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“You are planning on telling her?”

Cam shrugged.

“Jesus, McKay, don’t be a f**ktard about this.”

That got Cam’s back up. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I never would’ve believed you’d allow a woman to get that close. I ain’t only talking physically. You didn’t bat an eye about letting her see every part of you. You didn’t bat an eye about letting me see how she reacted to that missing part of you. ”


“So, the last time I saw you, I worried you’d never get over whatever stupid embarrassment you have about being an injured vet.”

“It’s not stupid, Brock. You have no f**king idea what it’s like to be—”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve beat that conversation to death. So f**king sue me; I worried about you okay? I worried you’d never have a decent relationship and then Domini walked in. I’ll admit when she first showed up I gave her a hard time.”

Cam fought the immediate surge of anger. “Why?”

“Because she’s not like the women you used to date. She’s…reserved.”

“Which you took as to mean what? She’s stupid? She’s a doormat?” Even thinking those words in the same breath as her name had Cam seeing red.

“Chill out. I thought maybe she was one of those freaky amputee fanatics.”

Cam scowled.

“Hey, we both know those women are out there.”

“They’re few and far between in Wyoming.”

“Anyway, I changed my mind about Domini after I spent time talking to her—”

“And let’s not forget how much more appealing she is after she’s been sucking your cock,” Cam retorted.

Brock wagged his finger at Cam. “Don’t go there. The three-way was a mutual decision last night and has no bearing on this conversation. All’s I’m saying is Domini gets you, in ways most people don’t. I didn’t have to be part of a threesome to pick up on that. And you’d be a f**king idiot if you didn’t snatch her up right now.”

Cam’s shoulders slumped. “Which is all great, but we’ve been dating for like a week. I’m supposed to beat on my chest, drag her off by her hair and demand she marry me?”

“You’d do all those things if you thought she’d say yes.”

“In a f**king heartbeat.”

Brock sighed.


“Cam, man, I love you like a brother. Do me a favor. Be selfish. Just this one time. Don’t think about anybody but yourself and what you want. You don’t have to put a ring on her finger right now, but make sure you do something besides giving her a f**king hickey so she knows you consider her yours.” Brock ditched his coffee cup and retreated to the bedroom to get his duffel bag.

Cam followed him and petted Gracie as they watched Brock load up. “Drive safe, buddy.”

“I will. Thanks for letting me crash here.” Brock grinned. “Thanks for letting me f**k your girlfriend.”

“You’re not welcome to her ever again.”

“Good. Tell her how you feel. Go all caveman on her ass. At least one of us has a chance at being happy. Do something crazy and impulsive for once in your life.”


Cam was on his way to work when Keely’s F-250 extended cab diesel truck blocked him in. “What’s up, sis?”

“Can’t a girl stop by her favorite brother’s house and tell him she misses him?”

He snorted. “What do you want?”

“Nothing. I’m headed to Cheyenne. I wondered if you needed anything from the VA while I’m there.”

“No.” He squinted at her behind his shades. “What’re you doin’ at the VA again?” For the last couple years Keely spent at least one week out of every month at the VA in Cheyenne, but she never divulged the details to anyone, which was completely unlike her.

“Moonlighting. They’re short staffed and I’m short on cash so it’s a perfect partnership. I work PT two days this week, then I’ll be back.” A weary sigh escaped. “I sure am tired of living out of a suitcase with Mom and Dad while I’m working out the details of going to work for Doc Monroe.”

“Sucks to be you.” Now he knew what was behind her impromptu visit.

“Cam, I’m just gonna say this flat out. Please let me live with you until I get my own place. I’d pay rent. I’d cook and clean and—”

“Keely, darlin’. Stop. I love you. But it won’t work. I need my own space.”

“Space to do what? To keep your family out? How long are you going to make Mom and Dad and our other brothers suffer and hope you’ll pull your head out of your ass and join the goddamn family again? How much longer are you going to wallow in misery? Jesus. Why don’t you build a f**kin’ moat to protect yourself from us? Do you really need this much space to hide in?”

No, I need it to f**k in was on the tip of his tongue but he bit it back. “That smartass answer ain’t helpin’ your cause, little sis.”

“Sorry. But—”

“But nothin’. I’m not exactly a hermit. I am seeing Domini. And Brock crashed here last night—”

“Brock was here? Really? How is he?”

“Good. Why?” With Keely’s suddenly chipper disposition, followed immediately by her hesitation, Cam guessed the truth. “For Christsake! You slept with him!”

She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel—the adult equivalent of jamming her fingers in her ears and singing la la la.



“I don’t believe this. Jesus, Keely! He’s like, ten years older than you. He’s my best friend and you…what the f**k were you thinking?”

Keely lowered her sunglasses and glared at him. “I’m thinking I’m not twelve, Cam. Yeah, Brock and I made mattress angels when he visited you in Cheyenne. I could bullshit you about how we comforted each other because we were torn up over your situation, but the truth is…Brock is really freakin’ hot. He’s sweet and sexy and I like him a lot. I trusted him. It sort of just happened. We both knew it’d never go anywhere, and I have not a single regret.”

Brock and his sister. Surreal.

“Please don’t go all psycho big brother on him and threaten to kick his ass or anything, okay? I know he’s your best friend. I would never do anything to sabotage that friendship because I know how important it is to both of you. Which is why neither of us said anything.”

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