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He tucked away another fine strand of hair. “Probably. I know it takes a while for hybrids. Just promise me that if you start to feel weird or dizzy or anything, you’ll let me know immediately.”

“I promise.”

Running his fingers along my jaw, he tilted my head back. “I feel like I should apologize.”

“For what?”

“I woke you up this morning.”

I frowned. “You did?”

He nodded. “When I woke up, you were still sleeping and you were so still against me, I had this moment of panic, thinking you weren’t going to wake up again. So, I just about shouted your name. I’m surprised you didn’t wake up screaming.”

“Luc.” My heart squeezed. “You don’t have to apologize. I would’ve done the same.”

“Remember you said this after a year or so of me shouting your name in panic in the mornings.”

“I’ll remember.”

Lowering his head, he kissed me, and each kiss since yesterday felt different—sweeter and heavier with promises. I stepped into him, gripping the front of his shirt. The sound rumbling from deep within him sent a shiver curling its way down my spine.

Evie. Luc smiled against my lips. “If we don’t leave now, we’re not going to be leaving for quite some time.”

“That doesn’t sound like a bad thing,” I said, eyes still closed. “Does it?”

“No.” He slid his hand over my hip. “It sounds like all the best dreams coming true.”

My nose brushed his as I tilted my head. “But…?”

“But we’re going to be mature and responsible,” he said with a sigh so disgusted, it drew a grin from me. “You want to get your abilities in tip-top shape. Prioritize, Peaches.”

“You kissed me.”

“Your lips were begging mine.”

Laughing, I opened my eyes and pulled away. “Come on.”

He caught my hand in his, and we walked out the front door into the bright, sunny November morning. The skies were such a clear blue, and the clouds fluffy and low. I yearned to capture it on camera. As we made our way down the driveway, I fantasized about replacing all the angel paintings with photographs of the sky, some in color and others in black and white. Alas, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

“Want to race?” I asked at the end of the driveway. We were going to the same place as before, the old packing warehouse.

“I thought we’d make a pit stop first. Unlike you, I haven’t gotten the chance to really check out the newest addition to the world,” Luc said. “It was probably a minute or so after he was born that I heard Grayson.”

“That’s fine with me.” I’d told Luc about the surprise meet and greet, but I hadn’t mentioned what Daemon had told me last night about what Luc had done. “You’re amazing, you know that, right?”

“Obviously.” He squeezed my hand. “But what made you decide to finally acknowledge it?”

“I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the first time I’ve acknowledged that.” We crossed the front lawns, heading for where the curtain was already parted. “But I know what you did for their baby.”

“Oh.” He was looking up, at the sky. “I didn’t do much. Nothing to be impressed over.”

“Nothing to be impressed over? You kept the baby stable. How were you able to do that?”

He stopped just below the porch steps. “I got lucky. We all got lucky that it was a compressed umbilical cord—something physical and not something biological. If so, there would have been nothing any of us could’ve done.”

I looked up at him, keeping my voice low. “I think everyone got lucky that you were here.”

His gaze lowered to me. “All I did was do what I could. I kept the baby’s breathing steady. That’s all.”

And that kept the child alive, but to hear Luc speak, it was like he’d simply helped unload groceries or something.

Stretching up, I kissed his cheek, and when I rocked back onto my feet, he watched me. I tugged on his hand, and he followed me up the porch.

Daemon answered the door before we knocked. “Look who’s blessing us with their presence.”

Luc smiled. “I knew you were probably missing me.”

The Luxen chuckled. “Like a hole in the head.”

“That might actually be an improvement,” Luc replied.

“He’s here to see the baby,” I jumped in before the two devolved into a “who could out-snark the other” contest.

“Is he jealous that you saw him first?” Daemon asked.

I nodded.

“I’m going to start calling you Benedict Peaches Arnold,” Luc muttered.

That made me snort-laugh.

“You’re in luck.” Daemon closed the door behind us. “Adam is awake.”

“It’s because he’s eager to meet me.”

I rolled my eyes as we followed Daemon back to the bedroom. Once again, I was a little awed by the number of books in this house.

Can you hear any of Daemon’s thoughts right now? Luc’s voice made me jump, and I looked at him.

I hadn’t heard anything the night before, but it wasn’t like I’d been trying then. Focusing on Daemon’s back, I concentrated and heard nothing.

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