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“Oh. My. God.”

He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Do you like it?’

I reached out to touch the various brightly colored silks hanging from the racks. Dresses, shoes, coats, blouses, pants….any and everything a woman could ever want was lining his closet.

“Over here is the best part.” He kissed my neck, then walked me to the end, where a floor-to-ceiling row of built-in shelves and drawers was. He opened one. I looked in and pulled out one of several pieces of lingerie.

Silk and lace sets in all styles, colors, and textures filled the drawers.

“Adam…I can’t accept all this. It’s too much—” I examined the hand-stitched lace garter belt. “This must have cost a fortune.”

He tilted my chin and kissed me. “Good thing I’m worth a fortune, then.”

I glared at him.

“I wanted to do it, Katelyn. Now when you stay over, you’ll have everything you need.”

“Ah, I think you’ve gone above and beyond here, big guy.”

He shrugged and kissed me. This was nuts. He was nuts. And I was grinning like a fool.

He plucked a sleek red dress off a nearby hanger and handed it to me. “I’ll leave the lingerie choice up to you this time.”

He walked out and left me standing there in every girl’s dream closet. Half my brain didn’t like the idea of him spending this kind of money on me. It was one of the many things I didn’t know how to handle.

But the other side was actually excited to dig in and see what wicked things he had provided. In the end, the lingerie would be enjoyed by him as well, right? I couldn’t wait to tease and play with him wearing only that garter belt and matching bustier.

“You’ll also find everything you need in the bathroom,” he called from the bedroom.

I exited the closet, and made sure I gave him a glare for good measure as I walked past the bed and into the bathroom to check it out.

“Left-hand side,” he called after me.

I opened a drawer—on the left as instructed—and found a complete makeup kit. The same makeup I used every day, right down to the concealer. My eyes watered and my throat closed up. He had gone out of his way to make me feel comfortable. Welcome. His.

“Tonight, things will be different, Katelyn.” He came up behind me and I looked at his reflection in the mirror.

What a pair we made. Dark hair and tanned skin against my ivory and red. His eyes were like fresh mountain water and full of sexy wickedness. I knew Adam was a dominant type personality, but he had reined that part of himself in these last several weeks with me. We were both on a learning curve when it came to relationships. But now, he seemed to be silently promising me something. And, God help me, I wanted to find out what it was.

“Do you trust me?”

I swallowed hard. “Yes, Adam. I do.”

He stared at me in the mirror. “Good, because tonight we move forward. Together.”

Chapter Fourteen

The club was dark and booming. The bass of the music shot from the bottom of my toes to the tips of my br**sts. The charge was electric. Sexy.

Adam steered me through the posh surroundings. I had heard of this club, of course, but had never actually tried to get in. I wasn’t surprised that Adam owned it. Like every other thing he owned, it was upscale, flashy, and amazing.

He took me to a private table in the VIP section. We were surrounded by shadows and flickers of light beamed from the ceiling and skating across the club, keeping time with the music. The place was packed. Though we sat a good distance away from the action of the dance floor, I could still see people mash their bodies together and sway. Some movements were more exotic looking than others.

A bottle of some alcohol I couldn’t even pronounce was immediately delivered. The short red dress he had picked out barely covered my ass. I was a little nervous, but despite the hemline, I was feeling pretty great. Besides, the table was high and should anyone look our way, they would only be able to see me from the waist up.

I had opted for a pair of dazzling gold heels. My hair hung down in messy curls and I had put a little extra eyeliner on.

“You look incredible,” he whispered in my ear. The music was loud, but with him this close, that deep voice had no problem drowning out any other sounds around me.

He trailed his hand up my thigh. “What panties did you decide on?”

“Gold lace to match the shoes, of course.”

He grinned. His hand disappeared beneath my dress. I squirmed and looked around anxiously. There were people only a few feet away, walking by our table.

“No one can see,” Adam rasped in my ear. His big finger toyed with my panties, right over my clit. A tremor raced up my spine and pricked my scalp.

“While I like your choice in lingerie, I find these are in the way.” He hooked his finger around the center of my panties and moved it aside, giving him more room to explore. I started when he sank one finger deep inside me.

Thank God the table was high and covered in a floor-length black cloth, effectively concealing the lower halves of our bodies. I was more worried that my expression would give something away. Like the fact that Adam’s hand was doing wicked things to me.

“Adam Kinkade!” A man with slicked-back white hair approached us. I tried to scramble away, feeling caught and embarrassed, but Adam’s free palm landed heavily on my thigh, stilling me.

My eyes went wide.

Adam flashed me one of his rare smiles. He had no intention of removing his finger from me.

“Zach, how are you?” Adam squeezed my thigh, a silent command to stay still, then lifted it to shake Zach’s. “This is my girlfriend, Katelyn.”

I looked at Adam with wide eyes. He raised a brow and I knew right then that the challenge had been issued. When I didn’t say anything, Adam returned his focus to the man before us.

“Hello, there.” Zach smiled at me.

I tried to return the smile, but my eyes darted back to Adam. His focus remained on Zach as both men began discussing real estate.

Adam’s finger however, kept moving. In and out.

I sat there, boiling with need and lust and the terror of being caught, all the while being f**ked by Adam’s hand while he carried on a business conversation. My blood temperature was rising as pleasure pricked at my belly. And all this was happening in front of an unsuspecting stranger.

A voice in the distance called out Zach’s name and he turned to greet the passer-by. Adam took that moment to whisper in my ear, “I want you to come, but you’d better do it quietly, without anyone knowing.”

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