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“I…I…Preston!” I hugged him close as my orgasm splashed through every cell like a molten tidal wave.

“That’s it.” He kissed my neck. “Come all over me.”

Helpless against the raging wildness and searing white hot flash of pleasure, I had no choice but to obey and give in.

He whispered my name and his c**k hardened further inside of me. The jolt from the engorgement and added pressure spurred another orgasm through me that blistered all the way to my bones.

His seed rushed into me and the warmth and intensity made me shudder. “I love feeling you…no barriers,” he grated.

We were joined. In this moment, this feeling of passion and truth, the world seemed simple.

Breathing hard, I shifted slightly and the papers I was sitting on crumpled further. We both looked down at the mess we had made of the contract.

He tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and smiled.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll need a notary after all.”

Chapter Seven

The sound of the shower turning off made me open my eyes and look around. Lying in bed, I could see the bathroom door was ajar. There were some ruffling sounds, then wet footsteps slapping the tile floor.

“Good morning,” Preston said, strutting from the bathroom rubbing a towel over his head in nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs.

Good morning indeed. The man was beautiful. Tall, strong, so much cut muscle wrapped in tan skin. I wished Christmas to come early just to open such a nice package. Every time he moved his arm to run the towel along his brow, drying his hair, his bicep and abs flexed.

“You hungry?” he asked. My gaze snapped up to his.


He lifted his chin slightly and unleashed all those straight pearly whites on me in a devious smile. “Must be. You’re drooling.”

When I slapped my palm over my mouth and clamped my lips together the smallest chuckle came from him. He walked over to the bed and I sat up, pulling the sheets to cover my br**sts.

We had had an amazing night. It started in the office on the other end of the hall, but after mind-numbing pleasure, I vaguely remembered Preston carrying me back to the bedroom.

“What time is it?”

“Just after six.”

Holy crap, no wonder I felt like my body had been hit by a truck, rather, Preston Strauss. I must have passed out sometime around midnight and didn’t get my eight hours.

Stifling a groan was harder than I thought because one escaped my mouth.

“Someone’s not a morning person.” He smiled again.

I could get used to that sight, especially when it was pointed at me. It also made it hard to be grouchy when a nearly naked sex-god of a man was staring me down. Of course, I felt less than pretty at the moment, with bed-rumpled hair and mascara likely streaking down my face.

“Not all of us are machines,” I called after him when he walked into the other room. Well, it was a closet, but it was big enough to be an actual living space.

“Food will be sent up soon and I made an appointment for you to meet with Jill Castor, the wedding planner, at three.” He walked out of the closet, wearing steel-gray pants and black belt and buttoning up a white collared shirt. “Before that you should go to your apartment and get some of your things.”

I bunched the sheets tighter against my sternum. “My stuff? And bring it here?”

“You are my fiancé, so yes, living with me would be required.”

“But, it’s a hotel.”

He looked at his wrist and buttoned the cuffs. “I travel a lot, but I’ll purchase a suitable house after a wedding.”

I knew my mouth was hanging open again, but for a whole different reason this time. This shouldn’t be a shock, yet it was. Yes, there was the contract and yes we poured over the technicalities mercilessly, but all the details that accompanied moving in with someone flooded to my brain.

“There are a lot of matters to consider but we’ll take it in steps,” he said, straightening and looking sinful in his casual take on the standard suit. His shirt was tucked in, but unbuttoned at the top, and his lean hips lined with that ash fabric lined his body perfectly. Must have been tailored because it fit him like a dream.

“I like my apartment though.” The thought of having someplace to run to—just in case—made me feel a tad better about this whole situation.

“You can keep it. You won’t need to bring furnishings here obviously. Just some clothes and comforts you’d like. The rest will be taken care of.”

“But…” I ran a hand through my hair.

He frowned like he had last night when he gave me the ring, which was on the bedside table. I didn’t have the nerve to put it on yet.


“This is just…weird.”

One moment we were signing a contract and going over legalities, then we had a night with a few perfect moments where things felt real—like we really were a couple and had a legitimate connection. Now it was back to the sterile lists of tasks and chores, as if last night hadn’t happened. The distance, the professionalism, was in place and I felt more like an employee with a to-do list than a fiancé.

“It will take time to adjust.” His tone was quick, but not harsh. Speaking another inevitable truth about the situation we were in.

I nodded because he was right. I had made the choice. He didn’t force me. And I had reasons, good reasons, for agreeing. But getting my feelings and emotions under control and onboard was proving to be a difficult task, especially when I was starting to feel something real for Preston. I didn’t know what I felt, or how serious it was, but it was there and I was afraid it was going to grow until it complicated things.

He came to the bedside table, grabbed his watch, and fastened it. Leaning down, he kissed me quickly on the top of my head.

“I have several late meetings tonight, but I’ll have a credit card, personal bank card and a list of necessary phone numbers delivered later on today,” he stated, and walked out of the bedroom.

When I heard the front door open and close, I knew he was gone. The sheets were cold and I sat there confused and a little sad, which was stupid. I had gotten myself into this. This was a contract with no complications or overblown emotions.

It was time I started understanding that.


I walked up the steps to my apartment and unlocked it. Everything was clean and sparse. Emma had texted me yesterday saying she would be out of town for work for the next couple days. She kept her own schedule and traveled a fair amount for various clients and projects. While I missed her, I found myself kind of relieved she wasn’t home at the moment.

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