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I did.

He pulled the top of my dress down and wedged it beneath my full br**sts. I usually wore a bra, but the backless dress wouldn’t allow it.

“Fuck,” Adam hissed.

I trembled, causing my br**sts to rise and fall on a deep inhale. He latched on to my nipple, but levered his body so no other part of him touched me. Connected only by his mouth on my breast, I nearly went insane from the incredible torture. I craved more. Wanted to feel the pressure of his weight, his skin against mine.

“These taste like little berries in a bowl of cream.” He gently bit my nipple, then swirled his tongue around the tight point before sucking on it again. I had never felt anything more amazing in my life. He paid the same attention to the other and I was about ready to beg.

But when he pushed himself down my body and began kissing my inner thighs, I pleaded. “Please…”

“Please what, Katelyn?”

My hips bucked up. I didn’t know what I needed, only that it was him.

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?”

He sucked my inner thigh. With no other warning or preparation, his tongue delved inside me. I cried out and fisted his hair with my bound hands.

And I had thought his mouth on my br**sts was amazing? This was mind-blowing. He thrust his tongue deep. I arched my hips, seeking more of him.

“You taste like honey.” He flattened his tongue and covered my clit. Licking, sucking, biting. I went wild. Though I was on the brink of coming, I felt empty. I wanted something to connect us. His fingers, his dick. Anything.

“You’re going to come like this, Katelyn.” He flicked his tongue over me again. “And then you’ll feel my c**k inside you.”

His words were my undoing. My orgasm flushed over me. Hot and wild. He kept going. Devouring me like I was some kind of treat. I couldn’t hold on to the earth. Couldn’t think of anything but this man and his mouth and the way he made me shudder every time he looked at me.

My nails dug into his scalp as I rode out the best orgasm of my life. The panties around my wrists held and the lace dug into my skin. I loved it—every wicked feeling of his power over me.

He drew away and with closed eyes and hectic breathing, I tried to find gravity again. I heard a wrapper being torn. Then the sound of latex unfolding.

His weight was on me. Hard muscle surrounded by tight, soft skin.

“Look at me,” he whispered. The mattress dipped by my head. I knew he was holding himself on straightened arms.

I shook my head.

“Open. Your. Eyes.” He kicked apart my thighs with his knees so he could settle between them.

I didn’t want to look at him. Not because of what I’d see, but because of what I’d feel. I’d thought I could handle the repercussions of this, the idea that Adam would leave and this might all be over after one night.

Now, I wasn’t so sure I could bear it.

I drew in my strength, determined not to let this man have that much power over me. I had made my decision and wanted to stick with it. I wanted him.

I slowly opened my eyes. His face was hovering over mine. He hadn’t even come into focus when he plunged inside of me.

I gasped and my eyes shot wide. A burn cracked though me. He must have split me in half.

He was still staring down at me when he frowned. “Fuck, you’re tight…you okay?”

I nodded, forcing the water back behind my eyes. “You’re just big. Give me a minute?”

He remained still inside me. He bent and kissed my lips, slow, soft. When I arched into him, I felt his c**k slide against a tender spot deep inside me. A ping of pleasure raced through me.



He withdrew, and pounded again.

“Adam!” He hit the end of my sex—that spot—again. A shiver started deep in my chest, rose to the surface, and broke over my skin.

He gripped my hips and tilted them up, sinking even deeper. I threw my bound hands over his head and gripped the back of his neck. I didn’t know what else to do. I just wanted him as close as I could get him, so I locked my legs around his back and rocked against him. He stirred his hips, the crown of his c**k sliding against my sensitive flesh inside over and over. He didn’t withdraw. Didn’t thrust. He ground against me, and I against him.

This was incredible. Adrenaline soared and emotions fired. The need to cry rushed through me, misting my eyes. It was everything I could do to keep the tears at bay. The power of the moment, of Adam inside me, was overwhelming.

We were connected. I felt safe, like nothing could touch me or hurt me, as long as he was a part of me. Still, I wanted more. I couldn’t get close enough. Couldn’t get him deep enough. He bent his head and sucked my nipple. I came instantly. Fire raced over my skin and my blood turned to magma, slowly burning me from the inside out. My sheath flexed and released around his cock.

“I feel you.” He kissed my lips hard. “Feel your sweet pu**y milking me.”

He rolled over to his back and took me with him. With my legs straddling his hips, he sat up.

He tangled one hand in my hair while his other arm secured me tightly around the top of my ass. Then he thrust upward. With my recent orgasm wetting me further, he slid in and out without discomfort.

All of his cut abdominal muscles rubbed against my torso. I loved feeling his body tighten with his movements. My bound hands were still locked behind his head. Our bodies slickened with sweat as he continued to piston in and out of me. I looked down at his handsome face. His eyes were blazing. So icy hot they almost looked crystalline. I rested my forehead against his and my whole body relaxed. Another orgasm crept up on me. I gave myself up to it.

Adam groaned and his arms tightened around me, as if understanding I was giving up. Giving in. To him.

I came again. The slow blaze of pleasure consumed me like liquid flames drowning my bloodstream. His body tensed and I felt the large c**k inside me twitch.

“Fuck, Katelyn,” he grated. Though he had a condom on, I felt his release. The force of it made his whole body shake around mine.

We were both breathing hard. My head lolled and rested on his shoulder while my arms hung limply, still bound behind his neck. Exhaustion overwhelmed me. I hadn’t known it could be like this. This kind of intensity was what I’d seen in Adam’s eyes the moment I met him. I wanted to latch on to it—to him—and never let go.

He had shattered me. Any plan or idea I had about controlling myself, or my emotions, was gone. I could only hope that he’d catch all the pieces he’d broken and put me back together.

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