harder she tried to fight it, the more turned on she got. I bet if I put my hands between her legs right now, I could have her cumming around my fingers in under a minute. "Yeah, you can take my clothes off, Tanner."

I slipped my hand between her legs. The heat I found there nearly knocked me backwards. "Say please," I growled, pressing upward.

Her hips rocked into me, finding the heel of my hand and wiggling in desperation. She was as ready to go as I was. "Please," she groaned, half in anger, half in desire. "Please stop fucking with me and give me what I want."

Oh that mouth on her. It was enough to make me crazy. I moved my hand away, and she hissed and tried to grab it back. When I held my ground, her other hand flashed out and gripped me right by the balls.

"Two can play that game," she spat, licking her lips and sinking to her knees.

Heaven. Holy hell. The way her hot mouth gripped my cock, like she was trying to suck it clean off my body. I shuddered and had to grip her shoulders to keep from falling over. Her half-muffled cries vibrated against me, and I gripped her hair and pumped my hips in and out of her. "I had...unh...this vision...of it being all nice and sweet with you..." I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her free. "But you don't want it that way, do you Monique?"

Her eyes were wild. "I want you," she moaned, tugging at her jeans. "Now. We don't have time for nice and sweet."

I should have understood her then, but she was already naked and my desire for her took over.

I flipped her around, pressing her back down until she braced herself against the marble step of the tub. Hot steam billowed upward, giving her skin a glistening slick sheen. She was slippery when I gripped her from behind.

"Yessss," she hissed as I pressed myself up inside of her.

"Good Christ, baby, how the fuck are you so tight?" I started to move inside of her, or maybe she was moving for us, her hips rolling and undulating, pressing back to meet me each time I thrust forward. "Fuck, I can feel you, you know that? You're about to cum for me, aren't you Monique? Go ahead, I want to feel you. I want to feel you get all hot and tight around my cock while I'm fucking you, you hear me? You let go, right now, baby girl."

I was babbling like an idiot. I couldn't help myself. The rough slap of our skin sounded like a backbeat and I was writing lyrics to our song. Her sharp cries were the chorus and when we came together, it was better than any song I had written in my life.

And then I took her into the bed and had her one more time before sleep finally took me. But even then I still dreamed of her.

Chapter Twenty-Two


The unfamiliar hotel room, the rumpled sheets, the smell of sex lingering in the air...and Tanner Brock's naked body stretched out next to mine. Every part of this was completely otherworldly.

I rolled over and surreptitiously swallowed my birth control pill, coughing a little without water to wash it down. Then I turned to look at him, watching him stare up at the ceiling, and wishing like hell I had my camera on me to capture the way his golden stubble swirled on his jawline. He was a work of art.

"How you feeling?" he asked the ceiling...or me.

I considered for a moment before settling on the truth. "Pretty great," I yawned, stretching out.

He rolled towards me and I came face to face with his chest...and all the damage I had done to it last night. Bite marks, claw marks, lines of bruising along his neck. My own body awoke at that moment, and all the little bruises and scratches flamed to brilliant life. "Holy shit," I murmured, reaching out to touch one particularly nasty scratch.

He hissed a little. "Glad you're feeling better," he smiled. "So now, I gotta ask you, do you still want to kill me with your bare hands?"

"Hmm," I smiled up at him. "Maybe?"

He grinned and swiped a rough kiss across my lips. "Good," he rumbled. "Wouldn't want you going soft on me now. Just 'cos you like the way I fuck you..."

"Who said anything about that?"

"You did," he growled, rolling over on top of me. "With that punch-drunk expression on your face. Tells me everything I need to know about how bad you've got it for me..."

"You son of a..." he caught my lip between his teeth and bit down. I snarled at him, and then pressed my naked body up against his. I felt him stir to life, the length of him pressing against me and moaned. It was almost embarrassing how quickly he could get me wet.

He held my lip with his teeth, immobilizing me just as easily as if he was holding me down with his hands. Holding me with his blue gaze, he slipped a finger down into my wetness. When I hissed again, he sank it inside of me, testing.

I moaned, helpless the to sensation. Everywhere he touched sent out a trail of sparks leading directly to my core. My legs spread of their own accord and he growled his approval.

When he pressed himself against my entrance, I wiggled downward. He released my lip, but caught my hands instead, pinning them over my head as he drove himself up inside of me.

His eyes went wide again. "Wait, baby, the condom." He pulled out of me and I practically hissed in frustration.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer. "Just once," I begged him. "You feel so good."

His eyelids fluttered, those long lashes casting a shadow across his cheekbone. He froze in mid thrust and blinked, then fixed me with that blue stare. I was completely helpless in his gaze as he slowly, torturously, rolled his hips.

Inside of me, a series of explosions fired off, one after another. He was touching me...everywhere. All those secret places I never knew existed suddenly came rushing forward to meet him. His skin, my skin, the feeling of no barrier between us...

"Shit, Monique, I gotta stop..."

I moaned as he pulled back, panting hard. Then I smacked the pillow in frustration.

"Sorry baby," he growled.

"Don't call me baby," I muttered petulantly. He looked at me, so uncertain that I had to laugh. "I'm not gonna bite you or anything," I sighed. "You're right, we...we...can't do that yet."

"Next place we stop, we can go get tested," he said eagerly. "I'm clean, I promise, but I don't expect you to believe that just yet."

Just yet. I pressed my lips together and stared at the ceiling. We had spent exactly three whole days together. That was it. What was I thinking, letting him inside of me without a condom? I knew nothing about his past, only his word to go on.

Strangely, his word seemed to be enough.

"What are you thinking?" he asked. "I can see all those worry lines wrinklin' up that pretty forehead of yours." He leaned over and brushed a gentle kiss across it, like he was trying to smooth the lines away.

I pressed my lips together more tightly. I wanted to tell him...but I also didn't want to hurt him. In twenty-four hours time, I had gone from only wanting his body, to wanting his happiness. His smile lit up the room like the sun emerging from behind a cloud. How could I be the one responsible for dimming the sun?

"Nothing," I sighed instead. "Just frustrated." I darted a quick kiss on his shoulder. "Female equivalent of blue balls."

"I have an idea that might help," he grinned evilly. His hand went roughly between my legs, shoving them apart.

When his tongue met my center, I arched into him, aching for him harder than ever. And the whole long, delicious time he stayed down there, I didn't have to think about the fact that we only had three weeks together. Three weeks and then he c

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