Reckless (Brazen 2) - Page 9

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She smiled. No, this town didn’t hold any appeal to her. But she was surrounded by family, good friends and the man she loved more than anything. What else could she ask for?

The town could go to hell. As long as she had J.T.’s love, she could take on anything.

“I love you,” she said simply as she stared into his dark eyes. “Wherever you are, I’ll always be happy.”

“Funny. I was going to say the exact same thing about you,” he said in his deep, tender voice.

She closed her eyes and burrowed her face into his chest. Yeah, dreams did come true. For so long she’d been afraid to dream. Afraid to chase her dreams. But dreams only landed in the laps of the heroines in fairy tales. She didn’t want a fairy tale. She wanted the real thing. She’d gone after hers.

And she got it.

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