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With the water hitting his back, he looked down at me. My God, I thought the man was fine dry, but wet he was beyond. He ran his palms over his head, smoothing back his hair so that tiny drops dripped from the ends and hit his shoulders. I watched those drops travel down his chest to his abs and lower . . .

I licked my bottom lip, wishing it was his skin I tasted instead of my own.

“Yes, what, Emma?”

My gaze snapped up to his. He didn’t seem to mind me staring, or the fact that I had jumped into the shower with him. Steam surrounded me, making my skin dewy and my tank cling to my br**sts. His eyes looked hot. Heavy. Burning.

“Yes,” I said again. “I want you.”

The only other time I had admitted this out loud was the night in his hotel room. He was right, fear made people do things, but that wasn’t why I had shown up that night. It was instinct.

“I was just breathing at the table,” I started, then realized how dumb that sounded, but Rhys just gave a slight smile and let me continue. “And I asked myself, if everything else was stripped away,” I paused to take in his impressive physique, “if all this stuff didn’t exist and if I was just a woman, you were just a man, would I want you?”

It took everything I had to keep my eyes on his, because for the first time in my life, I felt a little shy and my cheeks burned.

“And the answer was yes.”

Rhys’s mouth twitched at the corner and his body turned on. I was standing two feet away from him and could feel him hum like a revved-up muscle car. He touched my face, his palm damp against my cheek, and I loved the contrast between us. Between our skins.

“Thank you for being honest,” he said and I glanced down. He gave a gentle tug on my jaw, coaxing my stare back to his. “Is it hard to admit that?”

I nodded.


Might as well tell him the reason since I was offering full-out disclosure at the moment. Stupid breathing. I knew it could get me into trouble.

“Because the truth comes with strings, Rhys. And if someone else is able to pull those strings, you give up your control. You weaken.”

That look in his eyes was one I was coming to recognize. Sincerity.

“I can see how you came to that conclusion.”

He didn’t tell me he was sorry for me. Didn’t sugarcoat the issues or the fact that yeah, maybe my beliefs weren’t all happy and optimistic. He didn’t argue a different way to think, tell me why I was lacking or how I was wrong. He let me just be. Have my thoughts. Have my issues. And accepted me for who I was.

“Don’t take this as a grand gesture that I’m going to be spouting off the truth from now on,” I said seriously.

“Of course not.” He smiled and pulled my face to his.

His mouth was perfect. Wet and firm, his lips were thick and delectable. His tongue teased my lips, little drops of water falling from his face to mine and I lost all reason.

Pressing against him, I swung my arms around his neck. He hoisted me up and I hooked my legs around his middle. He was naked and wet and I still had my little shorts and white tank on, which were getting more soaked by the second — in more than one way.

Turning so that the shower was spraying our sides, he braced me against the tiled wall and devoured my mouth. I clung to him, never feeling hotter, more erotic than in that moment. He was addicting, and I was finally, finally, getting my fix. And I was coming apart for him already.

“I like this look,” he said with a grin, pulling back enough to look down my front.

My clothes were completely wet and my white tank now transparent, making my dusky ni**les clearly visible, pouting for attention through the drenched cotton. Rhys being the body reader that he was, dipped his head and pulled one between his lips.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. Just his mouth on me was enough to spark so much need it was busting my skin at the seams.

The back of my head met the wall and I arched out, grinding my hips against his, riding his hard c**k and loving how it slid between my legs. Even with the thin fabric barrier of my shorts, that rigid c**k gliding over my clit was enough to send me screaming toward an orgasm.

“You’re going to come like this, aren’t you?” he said, moving to the other breast. He pulled my nipple between his teeth and gently bit down.

“Yes!” I cried out, my body so hot that the water that was hitting me felt like ice. “Keep doing what you’re doing and yes I will.”

The way Rhys moved his body against mine, the way his strength surrounded me, I knew two things for certain. He could make me come harder than I ever had and he wouldn’t break his hold. He had me. I truly believed that. Which meant that I could let go.

With his hands splayed on my ass, he tugged me closer, moving my lower body fluidly with his, so that every inch of his c**k hit me dead center, right where I needed it, delivering zing after zing of pulsing pleasure from my core to my whole body.

“Damn you’re sexy,” he rasped against my mouth. “Not even naked and the hottest thing I’ve seen in my shower. Let’s see if I can get you to come with your clothes on.”

I gripped his shoulders and kissed him hard. Shoving my tongue into his mouth to take everything I could while he continued to take me higher and higher. I had never been so ready, so turned on, and we weren’t even having sex. Just his body working against mine — it almost scared me how in tune we were.

“I’m there!” was all I gasped out as a sudden violent orgasm raced through my veins.

My body convulsed and Rhys just held me tighter, riding out my pleasure, moving his body and keeping all those intense sparks simmering. I squeezed my legs until I felt his hip bones really grind against my inner thighs and knew there would be bruises.

“That was amazing,” I said when I could, purring like a very content cat. Rhys kissed my lips, my chin, my neck and I slowly unlocked my legs and slid down his body. He let me. But I didn’t stop when I hit my feet. I just continued to sink to my knees.

“What are you doing?” he rasped.

I was eye level with his big, hungry cock. Poor thing was so hard it looked almost painful. Couldn’t have that.

He was a magnificent piece of male in his prime and everything about him called to me. My mouth watered on its own just as drops came down from the shower and hit my head. Rhys looked down at me, his expression inscrutable.

“I’m taking care of this,” I informed him and snaked my tongue over the crown. He groaned and his head went back just enough so the shower spray could drench it.

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