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I nodded. It was an obvious order, but for the briefest of moments, I caught a glimpse of vulnerability behind the hardness of his eyes. His mouth was back on mine and he didn’t slow down. His seeking tongue unleashed another dose of intensity and my whole body melted for him.

He pulled the hem of my tight skirt up a couple inches, allowing my legs freedom to bend and move better. Grabbing my ass, he hoisted me up. I instantly wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck. He gently bit the column of my throat as he maneuvered me into the penthouse. I heard the door shut behind us. He didn’t stop, instead heading toward the bedroom.

I had no time to take in the surroundings. Dim light, the smell of fresh clean linen and then soft cotton. A mattress hit my back. He made quick work of his shirt, threw it off, and stood at the end of the bed. My breath caught when I tried desperately to inhale. But the sinful man staring me down was making a simple intake of oxygen difficult.

My God, he was gorgeous. Broad shoulders, thick, firm muscles that spread across his chest and down his torso. His abs were cut and coiled so tightly they resembled welded bronze.

Those haunting green eyes beamed against the soft light, never leaving mine as he took off my left stiletto, then the right. Sliding his hands up my shins, I stifled a moan at the warmth of his touch. His roughened palms scratched against my silk stockings. I felt so small. He could close his whole hand around my calf and probably touch thumb to finger.

He continued his slow assault up my body until he came to my skirt. He unclasped it and peeled it down my legs and off, leaving me in my white lace thong.

“Unbutton your top,” he commanded.

I did. I opened each button, noting how my fingers were trembling with anticipation and nervousness. I’d never had a one-night stand before, never considered myself the kind of girl to have one, but nothing would have made me leave his bed—this moment.

I opened the fabric, baring my pale lacy bra that matched my panties.

He looked at me for a long moment, as if examining the entire length of my frame.

“White,” he rasped. “Such an innocent color.”

I glanced down my body. My stockings were nude but everything else was white. I’d never considered the “innocent” aspect before.

“You’re a lovely woman, Megan.” His voice was raw and heated but the words hit a chilly chord. It was a polite gesture, a baseline compliment designed to flatter yet maintain a distance, but I wanted to hear the words he was obviously holding back. The words that accompanied the growl that vibrated from him when he kissed me.

I didn’t want to hold back tonight. I didn’t want to give in to responsibility and torturous thoughts. I wanted intensity. Unguarded words and actions. To hear what kind of words matched the man with a dominant stance and sexy stare.

“A lovely woman?” I asked and positioned myself on my knees. With my white shirt hanging open and decked out in matching lingerie, my goal was to project more sex appeal than “lovely.”

Something that sounded like a low groan broke from his chest. I crawled toward him, confidence coursing through me. His eyes smoldered and I knew he was on the brink just like I was.

“Do you like ‘lovely’ girls, Suit?”


His hands fisted at his side and his gaze trailed from my face, to my br**sts, then back up again. He didn’t answer so I pushed with, “Maybe nice girls?”


“And if I do?”

I pushed to my knees again at the end of the bed. “Then I’m sure to disappoint you.” Kneeling on the bed with him standing before me, I was eye level with his impressive chest.

“You look like a nice girl, Megan.”

I had spent twenty-three years being nice and all it had gotten me was trouble. Nice was easy to walk all over, lie to and shatter. I was done with nice.

I gripped his belt and unfastened it. “Not tonight.”

I couldn’t be. The moment I started thinking was the moment reality weaseled its way back into my mind. No reality. No soft, sweetness. No nice.

His eyes remained on mine. A silent challenge to see how far I’d go. I unbuttoned his fly and reached into his boxer-briefs.

The man was endowed. Not bothering to take his pants completely off—because that would mean I’d have to give up what I was currently holding and there was no way I was doing that—I worked his pants low enough on his hips so I could pull him free. His c**k jerked in my fist, daring me to stroke.

I swallowed hard.

“Losing your nerve?” he said. Somehow, this had turned into a game, and I was more than ready to play.

“No. I was just making sure I followed your instructions of keeping my hands on you.”

With a tight grip on his cock, I tugged and fell to my back. He had no choice but to follow. He caught his weight, his hands landing on the mattress on either side of my head, bracing himself so his big body didn’t crash down on mine.

“What do you want from me, Megan?”

“Right now?” I gave a tentative stroke. “Everything you’ve got. No holding back.”

An evil grin split his face. “Done.”

He tore my shirt away and yanked my bra off with one hard rip, instantly bearing my br**sts. The cool air didn’t even have time to hit my flesh before his mouth latched onto my nipple. I skimmed my hands up his body and wove my fingers in his hair. When he bit down on the sensitive peak, I cried out and arched my back for more.

He paid the same attention to the other. Nipping the plump flesh of my entire br**sts, as if eating me alive. The only move I could make was to grip him tighter as he raked his mouth along my body, tasting and sampling every square inch from the bottom of my ribcage to the base of my neck. Pulling more of my skin between his lips, he kissed down my throat and along my collar, but always ending on the swell of my br**sts, delivering one last bite to my throbbing ni**les.

“You taste like sunshine and raspberries.” He opened his mouth, skating his teeth down the center of my chest to my navel and leaving a slightly welted trail of teeth marks. “Ripe and warm…I could eat you.”

He looked up my body to catch my gaze. He flicked the edge of my panties with his tongue and smiled against the lace. My breaths were coming so quickly I could barely keep up with my lungs.

Looping a finger around the crotch of my panties, he tugged until I heard the quick screech of lace ripping. He pulled away the tattered material, leaving me in nothing but my stockings. His hot mouth closed around the soft spot of my inner thigh and he sucked hard.

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