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I finally found a small strip and yanked it up, ripping one off quickly.

Lifting up on my knees, I reached between us and tugged down his boxer-briefs. With my grip on the waistband, I skimmed past his hips and down his thighs. Raised welts, like gravel beneath his skin, brushed against the backs of my fingers and got my attention.

Looking down, I saw a smattering of scars ranging from dime to quarter size along his right side, hip and leg.

“Shrapnel,” he said quickly. It looked like Rhys and I both had our share of battle scars, but for very different reasons.

I paused. “Do you want to — ”

“I thought for tonight we were just going to be.” He used my earlier words to his advantage.

Knowing what it felt like not wanting to talk about things, I nodded.

“Okay.” I finished pulling his underwear down and —

I gasped. Rhys was a big man, a fact I should have applied to every area of him, but the sight of his hard c**k was daunting.

“Something wrong?”

My eyes shot back to his and I bit my lip. “No. It’s just you’re . . . big.” I once again ran my gaze along the length of his body. “Which is no surprise but,” and I gave him a saucy grin, “wow.”

His lips quirked up enough to show those perfectly straight white teeth. “Careful or you’ll give my ego a complex.” He kissed my chin. “We don’t have to do this, Emma. If you feel uncomfortable we can stop.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” I snagged his lower lip between my teeth and that got him going.

He returned my attentions, his tongue dueling mine to get the upper hand. I blindly tore the condom package open, reached between us and rolled it on him.

Lifting and adjusting a bit, I place the tip at my entrance.

“Emma, let me get you ready first.” With our noses barely touching, he held my stare and didn’t let it go as I lowered myself onto him.

“I’m ready. I just want to feel you.” I sank down an inch.

My lips parted on a swift inhale.

His brows furrowed.

It was a snug fit and the whole crown wasn’t even in.

Slowly, I tried to work him inside. Yes, I was turned on, but he was challenging to take. So I rose back up and tried again. Just an inch more this time. I gasped because it stung a little and I couldn’t take anymore.

Without warning, he lifted me off him and sat me on the couch while he knelt before me.

Gripping behind my knees, he spread my thighs and settled between them. Throwing my legs over his shoulders, he ran his tongue along my pu**y.

“Mmm, you’re wet.” He licked again. “Just not enough.”

My head fell against the back of the couch. I wove my fingers through his hair.

“You’re a stubborn woman and I know better.” He gently nipped my inner thigh and I squirmed. “I shouldn’t have let you even try without this — ” He licked from my entrance to my clit, stopping only to flick the sensitive bundle of nerves rapidly. “First. Will you forgive me, Emma?”

That amazing tongue flicked again and I arched further and moaned.

“Yes,” I breathed. “Anything, just don’t stop.”

“Never.” Again with that word. As though he really wouldn’t let me go.

Delving his tongue into my core, he ate at me. My body shot bright, like sparks coming off a freshly hit piece of iron. Flushing hot but pricking with anticipation at the same time. I rocked my hips to meet him and he let me. I’d never felt more awake, more turned on. Sitting there while he devoured me, moving against his mouth.

He laved at my clit hard, snaking that practiced tongue over and over, sending my heart soaring from my chest, pleasure rising like it was physically boiling in my veins.

I pulled his hair and held on, my entire body melting for him.

“Next time, you’ll listen to me, won’t you?” he said against my flesh.


“Good.” He sank one finger inside me. “Jesus you’re tight.”

Slowly, he pumped in and out until my body shuddered and delivered another dose of arousal.

“There you go, baby. But I still need you wetter. You ready for more?”

I nodded. “Yes, more.”

Withdrawing completely, he returned with two fingers. I threw my hips toward him, taking him deep. He pumped again, only this time, sucked on my clit while he did.

“God, yes!” I was on the brink of coming. But he stopped and once again, withdrew completely.

“I’m ready,” I said quickly.

“No, not quite,” he rasped.

“I am, I swear.”

“I thought you were going to listen to me.”

I huffed. My body relaxed but tensed at the same time. Desperate for the climax he denied me.

“Still so stubborn,” he chided, a hint of a grin splitting his face. “If you can handle what’s next, then you’re ready.”

“Okay. I can. I will.” I sounded like a kid whining for a lollypop just out of reach. I was so gone, wanting more and willing to do damn near anything to get it.

Rhys’s stormy eyes looked up at me and kept my gaze locked as he returned three fingers to my entrance. “Tell me if this gets uncomfortable.”

Breath refused to leave my lungs, but I nodded. All I wanted was him. Like crazy. Wanted to finish what he’d started. I had never been with a man of his size in any respect. I had also never been with one so considerate. Which was making it more difficult to leave my emotions out of this.

He slowly pushed inside and though it was a tight fit, it didn’t hurt. I wiggled a little and, oh yeah, it felt good.

“I’m ready,” I whispered. And he nodded.

He rose to his feet just as I got on the floor and lay on my back. He frowned down at me.

“What are you doing?”

“The couch is too small.” I reach my arms out. “Come here.”

“Let me take you to the bed.” He bent to scoop me up.

“No.” I hugged around his neck and pulled him down on top of me, moving and adjusting until he was between my thighs, his c**k prodding my entrance. “Stay here.”

I couldn’t do the bed. The cold floor at least kept my senses clear about what this really was. Just sex. Just one night. I had to remind myself yet again. But judging by the look on Rhys’s face, he didn’t like my proposal.

His hands were splayed on either side of my head and his c**k was right where I needed it, and I hoped to God he wouldn’t walk away. “I don’t want to do this on the floor, Emma.”

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