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I smiled at them. “She’s incredibly strong. I’d probably be hiding in a bathroom, sobbing in panic if I were in her place.”

Daemon chuckled as he looked at me. “Kat said the same thing more than once, just so you know.” He turned, angling his body so I could see Adam’s face. “Looks like me, doesn’t he?”

Opening my mouth, I wasn’t sure what to say. The little, scrunched red face didn’t look like either Daemon or Kat. In fact, he looked like a little, tired old man. And then his eyes widened from the sleepy, thin slits. I couldn’t see the color, but I knew they’d be a stunning shade of amethyst. I saw his pupils, though. Diamond white. He gave me a rather judgy look for a four-day-old infant.

“Um…” I shook my head. “He looks like you?”

“Right answer,” he replied. “By the way, glad to see you up and moving around and not dead.”

I blinked.

“Luc would’ve been … well, ‘a real pain in the ass for the entire world to deal with’ would be an understatement if he lost you again,” he went on, and I couldn’t help but think of our conversation back at Luc’s club. “Hell, he was about out of his mind when I checked in with him.”

“You stopped by?” Shock splashed through my system.

Daemon nodded as he swayed. “Got about halfway into the house each time before Luc made me leave. I think he was afraid I was going to make things worse. Can’t exactly blame him for that, all things considered.”

I was struck speechless.

“Anyway, Viv updated Kat and me earlier. Said you were awake and doing well. We were going to stop by, but she suggested we give you guys some time.” That admittedly downright charming grin appeared again. “I told Kat that about three times since Viv left. Figured Luc wouldn’t want any interruptions. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want any if Kat had been sleeping for four days.”

“She wanted to come over? After giving birth? With the baby?”

He looked at me as if he were wondering where exactly the baby would be if not with them. “She’s been worried about you.”

“But she just gave birth,” I whisper-yelled like he didn’t know.

“Like I said, my girl is a warrior goddess.”

“Yeah. Yeah, she is.” I was half-afraid, but I had to ask. “Why are you not worried about me being so close to your baby now? You don’t want me here, and I totally get it. I’m working on controlling the Source, and I knew who I was when I woke up, but I get it. I do.”

Moonlight sliced over his face as he lifted his chin. “Not sure if you know this or not, but I wouldn’t be standing here holding my child if not for Luc. Adam decided to come into the world his own way, feetfirst. There was a lot of bleeding and the umbilical cord was cramped and he was losing oxygen. He could’ve suffocated. Luc made sure that didn’t happen. He saved my son’s life, and there’s no way I could ever repay him for that. No way at all.” Voice rough, he dipped his head, kissing the top of the llama head. “The very least I could do is be a little less of a paranoid dick about his girl.”

The back of my throat burned as a knot of emotion lodged itself right there.

“But that also doesn’t mean I stopped worrying,” he added in a tone that was surprisingly gentle. “I saw what you are capable of. I felt it. I hope for everyone’s sake nothing comes from that worrying.”

Easily recalling Kat’s warning, I nodded. “I will do everything I can to make that the case.”

“I know.” There was a stretch of silence. “You probably should get back inside soon. If Luc wakes up and finds you gone, God only knows what he’ll do, but it will likely be loud and make all my hard work here with Adam go to waste.”

Grinning as the baby gurgled sleepily, I nodded. “You’re probably right.”

“Usually,” he replied, and there was a hint of a teasing grin.

“Well, I hope the night is a quiet one and all of you get some rest.”

“I hope so myself, but if it’s not…” He looked down at the top of the baby’s covered head. His features softened, impossibly so. “Wouldn’t trade a damn second of this for anything.”

Oh my goodness.

My heart imploded into goo.

“Good night,” Daemon murmured, completely unaware that I was melting like chocolate on a hot summer day. He turned, his large hand still protectively folded around the back of his son’s head as he began whispering to the sleeping child about someone called Princess Snowbird.

Watching him disappear back up the driveway and through the canopied carport, I thought that we’d actually had a decent conversation.

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