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She refocused on Zane and sucked his c**k back into her mouth. Seth climbed behind her and grasped her h*ps in firm hands. He locked her to him, and his c**k nudged impatiently at her entrance.

He thrust shallowly for a moment until she whimpered in protest. Giving in to her demand, he plunged forward, riding her hard and deep. Each forward motion pushed her harder into Zane, drove his c**k deeper into her throat. She gloried in the taste of Zane and the feel of Seth, both connected to her, body and soul.

Zane lifted her head and stared down into her eyes. “Can you take us both, Jaz? Can you ride me while Seth rides you?”

A quiver started in her belly, fanned out and burst over her body like a ball of flames. She licked her lips and looked hungrily at him. Didn’t he know that this was what she’d always wanted? To be loved and cherished by both of them? To show them both how much she loved them?

She was no naïve girl when it came to threesomes. Cherisse had filled her mind with erotic images. She’d fantasized about Seth and Zane taking her in just about every conceivable way.

Seth eased from her pu**y and Zane reached for her, pulling her on top of him. He reached down and positioned his c**k underneath her then pushed her down with his other.

She let out a gasp as he pierced her deeply. Zane groaned and grasped her h*ps in his big hands.

“Move with me, baby,” he said as he turned so his legs fell over the edge of the bed. He held her tightly as he positioned himself.

Then she felt Seth hands slide up her back to grasp her shoulders. He gathered her hair in his fingers and let it slide over his hands.

“Beautiful,” he whispered.

He let his hands glide down her body until they reached her hips. Zane let go as Seth’s hands replaced his. One hand left her, and she heard the unmistakable sound of liquid squeezing from a bottle.

One hand slid between her ass cheeks and spread. The other hand smoothed the cool lubricant over the sensitive opening. She jumped when he inserted one finger just inside the tight ring.

“Easy. I won’t hurt you, sweetheart.”

He shifted behind her, and then she felt the broad head of his c**k press against her anus. Zane reached between their bodies to touch her clit. He fingered her softly while Seth eased forward.

She closed her eyes and leaned further into Zane. A soft moan escaped her at the unbearable tension unraveling her thread by thread.

And then he was inside in a sudden burst of relief. They both let out an agonized cry. Zane latched onto her nipple with his mouth as Seth slid all the way inside her ass.

Her head went back as they began an alternating rhythm, one withdrawing, one thrusting deep into her body. She yanked Zane’s head away from her breast and slammed her lips down over his. She kissed him hungrily, tasting him, sucking his bottom lip between her lips.

His hands slid up her arms and gripped her shoulders, pulling her closer even as Seth slapped against her ass with increasing force.

She allowed the image of how they must look to float in her mind, arousing her to even greater heights. Sandwiched between two men she loved more than anything, giving herself wholly to them, never had she felt more complete. Never again would she find this kind of love.

She rose up, reaching over her head for Seth. She pulled him to her, meshed tight against her back. He ravaged her neck with his mouth, kissing and nipping at her skin. She turned her face to him, holding his head to her as the two men continued to thrust into her wanting body.

Whispered cries of ecstasy ripped from her lips. Seth pressed her down toward Zane, and she lay across his chest, completely surrounded by male flesh. Each thrust by Seth forced her further into Zane’s arms. She closed her eyes and clung tightly to Zane as her orgasm began a slow climb.

“Are you close?” Seth asked in her ear.

“Y-yesss,” she hissed. “Oh God, please don’t stop.”

Zane chuckled. “Never, baby.”

She dug her fingers into Zane’s shoulders as both men plunged deep and paused. Never had she felt so full. So stretched. So unbelievably pleasured.

Her mouth opened as a cry escaped. The room darkened and her head swam. Her orgasm flashed and exploded. She felt a twinge of disappointment that it had ended so quickly when unbelievably she felt the hard rush of another.

“Oh. Oh!” she said louder.

Warmth flooded her ass as Seth jerked against her. Zane surged upward, and a few seconds later, his head went back, his hands grabbed desperately at her h*ps as he spilled into her.

She twisted, panting, her orgasm so close. Seth pushed against her again and reached around to cup her breasts. He rolled her ni**les between his fingers as Zane reached down to rub her clit.

A hoarse cry escaped in a painful rush. Her body convulsed, and she collapsed forward. Zane caught her and both men cradled her shaking body.

Seth pressed his lips to her shoulder and kissed a line to her neck. She felt Zane’s breath, hot and unsteady in her other ear.

Slowly and with great care, Seth eased from her body.

“Sit tight, baby. I’ll be right back.”

Zane held her, stroking his hand up and down her back while she waited for Seth to return. A few moments later, Seth pressed a warm cloth to her behind and wiped gently. When he pulled away, Zane rolled her beneath him and pulled his still semi-hard c**k from her quivering pussy.

He kissed her and flopped to his side, pulling her against his chest.

“I’m gonna grab a quick shower,” Seth said.

She looked up and their gazes connected. He stared at her for a long moment before turning and heading toward the bathroom.

Zane’s arms tightened around her and she snuggled closer into his embrace.

“You okay, baby?”

“Mmm hmm,” she said, letting out a sound of pure contentment.

She lay there, drifting in a state of dreamlike euphoria. Then she felt the bed dip as Seth climbed in behind her. He seemed to hesitate for a moment before finally sliding a hand over her hip.

His lips found her ear and he kissed her. She shifted back, so that her body conformed to his. His heat surrounded her, warmed her to her deepest recesses.

Seth behind her. Zane in front. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be more right. If she could live in this moment forever, she would.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Jasmine knew he was gone before she ever opened her eyes. Her chest caved a little, and achy emotion swelled in her throat. She was turned to Zane, burrowed into his chest, and his arms were wrapped around her, but where Seth had lain the night before, warm against her back, there was now a coldness that transcended the actual temperature.

“Morning,” Zane said softly in her ear.

For some reason his gentle words knocked open the gate, and she let out her breath in a shaky sob.

Zane reached down and tugged her chin upward with his finger. He didn’t say anything, but his expression made words unnecessary.

“Do I have a chance of ever making him love me?” she choked out.

Zane kissed her forehead. “He loves you already, sweetheart. And that’s the problem. It’s killing him.”

She twined her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, her na**d body fitting to his. “I never wanted to hurt him, Zane. Either of you. I swear.”

Zane ran his hand through her hair, stroking and soothing. “I know, Jaz. I know. He just needs…time.” But Zane didn’t sound convinced of that.

“Make love to me, Zane,” she said against his neck.

And he did. Sweetly, hungrily. Many long moments later, they lay side by side. Exhaustion tugged at her every muscle, but still, she’d wanted, needed this reassurance after Seth’s hasty departure.

Zane moved away as he made to get out of bed. He looked down at her, his expression serious. He touched the side of her cheek with gentle fingers. “Get some sleep, Jaz. You need the rest after yesterday. I’ll be up later to check on you.”

She nodded and turned her face into his palm, nuzzling against his touch. Her eyes were closed before he ever made it to the door.

Zane found Seth standing on the edge of the food plots, staring out into the distance. His stance was stiff, troubled. Zane didn’t waste time on pleasantries or pretending he wasn’t out here to talk to his brother.

He came to stand beside Seth and looked sideways at him.

“You’re hurting her.”

Seth turned his brooding stare on him. “Don’t you think I know that?” He shook his head and returned his gaze to the land. “As much as it’s hurting her, it’s hurting me more. I don’t know that I can share her with anyone. Not even you. I don’t know if I can accept that I can’t make her happy by myself. Provide and care for her alone.”

Zane didn’t say anything for a long moment. Seth’s concerns weren’t anything that hadn’t crossed his own mind more than once.

“I understand,” he finally said, because what else was there to say? Seth would have to make his own decision and in his own time.

“It’s probably too late anyway,” Seth mumbled. “She might hate me after tomorrow.”

Dread niggled at Zane. “What have you done?”

Seth stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Her brother is arriving tomorrow.”

Zane stiffened, an unknown fear skating down his spine. “What the fuck? Seth, you know how she feels about that. Why would you blindside her like that?”

Seth shook his head. “I wasn’t thinking. I was reacting. And now it’s too late. He knows she’s here, and he wants to see her. You and I can’t deny him that.”

“It’s not up to us to deny or allow him anything,” Zane said bluntly. “It should have been Jaz’s decision. Not yours.”

“I know,” Seth said quietly.

“Are you going to tell her?” Zane demanded.


Zane looked away. Jaz would be upset. She’d see it as one more way Seth was trying to push her away and by association, he would be damned as well.

“I never tried to come between you and Jasmine,” Seth said. “I knew she loved you, too. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t jealous, but I never tried…”

“I know,” Zane said quietly.

“You don’t mind that the woman you love is f**king another man?” Seth asked in a strangled voice.

Zane was silent for a time. This was too important. Too important to Jaz for him to get hot-headed and f**k it all up.

“It’s not just another man,” he finally said. “It’s you. You love her as much as I do no matter that you might say differently. And she loves us both. How could I ask you to deny your feelings for her?”

He turned and walked back toward his truck. Seth being Seth would need to stew and brood. Zane was too worried about how Jaz would react when she found out her long-lost brother was coming to visit.

Jasmine dressed slowly. Her body was still in a languid state from Seth and Zane making love to her. In truth, all she wanted was to go back to bed and hold those memories close. Both men loving her, touching her, filling her.

She trudged down the stairs and looked around for Carmen. For Seth or Zane. But it was quiet. In the kitchen, she found a note on the fridge from Carmen saying she’d gone grocery shopping and would be back later.

She rummaged around for a snack, but it was tasteless on her lips. She chased it down with water and walked over to the window to look out. Seth and Zane were nowhere to be seen. She set her glass down in the sink when she heard the front doorbell.

With a frown, she turned around to go answer the door. They didn’t get many visitors out this way, though it could be J.T. dropping in. If Seth and Zane weren’t around, he wouldn’t just barge in the house.

She gripped the knob and swung it open, startled to see a man standing on the doorstep, an odd expression on his face. He was handsome, maybe around Seth’s age. His hair was the same dark shade of brown, almost-black that hers was, and when she stared into his eyes, she saw her own looking back at her.

“Jasmine, my God, is it you?” he said in a strained voice.

He started forward, enfolding her stiff figure in his arms. She panicked and broke away, backing into the house as fast as she could go.

She bumped into Zane who wrapped a protective arm around her to steady her.

“Jaz, honey are you okay?”

“Who is he?” she stammered out, pointing toward the door.

Once he saw the man inside the door, he shoved Jasmine behind him.

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house?” Zane demanded as he advanced menacingly.

“Zane, back off,” Seth said in a quiet voice.

Jasmine turned to see Seth standing behind her, a strange look on his face. It almost looked like fear.

“It’s her brother,” Seth explained.

Jasmine returned her gaze to the man standing just a few feet away. Her mouth fell open as shock spilled over her. Then she turned back to Seth.

“How could you?” she whispered. “Did you want me gone so badly?” She wrenched away from Zane, who had reached out to take her hand. She ran for the stairs, uncaring of the pain in her ankle.

Seth watched her go in despair. There was no way she’d forgive him for this. If he lived to be a hundred, he’d never forget the look of absolute hurt in her eyes.

“I take it I haven’t come at a good time,” her brother said.

“You weren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow,” Seth said pointedly. “I hadn’t gotten a chance to tell Jasmine about you yet.”

The man sighed. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I couldn’t wait any longer to see her.”

Seth walked forward. “I’m Seth Morgan. This is my brother Zane.”

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