The Brightest Night (Origin 3) - Page 155

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I still had no idea what to make of what Luc had said before he’d left or my conversation with Grayson last night. I also wondered if Grayson ever slept.

“Oh Lord, here comes my most favorite person in the world,” Viv grumbled, and I barely squelched my laugh as he walked in. “To whom or what do we owe the pleasure of your visit, Sir Grayson?”

Grayson arched a brow. “I doubt you find any pleasure from my visits.”

“Nuh-uh,” she replied about as convincing as a kid with their hand shoved into a cookie jar.

That ultrabright blue gaze slid from her to me. “I have news.”

I sat up straight. “About?”

“I just heard that a group arrived. One of them is a human female with extremely bright red hair.”

Jumping from the stool, I was sure my heart had stopped. “It’s Heidi? Emery?”

“Unless you know of some other red-haired human girl that I would come tell you about, then I’m assuming yes.”

“Oh my God.” I spun toward Viv. “I’m sorry to do this, but can I—”

“It’s totally cool. Go!” Viv shooed me, waving her hands. “Get out of here.”

I whirled around to Grayson, nearly consumed with happiness and relief. “Where are they?”

“At the entry house.”

“Thank you.”

I didn’t wait for his response—for anything else. I ran out the door, crossing the parking lot, and then I really picked up speed, knowing exactly where I was going. I ran as fast I had when I’d raced Luc. Wind tugged at my ponytail, tore at my clothing. I knew I was moving fast, but I could feel the presence of a Luxen close. Grayson was following.

I cut through the wooded area, not thinking about the last time I’d been there. In less than a minute, I was rushing past the two patches of disturbed earth that had been left behind when I’d sucked Grayson and Luc down into the ground.

Slowing down so I didn’t burst through a wall, I bounded up the steps and in through the open door. I probably should’ve called out or something, because barging into anyone’s house was rude, but my heart was thumping against my ribs as I heard voices—male voices and a softer, feminine one.

I stepped into the dining room and got a quick glimpse of the table, but I had to look away. It looked normal now. A white tablecloth covered it, and for one morbid second, I wondered if Spencer’s blood had stained it.

Pushing the thought aside, I followed the voices into the kitchen. My extra-special senses were firing off. There was a dark-haired Luxen male standing just inside, the rainbow aura briefly blurring his features. A fainter buzz signaled a hybrid was also nearby, but it was the vibrant crimson hair I zeroed in on.

“Heidi!” I cried out.

She spun toward me, a smile breaking out across her face. “Evie! Oh my God! Evie!”

I crossed the distance in a nanosecond. Like, for real. Fast enough that I caught the wide-eyed look of surprise right before I crashed into Heidi, throwing my arms around her. “I’ve been so worried about you and Emery! Oh my God, you have no idea! I was so afraid something happened and I wouldn’t know what to do. Wait. Where is Emery?”

“Right here,” came the familiar voice, and my eyes flew open. Emery was standing just inside the mudroom, her raven-hued hair pulled back. The buzzed hair on one side of her head had started to grow out. She waved.

“Hi!” I yelled.

She grinned. “Hi, Evie.”

“I missed you, too,” Heidi whispered. “You and Zoe and Luc and everyone—” She pulled back, clasping my cheeks in her cool hands. “Girl, you moved fast. Like, superfast. I think I’ve missed a lot.”

“Well, yes. There’s a lot.”

“Wait. What were those names again?” asked one of the guys behind us.

Heidi let go as she glanced over to Emery. “Oh, crap. After all this time, I slipped up and said names.”

“I just shouted your name to the whole world,” I told her, blinking back happy tears. In my excitement, I’d totally forgotten that those traveling were not allowed to share even the basic information such as names.

“It’s okay now that we’re here.” Jeremy appeared behind Emery, pulling a black skullcap off. “Everyone can introduce themselves.”

“What were those names?” the guy repeated, and I turned to him, still clutching Heidi like she’d possibly disappear.

The male Luxen wasn’t who had spoken. He looked too terrified to do so as he stared at the man beside him. Light brown hair was swept back from the ruggedly handsome face of a hybrid. There was a network of faint white scars etched into his cheeks and on his nose, almost like a spiderweb of lines. Eyes a mixture of brown and muted green met mine. Recognition flared as he stumbled back in shock, his face paling.

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