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I don’t hear anything, I told Luc.

Interesting. He’s thinking about how beautiful Kat looks and—yikes, I am not repeating what I hear now. Luc’s brows lifted. Maybe it’s unique to us, because of my healing attempts and the other serums.

If it was unique to us, then could that mean the other Trojans would be unable to communicate this way or hear others’ thoughts? If so, Luc and I had a leg up on the other Trojans. Or it could mean that other Trojans could hear the thoughts of all others like Luc could, and I was somewhat defective because of the other serums.

You’re not defective.

I shot a look at Luc. Get out of my head.

He grinned.

What we needed was another Trojan. That was the only way to test many of our theories or find any answers, but that was likely not going to happen.

“I think Adam knew you were coming,” came Kat’s voice from the end of the hall. “He’s usually napping at this time of the day, but he’s been awake.”

Since Origins were all a little different, that could be possible.

“Then he must be as excited as I am,” Luc responded as he stepped into the room. I lingered back.

Kat looked up from where she sat, rocking gently in the chair, hair swept up in a knot that looked as messy as mine felt and cheeks flushed a healthy pink. The baby was nestled against Kat’s chest, looking and blinking at whatever babies looked at.

Without the little blanket hoodie, I saw that the baby boy had a lot of thick, dark hair. A head full of it!

Kat smiled as her husband crossed the room, dropping a kiss on her cheek and then the top of his son’s head. She rose from the chair, the pale blue dress gliding around her feet as she walked forward, stopping in front of Luc, who stood as if spellbound.


Rising onto the tips of her toes, Kat kissed his cheek, silencing him. “Thank you,” she whispered, her eyes glimmering with tears as she stepped back. “Those two words aren’t nearly enough, but thank you.”

I pressed my lips together as I inhaled sharply through my nose. Luc slowly shook his head, and I knew he was about to give her the same line he’d given me, but Kat was having none of that.

“Losing him would’ve killed us in the worst possible ways, and I don’t know if we would’ve recovered from that, but the three of us are here because of you,” she told him. “And I wish there were some way we could repay you—some way that you could truly understand the depths of our gratitude.”

Luc was still speechless and back to being as still as a tomb, so I intervened. “He likes grilled cheese sandwiches.”

Kat’s gaze darted to me, eyebrows raising.

“A lot,” I added. “Like, so much so, he’s in a committed, long-term relationship with them. A lifetime supply of them would go a long way to proving your gratitude.”

Kat smiled as she glanced over at Daemon while Luc’s shoulders began to relax. “I think we can make that work. Right, babe?”

“I can cook up a mean grilled cheese,” he said.

Thank you, came Luc’s soft reply.

I blinked back the dampness in my eyes. Now I don’t have to worry about making you any.

He sent me a grin over his shoulder and a look that said he knew better.

Kat turned slightly, and at that moment, little Adam stretched out a tiny, chubby arm toward Luc as his little head bobbed and weaved behind Kat’s hand. He let out a soft baby noise. “I think he wants to say hello.”

Before Luc could do or say anything, Kat was tucking the baby into Luc’s arms. “Just make sure you support his head. Like this.” Kat made it so that Luc’s arm and then his hand formed a cradle. “There you go. You’re a pro.”

Luc looked like he’d been handed a bomb.

“Oh yeah, you look like a natural,” Daemon remarked.

Kat sent a look at Daemon that made him chuckle. “He’s doing just fine.” She smiled up at Luc. “You’re doing great.”

“He’s really small,” was all Luc said.

“Sure didn’t feel like that four days ago,” she replied wryly, and I barely managed to hide my cringe.

Creeping closer, I could see that the baby was staring up at Luc with eyes identical to his. Adam was incredibly quiet as his sock-covered feet wiggled.

“I think he likes you,” Daemon said. “Which is really going to tick off Archer. The moment he gets near, Adam scrunches up his face and starts wailing.”

“That’s my boy.” Luc’s grin was slow as he turned to me. “Want to hold him?”

“Nope!” I held up my hands. “No offense, but I do not trust myself not to do something wrong.”

“I thought the same thing the first time I held him.” Kat reached out, touching my arm. “I’m so glad to see that you’re doing well. We were so worried.”

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