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I couldn’t speak, but even if I could, Luc was now gone, so I couldn’t tell him he was wrong. He’d given me everything, because I remembered.

I remembered everything.Read on for an exclusive bonus scene featuringDAEMONNever in my whole damn life had I ever been so scared.

I thought it had been the moment I realized Kat had gone out there by herself, baiting that Arum to protect my sister and I.

I’d been wrong.

When I realized Blake had been working for the Daedalus, I’d been scared out of my mind for her, and when Will, the man who had used her mother to get to her—to us—had her in that cage, I’d been terrified for the nightmares I knew those hours would leave behind.

I’d been wrong.

Even when the Daedalus had her and everything messed up thing they did and all that came out after that, I’d thought I could never be more scared that she would be ripped away from me.

I’d been so damn wrong.

Now I knew.

Because the hours of pain and too many close calls as Kat struggled to bring our child into this world had truly been the most frightening moments of my life. And each time I felt her heart slowed to a sluggish beat, I thought that was it. She was an incredibly strong hybrid, and I was one of the most powerful Luxen in the world, but when her gray eyes had started to lose their focus, I was terrified that it wouldn’t be enough.

And as much as it killed me to admit, it wouldn’t have been.

The tiny body against my chest squirmed, drawing my gaze. My son. Our son. Wrapped in a white blanket, he was so tiny. I didn’t realize infants were this damn small. I bet he fit in both of my palms. Not that I would try. God knows I was too afraid of dropping him.

Or breathing too heavily.

Or thinking too loudly.

He was asleep, and even now, his little legs and arms pumped under the blanket, as if he was ready to get out there and take on the world.

Just like his momma.

My gaze lifted from the wrinkling little face. Soft candlelight flickered throughout the room, dancing over Kat’s cheek. Color had already begun to work its way back into her skin. There had been moments where she’d be too pale, when there had been too much blood. She was already healing.

Thanks to Luc.

I looked down at my son and it was like someone had punched a hole through my chest.

If Luc hadn’t been here, Kat wouldn’t have pulled through. She would’ve died. I would’ve gone with her, and if our son had survived, he would’ve done so without the people who loved him more than all the stars in the sky could.

Quietly, I turned to the wall that faced the house Luc and Nadia were in. Evie, I corrected myself for the umteenth time. Her name was Evie now. One of these days I would stop referring to her as Nadia.

Probably a long time from now.

But I needed to try.

I owed Luc … I owed him everything. He was why we were still here, healthy and whole.

Worry crept into my thoughts. I had no idea what happened to her, and all I knew was that she hadn’t woken up, no matter what Luc did. If something happened to her…

Well, the Daedalus would be the least of the world’s problems.

Right now I couldn’t go there.

That would be a bridge I hoped to never have to cross. I hoped it all worked out. Luc infuriated the hell out of me, but he deserved happiness just as much as Kat and I do. He deserved to have his girl by his side.

Kat stirred under the blanket. One pale foot stuck out. I grinned as her toes curled. Any other time I would’ve grabbed that foot of hers. She would wake up swinging, thinking a demon or some crap got her. Courtesy of all those books she read, she had one hell of a vivid imagination. I would’ve made up for it, starting with that foot and following the length of one curvy leg.

Come to think of it, something similar was why I now held our son in my arms.

My smile grew.

Damn if I didn’t get a little lost staring at her. Always did. Awe filled me once more. How she handled everything amazed me. Even when I knew she hurt, when I could feel her heart failing, she had held on to my hand with such strength.

Time and time again she proved that I wasn’t worthy of her, and I was so damn lucky to have her. To have this.

Bow-shaped lips puckered and his little brow furrowed. Was he dreaming? Did infants even dream? I had no idea, but if he dreamed, I wanted them to be good ones. Rocking him gently until his forehead smoothed out, I had a feeling Kat and I were going to have our hands full with Adam.

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