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He laid the flat of his hand across my ass cheek with a resounding smack.

"Hey!" I boiled upward as the sharp pain filled me with rage. He held me down and pressed his lips to the stinging skin he had just made, kissing it tenderly, massaging and kneading the muscle. I moaned in confused desire. "What are you..." my words dissolved into moans as his tongue slid between my swollen lips, flickering around my opening.

I groaned into the bunk as his tongue delved deeper. "Holy shit," I gritted as the hot pain of the spanking dissolved into warm pleasure. I rolled my hips and he followed my lead, focusing the whole of his attention on my buzzing, needful nub. My whole body started rocking and undulating in rhythm with his lapping strokes as I rode the waves of pleasure higher and higher and....


He laid a second smack over my other ass cheek. "Hey!" I half-screamed, half groaned. "You asshole!"

"The first was for the bite. The second was for torturing me with all this 'strictly business' nonsense. And this," he brought his hand down, and I arched my back to meet it, "is because you seem to really enjoy getting spanked."

"Dammit," I groaned. I had no idea that I liked it. It was humiliating to be treated this way, held down and spanked by an arrogant rock star, but every nerve ending in my body was singing a Hallelujah chorus right now. "Ah!" I cried as his tongue found me again.

"Jesus, you're so wet," he rumbled against my sex. "You're as nuts about me as I am about you, ain't you baby?"

"Unh," I moaned thickly. I was so close.

"See, now I know, because you didn't tell me to stop calling you baby." I could hear the triumph in his voice and as if to seal my doom, he swirled his finger once around the rim of my entrance before slipping it inside and pressing his thumb against my nub,

I exploded in a shower of fireworks, flinging my head backward and crying out. His lips crashed into mine from behind me and I came around his finger as he invaded my mouth with his tongue. I was lost now, completely at his mercy, so when he flipped me back around to face him with a question in his eyes, the only thing I could think to say was, "Condom, now."

His eyes darkened. He reached under the bunk. I squirmed in panting, Pavlovian lust when I saw that foil wrapper.

"I want to do it," I demanded, reaching for his fly. The bulge in Tanner Brock's jeans had been torturing me for weeks now. I'll be damned if I didn't get to touch it now.

"Be my guest, baby," he said.

With trembling fingers, I undid the buttons of his fly. His hips were so narrow and his silver belt buckle so heavy, that the jeans fell in a puddle onto the floor the minute I had them unfastened. I took a deep breath and pulled his boxers down.

It was every inch as glorious as I had imagined. Every one of many, many inches.

"Shit," I whispered hoarsely, and licked my lips.

"Don't praise it 'til you see what it can do," he said. With eyes as dark as twilight, he leaned into me, forcing me backwards. Then, in a motion so smooth I swore he had superpowers, he snapped the condom onto his cock, slid his fingers under my ass, lifted my hips and plunged into me with no preamble, sinking right up to the hilt.

I cried out in shock, sinking my nails into his back so hard I was sure I broke the skin.

"Still trying to hurt me, huh baby?" he panted. "Go ahead, make me bleed for you." He thrust into me, harder and deeper. I cried out, ragged and raw, every time he slammed into me. He wasn't being gentle for our first time, not by a long shot. He was rough, angry, desperate....

And exactly what I needed.

I screamed out his name, dragging my nails down his back. He had me so frenzied with need for him that I was sure I was going to dissolve and fall into oblivion. The only way I could stay whole was by clinging to him, clutching with my legs, my arms, my hands, my teeth.

I bit down into his neck. He growled and coiled my ponytail into his fist and we moved in unison, each one making the other vulnerable.

"I want to feel you come now, Monique," he rasped against my earlobe. "God, you're so tight and hot, you need to come right now before I lose it, baby." He rolled his hips, dragging his pelvis against my swollen nub, then thrusting savagely. I shrieked, wanting to give over to that new sensation, but something inside of me was still holding back, still worried and vulnerable. If I let go with Tanner inside of me, facing me, watching me with those fathomless eyes, I would lose something of myself and I wasn't sure if I knew how to get it back.

"Dammit, Tanner," I whispered. "Don't tell me what to do."

He paused mid-thrust and cupped his hand around my throat. "Why not?" he asked, rolling his hips and dragging another moan from my ragged throat. "You're mine, aren't you?"

"No," I moaned. My desire was a tightly coiled thing in my chest, hot and filled and ready to burst wide open.

"Say you're mine, Monique. You have to be. Because I'm yours, through and through. You own me, baby. You've owned me since you first smacked me down in my driveway," He thrust shallowly now, pumping his hips as rapid as a butterfly's wings. The feeling was exquisitely painful. "Now say it."

"Fuck you."

"Say it!"

"Ah God, I'm yours, I'm yours!"

The minute I said it, my orgasm broke free, shattering the fragile bonds that held it together and exploding outward into a fireball of pleasure that coursed through me. I screamed and cursed as I burned up from the inside out, panting against his skin as tears came to my eyes. I had never been more confused, more vulnerable, and yet more complete than I was right now.

"That's right, now look at me with those eyes. I want to see you." Tanner's breath was coming in short, shallow gasps. When I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me, his face contorted and he let out an animal sound. Burying his face into my neck, he came with a roar, spending himself furiously inside of me with a thrust so savage I felt he would break me in half. I screamed, clutching his hair in my fists, and we shuddered out the last vestiges of pleasure, milking each other for everything we had left to give.

After a long, ragged breath, he lifted his head. He pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead, then my temple, my cheek and then the corner of my mouth. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him unreservedly.

It was all over.

I was completely lost.

Chapter Nineteen


A cramped bunk on a smelly tour bus was not the venue I had pictured for my first time with Monique Williams. If I'd been up to my normal standards of game, there would have been rose petals, a warm bath, candles...maybe the London fucking Symphony orchestra. But as I may have mentioned, everything about her had me all off kilter.

Her naked body was curved into mine, fitting so neatly against me it was like she was made to be here in this space. I snaked my fingers around her and pulled her even closer, relishing these few moments of silence. I knew they wouldn't last.


"Hmm?" She sounded like she was falling asleep.

"Much as it pains me to say so, we need to get dressed."

Her whole body went stiff. "Oh God, your band." She sat up in a panic.

I had to chuckle. "Don't worry about them, they're not going anywhere without me."

"They totally know what we did!"

I cocked my head at her. "They can wait," I said, carefully.

She pressed her lips together and looked down. "Because they're used to this, right? You've made them wait outside your tour many times now, Tanner?"

Oh shit, here she goes. I grabbed her wrist and yanked her back down to the bunk. "Stop this," I growled at her, silencing her protests with a long, deep kiss. "How many different ways do you want me to tell you I'm crazy about you?"

She pulled back from the kiss, her eyes lingering closed for a moment, then her lips curved into a smile. "I'm going to need a few more times," she purred.

The blood rushed right back down to my groin. Jesus, I had just gone, but here I was ready for this woman all over again

. "You want me to tell you with my words?" I murmured into her neck, "or..." I slid down off the bunk and knelt between her legs, "my mouth?"

She gasped and giggled. "Words will do for now. I'm starting to feel bad for your band."

"Then words it is. Here you go: I'm fucking crazy about you, Monique," I said sincerely. "There, now how many more times after that?"

"Keep talking, I'll let you know," she grinned.

I watched her dress the rest of the way, feeling wistful when those round dark orbs disappeared back into her bra. When everything was back into place, she turned and faced me. "Everything look okay?" she asked, smoothing her hands over her hips.

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