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He smiled and shook his head. He should be out of his mind with jealousy but a year into his very unique relationship with Jasmine, he’d mellowed a whole hell of a lot. Learning to share the woman he loved with another man who loved her just as much—well, it hadn’t been easy. There were still times he could get mighty possessive, but for the most part, he’d learned to chill the f**k out.

He grinned when he saw her head meet the arm of the couch. So much for staying up for Zane.

Half an hour later, he heard the front door open. He looked up to see Zane walk in and drop his suitcase on the floor. Seth held a finger to his lips then motioned to the couch where Jasmine was sleeping.

Zane’s eyes lit up, and the fatigue that seemed etched on his brother’s face lifted and fell away as he looked at Jasmine.

“How was the trip?” Seth asked in a low voice.

“Good, but I’m damn glad to be home.”

“Jasmine tried to stay up for you,” Seth said with a hint of laughter. “She crapped out about thirty minutes ago.”

Zane smiled but Seth could see the hunger in his eyes. He got out of the recliner and pointed the remote at the TV to turn it off. “I’m going to head on up to bed. You should wake her and tell her you’re home. She’s really missed you.”

“Yeah, sure. We’ll be up in a while then,” Zane said.

Seth turned toward the stairs even as Zane walked to the couch and knelt in front of it. Jasmine opened her eyes, and he watched the joy that filled them when she saw Zane. Then her gaze found Seth, and he saw the same love reflected there for him. His chest tightened, and an odd sort of fulfillment settled around his heart.

This was right. Their love was right.

He headed up the stairs, determined to give Zane and Jasmine some privacy. He cherished his own moments alone with her, and he wouldn’t deprive his brother of the same.

Later when Zane carried Jasmine into the big bedroom they’d remodeled to accommodate the three of them, they both made love to her. And she showed them again, as she had so many times before, that there was room in her heart for both of them.

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