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His eyes shot to mine.

“I love you, Adam. Everything I am…my heart, my trust…it’s yours.”

Shock marred his perfect face. I could see the boy beneath the man. The one who looked wary of such a declaration, but who really wanted to believe it.

“Don’t say things you can’t take back,” he rasped, his hands tightening around the jar.

My heart broke a little because he looked like he was clutching something he wanted, but didn’t know for certain if it was real. I recognized this, because I’d felt it. I had grown accustomed to the bottom falling out, but Adam had changed that. I wanted to be the same anchor for him that he was for me.

I ran my fingers through his hair. “I mean it, Adam. I love you so much. In a way I have never, or will ever, love another.”

He dropped the jar and it gently bounced on the mattress. He cupped my face in his palms and pulled my mouth to his. His kiss was urgent, seeking, but sweetly slow and filled with intensity. He laid me back. The jar tipped and rolled, scattering little paper hearts over the sheets.

He kept kissing me, the wildness building. He snagged my lip between his teeth and plunged his tongue inside to take a deep taste. I wound my fingers into his hair and pulled him closer. My shirt was riding up, leaving my lower half exposed.

Through his pajama pants, I felt his hard shaft press against me. Seeking. Demanding. I hooked my feet on the waistband of his bottoms and worked them down his legs and off. He lowered himself over me. With his weight on his forearms, he skimmed his hands along my temples and looked down at me.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

I had never seen such soft emotion lace Adam’s features. The crown of his c**k nudged my entrance, but before he slid all the way in, he cradled my face in both hands.

“Katelyn. I’m in love with you.”

His admission made my eyes water. He fused his lips with mine and surged home. As Adam buried himself over and over, I saw a stray paper heart out of the corner of my eye.

I love your intensity…


“So…you excited about tonight?”

I smiled at Emma. “Yes. I guess we’re going somewhere fancy for dinner. I wish you could join us.”

Emma and I walked down the Magnificent Mile. The small brunette was nearly skipping, shopping bags twirling in each hand. I was happy when she’d called and invited me out for a girls’ day. Even though it was Adam’s birthday, he encouraged me to go and pick out a dress for dinner tonight. After our amazing morning in bed, I didn’t want to leave his side. But he had an important meeting that would take up the majority of the day, so I took Emma up on her offer. I had called Megan to invite her, but once again, got her voicemail. Megan had been acting weird lately. Had I known better, I would have thought she was avoiding me.

“There’s no way I’m crashing date night and becoming Miss Third Wheel. Besides, I’m taking Adam out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate.” Emma smirked at me like she knew a secret I wasn’t in on. “Oooh!” she shrieked, and pointed at the mannequins in the window across the street. “That is the dress you have to wear tonight!”

Before I could respond, Emma grabbed my hand and hauled me across the street. The dress was a modern take on a nineteen-twenties design. Cream silk and lace was embroidered over the bodice and gathered at the hip. It was stunning. And way out of my price range.

“Emma, I don’t think this is necessary—”

“Before you say any more, I have strict instructions from Adam to get you whatever you want. And…” She dug in her purse and pulled out a black American Express card. “He gave me his credit card.”

I shook my head wildly. “It’s just dinner and he already bought me a closet full of dresses—”

“Tonight is special,” Emma interrupted. The tone in her voice was starting to worry me. Surprises made me nervous, and I got the distinct feeling something was going on between the Kinkade siblings.

Emma took both my hands in hers. “My brother has completely lost it over you. Tonight is going to be great.” Her large brown eyes looked at me. “Thank you, Kate.”

I frowned. “Why are you thanking me?”

“Because for the first time, Adam isn’t walking around like a shadow of doom is following him, and it’s because of you. You’ve…changed him.”

A wide grin tugged at my lips and I couldn’t contain it. “I love him.”

“I know. I can tell.” She gave me her brightest smile and tugged me into the shop. “Now let’s get that dress!”


A small knock sounded on my bedroom door. The apartment was officially finished as of yesterday. After a morning of amazing sex, an afternoon of shopping, and a dinner date that started in an hour, I was a big ball of exhausted euphoria. I told Adam I was excited to see the renovations. To my surprise, he told me to take my time and he said he’d pick me up at eight.

I stepped out of the shower and fastened my robe around me. “Come in.”

Megan peeked her head in. “Bad time?”

“Not at all. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been lately.”

A sad expression laced her face. “A lot has happened, Kate. I can’t keep it from you anymore.”

Fear flicked my nerve endings and called all of my awareness to attention. Megan was usually the one who had it all together. Not much got her down.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me, Meg.” I motioned for her to sit on the bed.

She sat on the edge of my mattress and looked down at her hands. Her shoulders slumped and her hair hung over her face. She was hurting, ashamed. I wanted to help her. To take whatever this daunting thing was from her.

“What’s wrong, Meg?”

Her eyes met mine and there were tears in them. “It’s about your uncle Tim.”

It felt as if my lungs had fallen out of my ribcage and crashed to the floor. I opened my mouth to take a breath, but no air came through.

“What did he do to you?”

Megan shook her head. “Nothing. I stopped him before he could…”

I clamped Megan’s hand in mine. Rage lit my blood on fire. I’d always known Tim was awful, but if he’d hurt my best friend—

“It was a mistake. He kissed me at the last house party he had. We were drunk. Brian and I got in a fight. I didn’t mean it.” Her words were overlaid by sobs and she dropped her face into her palms.

I sat down next to her and did the only thing I could do for my friend who had been there for me time and time again. I hugged her.

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