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Still staring at my hand—at me—he shook his head. “Dawson and I had gone after the other members of SOL. I saw the aftermath of what you did in the woods, and I know what Steven claimed, but…”

“Seeing is a whole different type of believing,” Luc finished for him.

“I’ve never seen anything like that.” Ultrabright blue eyes lifted to mine. “You would have the abilities of both, to use the Source to push outward and to draw it in.”

“I guess.” I closed my palm, and the Source flickered out of existence. Oh no. “I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“That’s common,” Luc assured me. “If you’re not using it for something, you’ll have to make it stay there. How do you feel?”

I shrugged. “Normal, I guess.”

“No urge to kill us?” Luc asked. “Well, no urge to kill me?”

Grayson arched a brow, appearing entirely unimpressed with that statement.

I, on the other hand, thought it kind of sucked that the question had to be asked. “Not at the moment.”

Luc grinned. “Call on it again.”

Nodding, I did, and I felt the spark—the taut pull from the center of my chest and then the rush of energy. The shadowy light erupted over my hand.

I lifted my hand, turning it slightly as I stared at the display of the Source. Completely awed by what I was able to do on command, I felt a little weak-kneed and silly, but this was …

God, a handful of months ago, I would’ve laughed in the face of anyone who suggested I was able to do such a thing.

“Now I want you to make it go away,” Luc instructed. “You can do this several ways—”

I pictured it vanishing, and the Source did just that, flickered and then faded out.

“Okay.” Luc laughed.

Smiling like a fool, I curled my fingers inward. “I just pictured it disappearing in my mind.”

“That was one of the ways I was going to suggest.” Leaning against the bench, he folded his arms. “Do it again. Summon it and then make it go away.”

I did it again and again, so many times that I lost count, and each time I did, the glittering dots appeared. Grayson went through four Blow Pops, leaving me to wonder multiple times how many of those things he had in his pocket.

Luc didn’t move on from that until there was no doubt I could control summoning the Source. Then he found an empty white carton, placing it on the center of the table. He faced me. “I want you to move this carton. You don’t need to summon the Source for this, but it works the same. You want the carton to move. Picture it happening.”

Ignoring my grumbling stomach, I turned to the table. Once more, I found myself wondering if it was really going to be that easy. Picture it, and they will come. I swallowed a giggle.

“Focus,” Luc ordered softly. “You should try to focus.”

“You know, I’m going to be really annoyed if I picture that box moving and it does. Because that means I’ve lost days of being incredibly lazy.”


“I could’ve been willing doors to open and close, clothing to unfold, peanut butter jars to come to me,” I explained. “I could just lie in bed all day and will food to enter my mouth.”

“Such lofty goals you have.” Grayson had returned to his cable spool and his high horse.

“I don’t know of a goal any loftier than having food come to me while I’m in bed,” I retorted.

“Let me guess, you haven’t even tried to see if you could move anything?” Grayson snorted as he peeled a wrapper on another Blow Pop. “I thought every human tried that at least daily.”

I rolled my eyes. “We try that every once in a while. Not every single day.” Well, at least I didn’t, because the disappointment of not being able to move things with my mind was real. “And no, I haven’t since everything happened.”


Forget that stupid white carton. I pictured the cable spool sliding out from underneath Grayson.

Nothing happened.

“Evie,” Luc warned, but he sounded like he was choking on laughter.

Grayson looked up from his Blow Pop. “What?” He lowered the sucker. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” I lied.

“Are you trying to do something to me?” The Luxen laughed. “I’m not remotely worried.” He popped the lollipop into his mouth. “At all. Want to know why? Moving objects is one of the hardest things even for the youngest and brightest of Luxen to learn and control. You might’ve been trained and all that, but obviously you have no recollection. So, go ahead. Give me something to laugh about, because this is getting incredibly boring.”

Oh, I was so going to give him something, all right, because it struck me then that picturing anything moving wasn’t the key. It was the intent behind it. The will. Most importantly, it was knowing that I could.

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