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Seth pulled her closer until her face was buried in his chest. He laid his cheek on the top of her head and breathed in deep.

The door flew open, and Seth pushed her away almost guiltily. Jasmine turned to see Zane standing in the doorway, his expression relieved.

“Thank God, you’re okay,” he said.

Seth stiffened beside her and started to move away. “I’ll leave you two alone,” he said in a low voice.

“Don’t go,” she pleaded, knowing this was it. Do or die time.

He paused and looked at her with uncertainty written in his expression. “What are you asking, Jasmine?”

“Make love to me,” she whispered. “Both of you. I need you both so much. You were wrong. This is where I belong. With you. Both of you.”

There was calm acceptance on Zane’s face. Seth’s was a wreath of torture. He was torn, and she could see that despite his objections, despite all that he’d said, he wanted her. She moved forward, her intent to make it as easy on him as possible.

She melted into his arms. At first he didn’t respond, but when she trembled and faltered on her bad ankle, he caught her against him.

“You don’t know what you’re asking me to do,” he said hoarsely.

“I’m only asking you to love me,” she said softly.

She reached up on tip toe to brush her mouth across his. As he pulled her to him, she turned her head to look at Zane. She pleaded silently for him to understand, to accept. All she could see was answering desire.

Seth slid his hands from her back to the front of her belly. He tugged impatiently at her damp shirt. Zane stepped behind her and took it from Seth, pulling it the rest of the way over her head.

While Seth began shoving the baggy pair of sweats that J.T. had loaned her down her legs, Zane nudged her hair to one side and pressed his lips to her neck.

Instead of having her step out of the sweats, Seth simply lifted her and carried her to the bed. He set her down, and she leaned up, wanting to touch him, undress him as he’d undressed her. This was her fantasy, damn it, and she wasn’t going to lie back and let it be dictated by someone else.

Behind Seth, Zane was already shrugging out of his jeans. Her mouth watered when she saw his c**k slide free of the confining denim.

She worked at Seth’s button then slid the zipper down. He aided her by taking his shirt off as she worked his jeans down over his hips.

“Pull it out for me,” she whispered. “I want to see you.”

He hesitated only for a moment before sliding his hand into his underwear. He pushed down the material then lifted his cock, holding it in his palm just inches from her mouth.

She reached out to cup his sac. She splayed out her fingers and stroked upward, finding the thick vein on the underside of his dick. She leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the blunt crown.

He flinched and issued a small grunt. She fisted him, moving her hand up and down as she sucked him deeper into her mouth.

The bed dipped behind her, and soon, Zane’s hands trailed down her back, down to cup the globes of her ass. He spread them and sent his fingers seeking into the wetness of her pussy.

She closed her eyes, urged Seth deeper and let out a small moan of pleasure as Zane’s fingers found her sweet spot. She rose up the teeniest bit to give Zane better access. She gripped Seth’s h*ps and continued to suck him.

“On your knees,” Zane said huskily. “Higher, baby.”

She complied and positioned herself higher on her knees as Seth backed away to give her room. As she reached for Seth’s c**k again, Zane spread her with his fingers and moved to straddle her

She moaned as both men slid into her body at the same time. Zane’s fingers dug into her h*ps as Seth’s wrapped into her hair. They moved in unison, both thrusting deep. Then they began an alternating rhythm where one withdrew as the other thrust forward.

Seth reached underneath to cup both her br**sts as he sank to the back of her throat. His thumbs brushed repeatedly over her taut ni**les as Zane reached around to finger her clit.

She was bombarded by electric sensations. They fit together like lost pieces of a puzzle. They completed her in a way she’d never dreamed.

“Turn around,” Seth said hoarsely. “I want that sweet pussy.”

Zane withdrew, and she rotated around. Seth grasped her h*ps and in one motion, buried himself deep. She braced herself on her knees and cried out as pleasure burned her veins.

Zane lay back and reached for her head. He pulled her down until he thrust into her mouth. The taste startled her. It was her.

“Fuck, that’s sexy,” Zane muttered. “Lick me, baby. Taste your pleasure.”

She sucked up and down, listening to his sighs of contentment. The slap of Seth’s thighs against her ass grew loud in the quiet room. Each thrust pushed her further against Zane.

Zane stroked her hair, pulling it away from her face as he watched his c**k disappear into her mouth. He seemed fascinated with the sight.

Seth surged deeper and deeper, and she could feel her orgasm burning, tightening, climbing higher and higher. She didn’t want to go yet. She wanted it to last. She tensed and put a hand back to make Seth stop. He chuckled and slammed into her, holding himself deep.

“Let go, baby,” he said huskily. “I guarantee it won’t be your only orgasm of the night.”

She squeezed around his c**k as he pulled away again. Zane reached for her nipple as she pushed her mouth down over his cock. She closed her eyes as tiny little firework shows began popping in her abdomen.

Seth began thrusting wildly against her, and she lost what vestige of control she had remaining. She cried out around Zane’s c**k as they both drove deep.

She splintered, slowly, then faster, the tension in her pu**y cracking and exploding. Warmth shot through her belly, spread throughout her body in one endless flush.

She was on a course to crash land, and she didn’t care. She free fell from a cliff with no safety net in sight. As the room shifted and tilted around her, she closed her eyes and sucked Zane deep.

For several long moments, she merely existed, feeling nothing but the most intense pleasure as both men rocked against her.

Finally her muscles went limp and she sagged. Seth caught her h*ps and eased his movements until he slid back and forth with exquisite tenderness.

Seth pulled her away from Zane and turned her with his hands. “Lay down, baby,” he said huskily.

Zane got to his feet and reached for her shoulders, positioning her so her head hung over the edge. Seth crawled up onto the bed and eased between her legs.

“Just lay back and let us take care of you,” Zane crooned.

His words were such a sweet balm. Words she’d waited forever to hear.

Zane rubbed the head of his c**k over her lips, coaxing her to open for him. When she did, he slid deeper. His hands crept to her jaw, holding her as he gently f**ked her mouth.

Seth ran his fingers over the seam of her pu**y and parted the sensitive folds. She still quivered from her orgasm and each touch sent a jolt of almost painful sensation through her pelvis.

He reached underneath her to cup her ass, opening her further to him. Zane palmed her br**sts and plucked lightly at her nipples, oh-so-sensitive from her orgasm. Seth pushed forward, planting himself deep inside her body.

They both rode her, at first with sensual decadence, their rhythm slow and restrained. But as their breathing grew sharper, their pace increased. Their thrusts became harder, their hands became more seeking.

Unbelievably, she felt the stirrings of another orgasm. Sweet, thrilling, delicious. Seth pulled her legs up, holding them high over his arms. He pumped against her as Zane filled her mouth over and over.

She squirmed underneath them and wondered how the hell they were holding out so long when she was well on her way to her second orgasm. And to think she’d been worried about it all being over in thirty seconds. If they wanted to give her multiple orgasms, who was she to complain?

“I’m going to come,” Zane whispered. “Tell me if you want me to pull out.”

She shook her head vigorously and sucked him deeper. She wanted all of him. Wanted to taste him, wanted to give him the same satisfaction she’d found.

His fingers tightened at her br**sts and then they flew to her face. He held her tightly and let out a sexy groan. Hot fluid spurted against the back of her throat. It filled her mouth, and she swallowed rapidly as more splashed against her tongue.

He thrust deep as the last of his orgasm danced in her mouth. He held himself there for a long moment as his h*ps jerked and quivered. Then he pulled away, and she licked the thin trickle of fluid from her lips.

Zane immediately moved to the bed and bent his dark head to her breasts. His hair brushed the tips as he positioned himself so that he could access either nipple.

As Seth continued his erotic assault on her pussy, Zane sucked one nipple deeply into his mouth. She arched into him and cried out. His hand found her other nipple and he twisted it between his fingers.

“Oh God, I’m going to come again,” she gasped out.

“Then come,” Seth gritted out. “I’m close, baby. Come with me.”

She didn’t need any encouragement. As Seth pounded between her legs, her orgasm built sharply, much faster than her first. It was on her almost before she was aware that she was hurtling over the summit.

Seth called her name just as she felt him strain against her. A flood of warmth filled her, and still it came. She hovered, buzzing and burning. And then she went off like a sling shot.

Zane sucked lazily at her breasts, and she raised a weak arm so she could trail her hand through his hair. Such sweet contentment. Seth slowly eased from between her legs and crawled onto the bed beside her.

He lay down, propped on one elbow, and Zane pulled away from her nipple. Strong hands caressed and petted her skin, her tired muscles. Their touch was loving, tender. She arched and purred like a kitten.

“Want a bath?” Seth murmured.

Instead of instilling panic, the idea pleased her. She nodded and he leaned down to kiss her.

“I’ll draw you some water, but don’t take too long. I’m already hungry for you again.”

She shivered at the promise in his voice. “Maybe I’ll just take a quick shower.”

She started to get up, and when she put weight on her ankle, she grimaced. She hadn’t done it any favors by all the walking she’d done today.

Zane was there. He swept her up into his arms and started for the bathroom. To her surprise, Seth followed behind. Seth reached in to turn on the water and Zane stood back, still holding her tight in his arms as he waited for the water to grow warm.

Seth motioned for Zane to move forward but when he got to the shower, Seth reached for Jasmine. “I’ll take her,” he said in a low voice.

Zane set her down and kissed the top of her head before ambling back toward the bedroom.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Seth stepped into the shower and pulled Jasmine in after him. His arms folded around her as the hot spray rained down on them. He nuzzled her neck as his hands slid down her body to cup her ass.

He seemed insatiable, like he couldn’t get enough of her. As if he’d waited forever, like she’d waited for him.

Her legs trembled and her knees buckled. If he hadn’t been holding her, she would be in a puddle in the bottom of the shower.

He soaped her body, paying special attention to her br**sts and nipples. Then he ran his hands between her legs and gently washed the tender folds. A few minutes later, he nudged her from the shower and proceeded to dry her with a towel. Instead of wrapping the ends around her, he dropped it on the floor and stood back, looking at her na**d body.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said hoarsely. “So young and wild. How can any man ever hope to keep you?”

Her brow furrowed at his words. She wanted to protest, to tell him she was his, but her effort was stifled when his lips crashed down on hers.

“You’re mine,” he said. “For tonight you’re mine to take as I want.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He cupped her face in his hands. “Go into the bedroom. Get on the bed. When I come in there, I want you to be sucking Zane’s cock. Ass in the air. Waiting for me.”

Her eyes widened but she nodded.

“You wanted to be between us, like the other women,” he said. “It’s time you found out just what that entailed.”

She swallowed and nodded again.


She turned and walked into the bedroom where Zane was lying on the bed. He was a beautiful sight to behold, all wild and bold, legs outstretched. His hand was on his cock, stroking, his eyes half-lidded.

She walked to the bed, mindful of Seth’s instructions. She crawled between Zane’s legs, letting her hair fall over his legs.

She watched for a moment, the slow up and down movement of Zane’s hand as he gripped his c**k tighter. His legs were thick and muscular, and they rippled as he arched his hips. His c**k was surrounded by jet black hair, and his heavy sac tightened and loosened with each upward tug.

She lowered her head and ran her tongue up the length. He shuddered and let go with his hand so she could continue her upward path. When she reached the tip, she closed her mouth around it and sucked him deep.

His hands tangled in her hair, pulling her closer. She almost forgot Seth’s second instruction as she lost herself in the taste and feel of Zane.

She spread her legs and arched her ass in the air.

“Good girl,” Seth purred.

She turned her head, letting Zane’s c**k slide from her mouth. Seth stood beside the bed, his eyes burning with arousal. He reached out and trailed his hand over her back and then over the curve of her ass.

“Go back to what you were doing,” Seth murmured.

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