The Brightest Night (Origin 3) - Page 191

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A tiny bit of hope sparked, but …

But what if it did work? It was too much of risk, because if it did, there was no going back. And if the Daedalus knew what everyone was doing here, then they had to be confident that this device would work. Because if not, they’d just exposed their knowledge of them. They’d lost the advantage of a surprise attack, and there would be no way Morton would make it out alive.

I scrambled for a way out of this. There had to be something.

Too bad no one ever got those elephant tranquilizers Zoe had joked about. If I were knocked out, then at least I wouldn’t be a danger—

I knew.

I knew what could work. “Just let me say goodbye to Luc.”

“Evie,” Luc started. “You don’t—”

“Please,” I cut him off as I sent him the message. You need to take the Source from me. “Just let me say goodbye.”

There was no response from Luc as Morton laughed. “I’m supposed to trust you?”

“What can I do? I attack you, you hit the button. Any of them attack you, you hit the button,” I reasoned. If he hits the button, I will be completely drained. I might still activate, but I won’t be able to hurt any of you. “Please,” I pleaded of both Morton and Luc. “I just want to say goodbye.”

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Grayson and Daemon exchange looks.

“Please,” I whispered. You’ll be able to take him out, and you’ll be able to handle me. Keep me contained until you figure out what to do with me or—

There will be no other option, came his swift response. I will bring you back.

But if you can’t, you have to take care of me. You won’t have long. I’ll probably sleep eventually, but when I wake up, I’ll be at full strength.

“You can say goodbye,” Morton said, and I nearly sagged with relief. “But one wrong move, and that’s it.”

“Thank you,” the words tumbled from me as I turned to Daemon and Grayson. “Don’t do anything. Please. Just let me say goodbye.”

Daemon stared at me like I was out of my mind, but Grayson nodded, and I knew he sensed Luc and I were up to something. He was going along with it.

“Go,” Morton urged. “Make it quick.”

My steps were jerky as I walked the short distance to Luc, my heart thundering as my gaze met his. Fury swirled in his eyes as static crackled harmlessly off my skin.

Promise me. I stopped in front of him as I placed my hands on his chest. If I don’t come back from this, please do not let me become a real monster.

He cupped my cheek, his voice rough. “Evie.”

“Nadia,” I whispered, soaking in his features and committing them to a memory I hoped I didn’t lose. “That’s who I am.”

Luc shuddered, eyes squeezing closed and then reopening. His pupils so white and large, it nearly swallowed his entire iris. “Nadia.”

I nodded. “I love you.”

He dropped his forehead to mine as he folded his arm around my waist. Promise me, I told him. Promise me you won’t let me turn into something I’d hate.

Luc hauled me to his chest, fitting my body to his. I inhaled deeply, letting his scent wrap around me, and when his lips touched mine, a sob shook me. He slid his hand from my cheek, down my throat. I leaned back just enough for him to fit his hand between us. His palm flattened against my chest. I kissed him back, tears streaming down my face as I clutched at his shoulders. My pulse felt like a trapped butterfly.

I love you, he said, and I felt the power of what he felt in his kiss. I love you with every breath I take, Nadia. I will bring you back.

I shuddered as his palm warmed against my chest. I felt the first soft tugging motion, and then it was stronger, harder. My body started to jerk, but Luc held me closer, stilling me and silencing the sharp cry building in my throat as the Source roared to the surface and then contracted rapidly, rippling back through my veins. Bright light flashed around Luc. There was a shout, and my heart seized.

Promise me, Luc. I started to fill dizzy. Promise you’ll end this.

He kissed harder, deeper. Tongues and teeth clashed, and I didn’t care. I wanted to remember this, remember him and then—

Never, he promised. I will never give up on you.

My eyes flew open as I realized what he’d promised, and that was not to do what needed to be done if I couldn’t come back as me from this.

If he didn’t, then this would be all for nothing. Once I regained my power, he wouldn’t be able to contain me. He wouldn’t stop me, and I would become what he feared he already was.

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