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Domini nodded.

“So what’s the problem?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Domini said evenly.

The air went still.

“Get out. Big, bad, bold, take charge Cam…?”

“Runs as hot and cold as the broken pie case when it comes to our comrade Domini,” Macie said wryly.

Keely rolled her eyes. “I hoped I’d have a least one brother who wasn’t a complete bonehead when it came to women.”

Channing, Macie, AJ and India pelted Keely with snack mix and booed her.

“What happened with Cam that he’s shied away from you? ’Cause, honey, you’re gorgeous. And sweet. Plus, you have that sexy, mysterious accent. Hell, you can even cook. You’re like, perfect for him.”

“Keely, leave Domini alone,” India warned.

But Keely was undeterred. “If you’re not interested in the down and dirty details, Indy, maybe you oughta conjure an I-just-got-laid virtual tattoo for her,” Keely retorted. “However, I wanna know why she and Cam aren’t knocking combat boots.”

There was no way Domini was avoiding this conversation. Maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. Despite her embarrassment, she told them how Cam had backtracked after he’d kissed her, apologized and never approached her again.

Another bout of silence lasted a minute and then they all chattered at once.

“Cam’s got it bad for sure,” Chassie said.

“Uh-huh. No wonder he’s always working out. Working off all that sexual frustration,” AJ said.

Ginger Paulson cocked her head. “Is that why Cam passed off the cooking lessons he won from you to Buck and Hayden? Because he—”

“—cringes at the thought of being alone with me?”

“Or a better explanation is he’s scared he won’t be able to keep his hands off you if you’re alone together,” Ginger countered.

Keely squinted at India. “Has Cam said anything to Colt about this thing with Domini?”

“Are you kidding? Guy talk is sacred. Colt wouldn’t tell me anything, especially when it comes to divulging details about his precious little wounded hero brother, Cameron.”

AJ nodded. “Cam isn’t talking to Cord about anything either.”

“Or to Colby,” Channing added.

Wow. Maybe Cam’s rejection had nothing to do with her. Sounds like he steered clear of his family too, which made no sense because his family was great.

“Put Carter on the ‘no talking’ list. However, I’m impressed you’ve managed to stay professional around him at the diner, Domini,” Macie said.

“Real professional. I want to jump that man every single time he walks through the door,” Domini muttered.

Ramona grinned. “So do it. Grab him by the hand, drag him upstairs and force him to finish what he started.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Keely mused. “You’re a modern woman. Take control.”

Domini understood what these helpful, experienced ladies were saying…in theory. But the truth was, she needed Cam to take charge. That’s what had attracted her to him from the start. His bold, bossy nature.

Advice was bantered about. Keely angled forward and spoke very softly just to Domini. “I’ll bet a million bucks you both want the same thing. Cam is staying away from you in some misguided attempt to protect you—probably from himself. Tell him what you need, Domini, and he’ll move heaven and earth to give it to you.”

“And if he doesn’t believe me?” Or want me?

“That’s where actions speak louder than words. Never ever underestimate the power of getting naked. Get him alone, strip to nothin’ but skin, and I guarantee he won’t look away, let alone walk away.” Keely scowled at someone over Domini’s shoulder. “Is Cam on duty tonight?”

“Uh-huh. Why?”

“No reason.” Keely pointed to Domini’s empty glass. “You ready for another drink? Something with more kick to it?”

Bizarre conversational change, but then again, it was typical Keely behavior, so Domini went with it. “Umm. Sure.”

“Cool. What the hell happened to our waitress?”

“I wondered the same thing, K,” Ramona said.

“No worries. I’ll be right back.” Keely popped up and exited into the main part of the bar.

While she was gone, the ladies dispensed more detailed advice on how to handle Cam. Some of the raunchier suggestions made Domini blush, but were very intriguing. Mostly because these seemingly mild-mannered mothers were obviously very sexually satisfied with their McKay men. Hard not to be even more jealous of them.

Keely returned with a pack of unfriendly women on her bootheels. She slid the tray on the table and faced the gatecrashers.

Ramona hopped up in a show of support. “What the f**k are they doing here?”

“Grazing,” Keely said.

“So this is where the skank meeting is,” a chubby blonde sneered.

“We saved a seat for you, Amanda, but damn, I don’t think your fat ass will fit in the chair,” Keely shot back.

India coughed to cover a laugh.

“You could always get on your knees,” Ramona suggested, “since we all know that’s a natural position for you.”

“Fuck you, Ramona. Your mouth has always been bigger than your brain,” another woman snapped.

“You think I’m all talk, Margo? Try me.”

Holy cow. Domini had never seen a real live bar fight, let alone seen women in a bar fight.

The sneering blonde—Amanda—crossed her arms over her chest. “I’d still break you like a twig. I’ll spare you the pain and humiliation in front of your friends.”

“Generous of you. But you’re a f**king idiot if you think I’m scared of you now. I no longer play nice because God and Mommy say I have to.”

Domini swallowed a laugh. Man. She’d lived that statement.

Amanda shuffled closer. “Bring it. I owe you serious payback anyway.”

“Payback for what?” Ramona asked innocently.

“Don’t pretend you’ve forgotten, after you rubbed it in my face for months afterward.”

Ramona shrugged. “It’s pretty sad that you haven’t gotten over it by now. Old news, Amanda.”

“Gotten over what?” Ginger asked.

“Me and Ramona banged their boyfriends a couple years back,” Keely said. “Some people hold a grudge.”

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