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“Well, I do what I can.”

He gave me that look again, like he was in awe, like he had just seen his first sunrise or something. A girl could get used to that look.

Tim’s voice rang out. He was telling a joke and everyone laughed. I didn’t want to be there, but I wanted to make sure Simon stayed asleep, because his nanny wouldn’t come until the morning. If he had another bad dream, he’d only have drunk parents to deal with. I’d give it a little more time, but I needed some space from the house.

“I think I need some air.”

Adam nodded and we headed to the back deck. I leaned forward, resting my forearms on the rail, and looked out over the expanse of land.

Beside me, Adam mimicked my pose.

“You know, I used to wonder how far I could run before it all just disappeared.”

“Why don’t you try it now?”

I snorted. “I’m directionally challenged. I’d get myself lost in the dark.”

“Not if I chased you.”

I looked over at him. That word chase, he had made clear before, was something he never did.

“It wouldn’t be wise for someone like you to follow me into the dark and unknown,” I said.

“Someone like me?”

“You’re a pretty important man. You might get lost, and then where would we be?”

“You think I’m important?”

“Yes, I do.”

His moved closer, his fingers skating down my spine. “I’m glad.”

Chapter Seven

Adam insisted on escorting me home and I was happy to oblige. After an hour had passed, Simon still hadn’t awakened, so I felt okay about leaving.

Adam drove instead of a chauffeur. His car was amazing. A sleek black McLaren, with heated leather seats.

I’d never known watching a man shift a seven speed could be so hot. He handled the car like he’d been born with it. Every time the accelerator revved and his long legs flex and push the gears on the floorboard, a dose of lust coursed through my veins. His palm relaxed over the stick shift when he reached the speed he wanted and we glided back into the city limits.

I stole another glance at him. “Did you have fun tonight?”

“I enjoyed your company,” he said.

For once I kind of liked his cryptic responses. “This probably isn’t how you spend your typical Saturday night, huh?”

He looked at me. “I tend to go where I want to go. Tonight, it was that house, where you were.”

My pulse was beating in my ears. These small glimpses of Adam beneath that tough exterior made my heart do weird things.

“Do you want to tell me now why you don’t like people touching your face?”

“No,” I muttered before I could catch myself.

“It’s a beautiful face.”

Heat rushed to my cheeks. He was persuasive, but I didn’t want tonight, this time with him, tainted by thoughts of my past.

“Why did you help host and attend an event you didn’t seem to enjoy?”

“My aunt asked for my help.”

“Are you close to her?”

He didn’t ask about Tim. Probably because my feelings toward him were pretty obvious. “They took me in after I moved out of my mom’s house.”

“That wasn’t an answer,” he said. “And I only ask because you acted as though you couldn’t wait to get out of there. Why?”

“Why don’t we talk about your family?”

“My parents are dead.”

Oh, God. The Google info I had found hit my memory and felt like an ass**le. I didn’t talk about my parents because talking about them made me think about them. “I’m sorry, Adam.”

We didn’t talk any more. It was like we were both afraid to dig any deeper. I wanted to know all about Adam Kinkade. There was so much to the man that no one seemed to know. Yet, every time I asked a question, I knew he’d be on me with one of his own.

He walked me to my door. Megan and Brian had been pretty drunk by the time I left and they would be staying over at my aunt’s until one of them was safe to drive.

“Thank you for the ride and for coming tonight.”

“You asked me to come. I came. It’s that simple, Katelyn.” He surrounded me with his presence. My back hit the door. “Now I’m asking, would you like to come in?” His breath danced over my mouth.

“Um…we’re at my house. Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”

He kissed me. Hot. Hard. Quick. Just as he had earlier at my aunt’s house. My words stuttered out. “W-would you like to come in, Adam?”

“Why, yes, I would.”

I fished my keys out of my purse and unlocked the door. I shut and locked it behind me, then tossed my coat on the sofa. Adam followed suit.

“Hey, wait! Did you just do some kind of Jedi mind trick on me to get me to invite you in?”

“The Force is strong in me.” He smiled. I was already addicted to the sight.

He walked to the center of the living room and looked around while I slipped off my shoes. Our apartment was smaller than his office, but it was cute and clean and I took pride in the fact that I’d earned everything in it.

Adam looked around and that glimpse of a grin tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Cozy,” he said.

“That’s a nice word for small.”

He cupped my hip and pulled me close. “It feels like a home. I like it.”

I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but in that moment, Adam looked the most relaxed I’d ever seen him.

We both knew what was going to happen. I was nervous, excited. I might be a virgin, but I had been around men and never once had my body reacted this way to any of them. I had made my choice when I invited Adam tonight. I had chosen him over fear of the future, and I was ready to follow through with it.

“Can I get you something to drink? Eat?” The tremor in my voice was evident.

“Drink,” Adam said, then plunged his tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply. “Eat…” He trailed that perfect mouth from my bottom lip to my chin, nipping with his teeth all the way. My bones felt weak, my whole body shaky. “Where is your bedroom?”

I pointed to the open door down the hall. With both hands on my hips, Adam’s lips didn’t leave my skin as he moved them along my neck and collar bone while stepping toward my bedroom. Walking backward on shaky legs was tricky for me, especially when he gently sucked my pulse. The scrape of his jaw tickled my skin like sandpaper and flicked sparks of fire along every nerve ending.

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