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After that, Brenda was no longer a topic of conversation, and she didn’t think of her again at all for the rest of the day, or the weeks that followed, or the months or years after that, other than the occasional moments when they had to interact socially.

Instead, she focused on building a future with Connor, supporting his dream of entering the designing side of racing, and supporting Kevin as he transitioned to his own life and own path under the guidance of the helpful staff at the Henderson Center.

And she received support in return for any endeavor she undertook. Connor was a generous partner, a loving husband, and a gentle father, as she discovered when the babies started coming. They had two girls and a boy in less than five years.

On the evening he took her for dinner to celebrate their fifth anniversary, she snuggled close to him on the walk from the restaurant. He was talking about something to do with his team’s latest prototype, and she nodded, only half-listening. Instead, her thoughts were focused on how happy she was, and how happy she would continue to be. She had certainly made the right decision when she had agreed to the suggestion of changing their fake engagement to a real marriage. They were five years into their lives together and had barely begun.

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