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He plunged his finger deep and I bit my lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy. He didn’t thrust in and out, rather crooked his fingertip and swept it along that sensitive spot inside, over and over.

Zach turned back around. “This is really a great club you have here, Adam.”

Adam nodded. His finger quickened. My body was tight as a bow.

“You enjoying yourself tonight?” Zach asked me.

It took me a moment to realize he was talking about the evening and the club. With Adam’s assault on my body, I found it hard to form any kind of sentence.

“Yes,” I breathed.

Adam grinned at me then looked back at Zach. “She loves coming…here. Don’t you, Katelyn?”

I nodded, my face nearly twitching from the effort it took to keep a steady expression. Fire was licking at my skin. Adam was relentless. My orgasm ripped though me so violently, I had to grip Adam’s forearm beneath the table for support.

Zach said something to Adam, but I couldn’t hear over the pounding in my head. My sex rushed dose after dose of liquid heat as I spasmed around Adam’s fingers. I looked at his chiseled profile. He was carrying on a conversation with Zach, but I saw the slightest upturn of his mouth. Yes, he’d felt me coming.

“It was good to see you, Adam. Nice to meet you, Katelyn.”

I smiled the best I could, but my lips trembled. When Zach left, Adam turned to look at me.

“That was a mean trick.”

“You seemed to enjoy yourself.”

“But I can feel—”

“That’s the point.” He withdrew his finger from me, then came back with two. “You have me so hard all the time.” He thrust deep and I did moan that time.

Patrons continued to pass by, many of them waving or acknowledging Adam in some way. His eyes stayed on mine, his fingers buried deep in me and yet, the world kept spinning none the wiser.

He clasped my nape in his free hand. “You are mine. Anywhere I want. Anytime.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

I heard the slight ting of metal over the loud music. I hadn’t realized I’d closed my eyes, but when I opened them, I saw Adam unclasp his belt and pull his hard c**k out. In one quick motion, his fingers slipped from me and he sat me on his lap.

He positioned the hem of my dress so that it was covering my thighs, but beneath me I felt his erection prod at my opening. He moved my panties aside once more, pushed my hips down and buried himself to the hilt.

I stifled a scream, almost coming again. I glanced around nervously, wanting to make sure nobody knew what was going on, but to anyone who passed us by, it would look like I was just sitting on my boyfriend’s lap.

“Hey, Adam!”

I saw a younger man amble this way. Blond and obviously wealthy—trust-fund wealthy, from the looks of it. Before he reached us, Adam bit my earlobe.

“You have the sweetest, tightest little cunt, Katelyn.”

He gave a quick thrust and I gasped. He wrapped one strong arm around my waist while the other reached for his drink. With all the poise in the world, Adam took a long swallow of liquor, as if I wasn’t currently impaled on his cock.

“Gary, how is the stock business treating you?” Adam said.

“Not as good as it’s treating you, I hear.” The guy went on about someone “losing their ass” due to poor investing. I was too distracted to pay attention.

“This—” Adam moved his hips slightly. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning. “—is my girlfriend, Katelyn Gunn.”

Trembling smiles were my forte tonight because speaking was too difficult. Partly because Adam was inside me and I was on the verge of coming again, and partly because he’d called me his girlfriend. He had said it to that other white-haired guy and now this man. I liked the sound of it. Tonight was the first time I had heard it out loud.

“Pleased to meet you, Miss Gunn.”

“A-and you.”

Adam tilted his hips and I closed my eyes, trying my damnedest to focus my breathing. But no matter how much I fought it, Adam was going to make me come again, and he knew it. So he adjusted, sending more of those hot tingles racing through me. His c**k pulsed inside me. Every nerve ending was sparking against the feel of him sealed deep within my body.

Adam continued talking to Gary as if he wasn’t f**king me right there in front of him. The pressure built. My heart banged against my ribcage and goose bumps coasted over my skin. I gripped his thigh. His hand tightened around my waist.

Somewhere around mergers and acquisitions my body erupted. A powerful orgasm blazed through me. My pu**y flexed and released around Adam’s cock. My inner walls slickened further. It took everything I had to look like I was sitting normally and not experiencing mind-blowing pleasure that had me wanting to throw my head back and scream at the intensity of it.

Gary didn’t seem to notice. He was babbling about something—

I felt the unmistakable hot jet of Adam’s release. He was coming, deep within me, while Gary continued to talk.

When Adam was spent, he stole a look at me and smiled. I was beyond dazed, spastically thrumming, and he was grinning, in control.

“It was good to see you again, Gary.”

“Oh, yeah, you too.”

It seemed like Adam had given the guy an abrupt dismissal…mostly because he had. Adam signaled for two shots and when they arrived, he slid out of me, repositioned my panties, and tucked himself back inside his pants.

“Give me your hand.”

I did as I was told, limp and staring like a mindless fool. He took my hand and placed it palm up on the table. Then he reached down and dabbed a finger in my soaking entrance. Soaking from him.

He trailed his newly wetted finger along my inner wrist. “Take your shot, lover.”

I looked at him. The sun itself was burning behind those blue eyes. I was entranced. Keeping my gaze fastened on him, I licked the salty taste he’d left from my wrist, then swallowed the shot whole. I gave him a saucy smile and his jaw clench with renewed heat.

“Delicious,” I rasped.

He cupped my chin and kissed me hard. Adam had laid down the challenge, and I had risen to the occasion. I felt proud, hot, happy. The part of me that was used to being caged and afraid was gone. In its place was Adam. His essence was branded on every nerve, every cell.

His tongue ravaged my mouth. I realized what true addiction really felt like.

Chapter Fifteen

I was on test duty. Midterms had come and gone, but Professor Martin seemed to have an affinity for pop quizzes. The class had finished in record time. I tried calling Megan to let her know I was on my way home early today.

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