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“You’re wet.” He stared up at me. “Use me to make yourself wetter. Don’t f**k me until you’re dripping.”

His words made my sex contract. My body was already begging for him. I rocked against him, my tender flesh gliding against his. Pressure built in my core and the smoldering embers of pleasure began popping like fireworks in my bloodstream.

He palmed my hips, grinding me harder against him. My hands flew to his chest. Those hard muscles flexed beneath my palms and I loved the feel of this powerful man beneath me. I was so close. I shut my eyes to let the orgasm overtake me, but he stilled me before it erupted.

“You’re ready.”

I swallowed and reached between our bodies. I gripped his cock—it was wet, wet from me. I scooted up and placed the tip at my entrance. Adam’s eyes stayed on my face. Clenching his jaw, he took his hands from my hips and placed them behind his head.

“You’re in control this time,” he said. The strain in his neck showed how much effort it took for him to hold back. He was going against his nature to give me a taste of power. To show me what he was willing to submit to—for me.

I sank down on him, taking his c**k all the way to the hilt in one long motion. A low rumble came from his chest and I gasped at the exquisite feeling of fullness.

Adam was in me. Part of me. I never tired of the feeling.

I rose up, then pushed down again. My body was vibrating, so close and so ready. But something didn’t feel right. Since I was young, I’d always fought for control. But with Adam, I wanted him to take me over. My body, my mind, all of it. I belonged to him.

I realized right then that I truly trusted Adam with everything I was.

“Take me,” I whispered.

He frowned. “Do you know what you’re asking?”

I nodded, my fingertips pressing into his rock-hard chest. “I want you to take my body, take over all I am.”

His nostrils flared on a heavy inhalation. He sat up and cupped my face. “You are full of surprises, Katelyn.”

He tossed me off him, then grabbed my knees and spun me face-down on the mattress. His weight settled over my back and his breath was hot in my ear. “I hope you can handle what you ask for.”

“With you…always.”

He grabbed my hips and pulled me up so that I was on my hands and knees. His c**k instantly ripped through my pu**y in one hard shove. I cried out at the intensity. He always hit deep inside of me, but in this position, it was even more so. He pulled almost all the way out and thrust forward again. His hips slapped against my ass as he f**ked me over and over. Harder and harder.

I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming. The pleasure was so raw and wild, my whole body unraveled. I felt nothing but Adam.

He wrapped my long hair around one fist while the other stayed on my hip. He pulled me back into every push of his hips. It was too much. The tightly wound ball of pleasure shattered and my whole body bucked violently as I came.

Adam was right behind me. He buried himself to the root and I felt his hard c**k twitch as he released inside me.

My arms and legs were weak. I slumped down, my face hitting the mattress. Adam lay with me. Remaining within my body, he turned to his side and brought my back to rest against his chest. With my heartbeat pounding in my ears, I fell asleep, surrounded by Adam’s strength.


I awoke with Adam between my thighs. It was still dark. I stretched and loved the feeling of his hard c**k disappearing inside me over and over. He made me come effortlessly, and only after I had started floating down from the intensity did he find his own end.

He kissed my nose, my cheeks, and my eyelids. “Good morning, lover.”

“Indeed it is.”

He kissed me once more, then rose and started putting on his clothes. “I have an early meeting.”

“Oh, do you need to take a shower?”

With his pants on and his white button-down open and hanging off his shoulders, he leaned down and kissed me. “I’d prefer to smell like you all day, but alas, I must bathe. I have a full bathroom and closet at my office.”

Of course he did. That place was bigger than my apartment.

“Oh, okay.” I didn’t want him to go. Well, I never wanted him to go. But that gray cloud of doubt and insecurity that hovered over me was lifting. Every day was better. My self-esteem was blossoming and I had Adam to thank for that.

He sat on the edge of the bed, running fingers through my hair. I sat up and began buttoning his shirt.

“I love being here with you, Katelyn.” His words were tender. “Every time I’m with you—” He leaned in and nipped my earlobe. “—inside of you…I feel like I’m home.”

I looked up at those intense, ice-blue eyes and knew that I was done falling.

I was full-blown in love with Adam Kinkade.


My phone buzzed with a text. I looked up from grading midterms and read the message.

Come over for lunch.

I can’t. I have papers to grade and a lecture right after.

I’m starting to resent your job.

Says the busiest man on the planet.

I always have ample time for you. If you come over now I’d be more than happy to demonstrate my affection. I have been craving honey all day…

You’re insatiable.

Only for you.

Heat rushed over my cheeks and before I could respond, another message came in.

I can see your blush all the way from here.

I snapped my head up because I had actually believed he could see me. Of course he couldn’t—he just knew me too well.

Tonight then. I want to take you out. I’ll pick you up at the University at five. I have a surprise for you.

I need to go home and change first.

No, you don’t.

If you say so.

Mmm, I love it when you talk submissive to me.

Well then, I’d better be a good girl and get back to work so I don’t stay late tonight and miss our date, SIR.

Have I told you lately how sexy you are?

Only this morning, but your pants were down, so I don’t think it counts.

Your pants were down as well, and I meant every word.


Adam was waiting outside in the car at five sharp. We headed to his apartment. He led me to his room, his steps quicker than usual. He almost looked like a kid on Christmas morning, excited and nervous. He stood me in front of his massive walk-in closet.

“Don’t tell me you purchased Narnia and now you’re going to force me through the fur coats to spend the night in the snow?”

“Smartass.” He squeezed my ass for emphasis and urged me into the closet. I had gone in here only once to get a T-shirt for bed, but this time I noticed something different: the entire left-hand side of the closet had been reorganized.

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